June 2011 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Wednesday 8 June 2011

My Birthday, The Element Of Surprise!

June 08, 2011 2
My birthday was around the corner and we planned to celebrate it together at Hilton KL. I made the booking and told them I would love to check-in to celebrate my birthday at their hotel.
It was a 2 Days & 1 Night stay (8th-9th June 2011) - including Breakfast.

By the time we check-in and walked around the hotel. We just enjoyed our time in the hotel premises pretending to be pampered like King & Queen. It's Hilton afterall.

We spent the evening looking out the window watching traffic build up. Kinda evil but yeah, it was a kinda experience for us lolx!

We brought our own white wine to celebrate my birthday.
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