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Thursday 31 May 2018

Bio-Oil #sheisremarkable Mother's Day Malaysia

May 31, 2018 0
As a mom of 2, I definitely can relate to the drama and trauma of pregnancy. Especially when it comes to staying beautiful even while being pregnant! And yet, there's so many myths about using this and doing that or don't do this and that etc...

But today it's not about pregnancy myths because that will never end! Too long story haha, just remember it's all a myth so don't have to believe in it. Trust yourself only!

Today it's about those stretch marks or tiger marks or birth marks that we may carry with us forever as a mother. It is something to be proud of and also to help us remember those precious moments where our body creates life and lil hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth, head, brain, organs, heart, body parts etc... However, we still would want to look good regardless and for Mother's Day, Bio-Oil Malaysia celebrates with their special campaign #sheisremarkable; It's an offshoot of Bio-Oil's year-long 2018 campaign #iamremarkable which celebrates the milestones in a woman's life!

#sheisremarkable campaign was launched with a special video titled "Remarkable Love", showcasing the unique bond between Yasmin Hani and her mom. Apart from this, there's a running contest until end of June 2018 whereby with purchase of the Bio-Oil 60ml, you may stand a chance to win a studio photoshoot and makeover session of you and your loved ones!

There was also another Facebook contest, where fans of Bio-Oil post snapshots with their mothers for up to 11 pairs of Bio-Oil products up for grabs inconjunction with Bio-Oil's 11th year anniversary in Malaysia! Congratulations to the winners!

The Bio-Oil 60ml is in a conveniently cute bottle where we can put into our bags and bring it along.

Why do we need these?
Because every pregnancy varies by each individual and it will never be the same pregnancy twice! Which is why it is always good to prepare beforehand a good set of products to pamper and treat our skin better.

Bio-Oil helps a woman to look naturally beautiful, feeling her best and amplifies the joy in being able to share her joy with others. The Bio-Oil also helps to reduce the stretch marks scarring and also keeps our skin smooth and moisturized. Because our body is working extra hard giving the best to the lil one growing inside us so we must also work extra hard to provide the best skin and body care for ourselves.

#sheisremarkable campaign is not just about celebrating oneself as a woman, it's also to highlight the support that she receives from meaningful relationships with others.

It is a remarkable product by itself that can be passed down from generations to generations. With it's unique formulation, Bio-Oil is a well-known and trusted brand ranking No.1 in over 24 countries around the world as the best-selling scar and stretch mark product including Malaysia!

This is proof enough how effective it is, with dedication and consistency in application, you can have a beautiful skin again. I must remind myself to apply, mommies forget easily, but I am proud of the stretch marks that I carry with me throughout my motherhood journey!

For details on Bio-Oil you can visit :
Website | Facebook 
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Wednesday 30 May 2018

CHOMEL Baby Natural For My Family?

May 30, 2018 2
I've always been advocating on safe and natural products from my own skin care to my baby's skin care and to my whole family. And there are aplenty of brands out there advocating safe, natural products for you and your family.

There are many brands that can be mentioned that's quite commonly sold commercially. But homegrown Malaysian brands locally formulated, created and sold in Malaysia, only few has it.

CHOMEL baby carries a good range of natural, safe, effective and eco-friendly products for your Baby and Home. This is my preferred choice for a good home friendly product range that is made in Malaysia.

What I like is, there are no harsh chemicals, readily biodegradable in 28 days, hypoallergenic that will not cause any skin reaction or breakouts and it is certified Halal by JAKIM.

Very good for anyone experiencing signs of eczema or sensitive skin. And very suitable for our hot climate weather in Malaysia.

I like how its fragrance is quite aromatic for the Foaming Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer.

The Toy & Surface Cleaner is not so fragrant which is good because it is meant for cleaning toys where sometimes my kids will taste their own toys.

And I was impressed that with just 1 spritz of the spray and I can wipe the dirt easily.

The Foaming Hand Wash really cleans and doesn't leave any residue or neither is it dying after washing. It is not too soapy, so it's easy to rinse off.

The Hand Sanitizer is quite handy to bring around and to use especially after play time outdoors at public parks or play areas. It has a fruity fragrance and a cooling minty effect when applied and dries off quickly. A good quick alternative to hand wash when you are frequently travelling.

I'm looking forward to getting the laundry detergent too because I've been looking for a good natural liquid detergent for my family's laundry. I have tried other brands but I can't stand the overpowering scent of the some of the fragrance which caused me to have nose allergy reactions to it. So CHOMEL will be my next best bet! I hope it won't disappoint me!
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Saturday 26 May 2018

Hermo Celebrates 6 Years Anniversary!

May 26, 2018 0
Wow! How time flies! It's been 6 years since seeing Hermo an online platform offering Beauty products locally and internationally to Malaysians! And because of that, Hermo will be celebrating it with all of us at "Hermo 612 2018" campaign, as these were the dates where the company first started back in 12th June 2012!

The slogan campaign for this year's anniversary will be "Hey, we are local!" and it's true! Many are unaware but Hermo is a local Malaysian start-up company with affordable high quality beauty products that can compete with other international online beauty shopping platforms.

So what's the special this anniversary?
Customers get to enjoy (GWP) Gifts With Purchase with a minimum spend of RM88!

The gifts are specially made in Malaysia by another local start-up also in Johor by Dinomama Handmade Soap. A unique collaboration between these two start-ups; because your gift will be a uniquely created bath soap that is food themed and changes weekly!

Started from 21st May 2018, each uniquely designed bath soap of a unique food will be created and change weekly! There are 5 that you can collect. Some of it are the Nasi Lemak or Laksa and others. You have to follow Hermo website to know more and what's the next design too!

Apart from this, you can also get a free "Hermo x Click Apparel" Lazy Gal Makeup Bag with every purchase of rm200 onwards. This is in collaboration with "Click Apparel" a local online fashion avenue that is building their name in providing a personalized shopping experience to users by providing choices from matching outfits to accessories.

Besides the GWP, there's also an offer zone available from RM6, RM2 and RM1 where premium products will be sold at those affordable pricing! Not forgetting the upcoming "Flash Deals" every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (from 6pm to before midnight), that'll give users an exclusivity to get their favourite premium products at a even much affordable price!

Also don't miss their "Buy 1 free 6" (28th to 30th May), "Bundle buy 4 for RM48" (4th to 10th June) and "Everything under RM26" (11th June to 17th June). There's also the X-OMO promotion not to be missed; where you can get your hands on international products such as Naruko, Mirae, Klairs, Heimish and more, that will be offered up to 70% discount!

Last but not least, GST 6% has been removed, effective from 21st May 2018 onwards.

For more on Hermo you can visit:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Google+
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Friday 25 May 2018

OPPO Strikes Again with R15 Pro in Malaysia

May 25, 2018 9
So excited to be able to attend this amazing launch that I have been waiting for, the OPPO R15 Pro that offers an amazing variety of features that will leave you speechless and relentlessly beautiful inside out! (Online & Offline lah ~)

OPPO is one of the world's current leading smartphone brand, enjoyed by young people around the world! And as we all know, everyone is forever young at heart ❤️

Today 24th May 2018, together with Celcom, OPPO Malaysia launched its brand new OPPO R15 Pro at Kuala Lumpur.

Throughout the years, OPPO has noticed the demand for higher spec and features like high quality rear cameras and fashionable phones; as mentioned by William Fang, CEO of OPPO Malaysia. So with all these emerging trends that changes everyday, OPPO keeps in track and always focuses on what are the people's demand, so that they can offer greater improvements to meet & exceed customers expectations and experience for long term!

OPPO R15 Pro beautifully designed by famed designer Karim Rashid with two trendy colors, Cosmic Purple & Ruby Red.

Made with aluminium frame with transparent glass in a new gradient design, allowing light and shadow play with the colors, creating an unlimited creative possibility for users!

This unique device, features a Super Full Screen mode where it boasts a unique 6.28" bezel-less screen; That not only does it have a huge screen ratio of 19:9, it has a Multitasking function mode where you can reply to messages, receive calls, check Facebook timeline updates and more without having to stop whatever you are doing in the background!

Check the video below to know what I'm talking about; It's like multitasking on a computer with various operations underway.


A truly good performance of a smartphone camera, relies on the features, appearance and functionality. Hence, with the OPPO R15 Pro, as introduced by Ray Wong, Product Specialist of OPPO Malaysia;

You will be able to experience a powerful front and rear cameras with other amazing feature highlights below :

⮚Dual rear cameras of 16MP+20MP

⮚AI-enhanced technologies with upgraded scenario recognition

⮚FIRST smartphone to adopt the sensor SONY IMX519 (this actually produces outstanding depth-of-field effects)

⮚Accurately collect 296 feature points of a human face

⮚Multiple camera features like :
AI Beauty Technology

AR Sticker

⮚Re-invented 'Sensor-HDR' technology
This dramatically improves backlight Selfies and check high dynamic exposure live effects in real-time.

Running on the ColorOS 5.0, the OPPO R15 Pro performs on 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, and that is a LOT of memory space (like a netbook/notebook basic specs already lah~ even faster than my Desktop!!) where you can store up to 20,000+ photos and still run apps on the device without lags! 

Battery is at 3,430 mAh good for moderate to heavy users (I require more than 4,000mAh because of my heavy smartphone usage around-the-clock). Supported with VOOC Flash Charging technology, means you can charge your phone at super speed time.

The device is also equipped with NFC chip (Near Field Communication) similar to the Touch'N'Go concept, for ease of use to make payments via your smartphone.

For all these feature highlights and upgrades, the OPPO R15 Pro will retailed at 
RM2,399 (0% GST) 
that will be available on 1st June 2018.

Pre-Order Walk-in/Online from 25th May to 31st May 2018 for limited free gifts (first comes first serve) redeemable on 1st June 2018 at the following venues :

Walk-In at
OPPO Telco Partner's Store at Celcom

Online at
E-Commerce Platform (Lazada, 11street, Shopee)

EXCLUSIVELY only at KLCC Flagship Store, customers can pre-order from 25th May & play with the live demo unit from 26th May 2018 and collect the OPPO R15 Pro on 29th May 2018 with limited free gifts (WeLoop XH3 SmartWatch worth RM399)! *Free gifts on first come first serve bases

So if you're looking for a seamlessly, smooth & upgraded camera feature, you can check out this device! For it's price (0% GST) and functionality, you will be amazed!

Try it to believe it with OPPO Malaysia!
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Thursday 24 May 2018

Dinosaur Kingdom at to Setia Ecohill Malaysia

May 24, 2018 4
Back in the good ol' days, there were fun fairs and circuses to keep us entertained especially during the holidays. Nowadays, there's aplenty of theme parks dominating the younger generation these days. In fact, if you didn't already know, by year 2020; An estimate of 21 theme parks will be developed within Malaysia.

Brought to you by these young gentlemen (ahem...handsome jugak🤣), Co-Founders of Themepaktu
From Left - Berlin Lu, Justin Yee, Shas Fung & Bobby Tan

Did you know?
There's already a number of theme parks in Malaysia like water parks, indoor & outdoor amusement park, edutainment square, copyright-based parks, a new trend, lifestyle & activity-based parks and now the latest Dinosaur themed mobile pop-up parks that is gaining traction across South East Asia.

Themepaktu (pronounced as theme-park-to-you) will be bringing a mobile Dino themed park known as "Dinosaur Kingdom" that will be available for you and your family at SetiaEcohill and Setia Ecohill2 in Semenyih.

There will be more than 25 attractions in Dinosaur Kingdom where both parent and child can enjoy together. The main attraction is the 40 minutes live show that is not to be missed!

That's not all! Kids get to enjoy climbing Pterosaurs' nest, riding a Dinosaur Bumper Boat, Raptor's Maze, 5D Cinema, Racing Raptors, Drift Island and I'm especially looking forward to the Baby Dinosaur Trail where your kids get to ride the Dinosaurs as the Dinosaurs WALK as they are not on wheels (like riding a horse but how often do we get to ride a Dinosaur!).

Their Dinosaur's are of amazing quality, waterproof and surreal! There's even 6 to 7 types of carnival games/rides for the adults and if you're feeling youthful like a teenager there's up to 15 types of carnival games/rides that you can enjoy! So rest assured that there's up to 25 attractions and maybe more for the whole family to enjoy together!

On average you and your family may spend up to 3 hrs of family-fun time together and majority are dry rides except for the Dinosaur Bumper Boat which is on water; so if your kids are super active, then bring extra clothes just incase. There will be up to 20 and maybe some repeated Dinosaur species all around the Theme Park.

Dinosaur Kingdom opens on 14th June until 8th July 2018, from 12pm to 10.30pm daily; and tickets are available at Themepaktu Website and via Themepaktu Mobile App.

If you download the app that will only be available next week, you get to enjoy extra special stuffs from Themepaktu, such as; Event site map, Showtime Schedules, Dinosaur Egg Hunt Adventures, Free Tokens and more free stuffs you can win when you use the app!

FREE entry for children below 3 years old.
FREE extra Evian Mineral Water for senior citizens above 65 years old.

Ticket price for the rest applies as per the packages listed here :

If you'd like FREE TICKETS & FREE BUS ride from school to Dinosaur Kingdom, join this contest! You even get a chance to win cash prizes!

For more info head over to THEMEPAKTU now!

Tel : 03 - 8958 2772

Show some love this Ramadhan and Raya 2018 where you are also given the opportunity to sponsor (RM80) for a child from a local orphanage home to Dinosaur Kingdom! And that's not all! Every child you sponsor (RM80 a child), Themepaktu will sponsor another child for every child sponsored, it's like sponsoring 2 child's sekaligoose! With thanks to Themepaktu, Dunkin Donuts & Rotary Club for this CSR initiative!

Ps. Where will they go after 8th July 2018? Stay tuned with me for more info as the venue will vary by sponsors and space! It may even be coming to KL soon! 

So stay tuned in~!
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