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Wednesday 30 May 2018

CHOMEL Baby Natural For My Family?

I've always been advocating on safe and natural products from my own skin care to my baby's skin care and to my whole family. And there are aplenty of brands out there advocating safe, natural products for you and your family.

There are many brands that can be mentioned that's quite commonly sold commercially. But homegrown Malaysian brands locally formulated, created and sold in Malaysia, only few has it.

CHOMEL baby carries a good range of natural, safe, effective and eco-friendly products for your Baby and Home. This is my preferred choice for a good home friendly product range that is made in Malaysia.

What I like is, there are no harsh chemicals, readily biodegradable in 28 days, hypoallergenic that will not cause any skin reaction or breakouts and it is certified Halal by JAKIM.

Very good for anyone experiencing signs of eczema or sensitive skin. And very suitable for our hot climate weather in Malaysia.

I like how its fragrance is quite aromatic for the Foaming Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer.

The Toy & Surface Cleaner is not so fragrant which is good because it is meant for cleaning toys where sometimes my kids will taste their own toys.

And I was impressed that with just 1 spritz of the spray and I can wipe the dirt easily.

The Foaming Hand Wash really cleans and doesn't leave any residue or neither is it dying after washing. It is not too soapy, so it's easy to rinse off.

The Hand Sanitizer is quite handy to bring around and to use especially after play time outdoors at public parks or play areas. It has a fruity fragrance and a cooling minty effect when applied and dries off quickly. A good quick alternative to hand wash when you are frequently travelling.

I'm looking forward to getting the laundry detergent too because I've been looking for a good natural liquid detergent for my family's laundry. I have tried other brands but I can't stand the overpowering scent of the some of the fragrance which caused me to have nose allergy reactions to it. So CHOMEL will be my next best bet! I hope it won't disappoint me!


  1. So far Chomel products work well for you? I am considering to use for my newborn 👶

    1. yes, i still use this brand for my family, i do explore offspring, bare nuhcessities and joylee too for my family of 3 and for my 11mo baby


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