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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Domino's Pizza with EXTRA cheeeeee

If you're a cheese-lover or pizza-lover, then you'll be in for a treat this month! Because for the whole month of September you get to enjoy all the oozey-gooey deliciously stringy 
FREE CHEESE on all your favourite pizzas from Domino's nationwide!

Experience its brand new, specially developed 100% high quality Mozzarella cheese that is creamy, indulgent and delicious! 

It's super fulfilling and satisfying with every bite!

And when you superbly hungry, and then you sink your teeth into the piping hot cheesy pizza's at Domino outlets, then you will know what I'm talking about! 

Your stomach will thank you for it!

Even my kids enjoy it! Sometimes it's good to have cheat days with the family, for some succulent juicy cheesy pizzas! It's not like you're gonna eat them everyday of your life! 

Everything in moderation is key! 
And when you have extra cheese on it, it makes "moderation" extra rewarding!

So, what’s better than oozing, stringy cheese on your favourite pizzas

More cheese, of course! Order now la, wait what?!

Order at :
Domino's Malaysia

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