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Saturday 12 May 2018

My "ME" time of Mom's Day Out with Pigeon Malaysia

Was glad to be able to attend this exclusive event for mom's to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. It was held at Be Urban Wellness in Work @ Clearwater, Kuala Lumpur, in conjunction with Mother's Day! 

During the event, I was able to experience a mind detox through yoga and mindful breathing to regain inner peace. To be honest, this breathing method feels so similar to Hypnobirthing! As many of you should be aware that I birth my baby out with 5 birth breaths; And this breathing method is somewhat alike so it was easy-peasy for me hehe... 

After the mindful breathing, we were immersed in the healing sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls to re-calibrate our tired minds and bodies. During the session I sensed "space" and peace. Some moms even dozed off as you can hear them snoring. 

After this mind, body, soul rejuvenating session, we adjourned downstairs to the Babe lounge/pool deck area for massage, tea time and introduction. 

Masaki Tago, Managing Director of Pigeon Malaysia
Masaki Tago, Managing Director of Pigeon Malaysia shares that "Pigeon as the market leader in mother and baby care products, provides mothers with products of the highest level of comfort, quality and convenience."

Vanessa Chong said "Everyday should be Mother's day!"
The event today was also hosted by The Amazing Race Asia star, Vanessa Chong, as she shared her story of becoming a first time mother to her 4 month old daughter, Caela Rae. And from one mom to another, Vanessa looks amazing! I didn't know she was a mom herself, until today!

After the sharing session, we had a chance to experience upclose and personal with the variety of Pigeon Malaysia products.

The Pigeon's  Disney Collection that is so cute!
Pigeon's Foaming Cleanser made of 100% food grade ingredients and the introducer, Jed Chow-Marketing Manager at Pigeon Malaysia, during the event even tasted the cleanser infront of all of us! Proving that it is food grade! Not edible but if it accidently goes into our tummy it is still safe because of the 100% food grade ingredients. It also kills 99.9% bacteria.

Pigeon's range of dental care the "Pigeon Training Toothbrush" which my baby is currently using the 18months old toothbrush.

The Newborn Pure Skincare consists of Nourishing Shampoo, Purifying Body Wash, Moisturizing Lotion, Calming Oil and Protective Cream.
However, today's highlight was The Newborn Pure Skincare, formulated with Natulayer™ that actually mimics the natural form of vernix and ceramide inside a mother's body that helps to keep baby's skin hydrated and protect from dry skin by locking moisture in. Safe to use on all skin types and manufactured in Japan according to the highest quality standards for baby skincare products.

You can actually find out more info at Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare Series

We had an amazing hand and shoulder massage by Be therapists using the Newborn Pure Skincare range of Moisturizing Lotion, Calming Oil & Protective Cream; And also an experience on the Kegel Chair massage by Be Urban Wellness, with some yummy healthy refreshments. 

It was a fun day out with other mummies. Everyone had their special "ME" time today! Thanks to Pigeon Malaysia.

I definitely enjoyed my "ME" time today with the rest of the other mummies Kathy, ShermynJia Shin, SyafieraRane Chin & many more!

Photo Credits to Pigeon Malaysia

Pigeon Malaysia

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