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Monday 13 December 2010

Firstly Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

December 13, 2010 0

There’s a saying, there’s always a first for everything and this was the first outing that sparkled our romance further.

Join us in this never-ending continuously growing and on-going
Red heart Our Love Story Red heart

The very first resort that made a mark in our lives together and has helped us journeyed on into the world together enduring ups & downs and all trials & tribulations

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Tuesday 26 October 2010

N8 Most Wanted : Nap Nimble Nate!

October 26, 2010 0
Hey guys! I've got some AWESOME news!
Are you eager to get fast cash in your hands? How does $10,000 cheque sound?!

To me, it's definitely AMAZING! Sadly, I'm not in Singapore... sobs... But hey! Just join in the fun and play the game!

"It's super duper cool and really wacky!"

Very mind-boggling because the clue to "Nab Nimble Nate" you must go through 15 challenges to get that clue! Best part of all, each challenge comes with a $1000 prize!

Are you brave enough to take up this challenge?

Well beats me... It took me days to figure out the first 2!! And I'm definitely looking for hints retweeting and facebooking, sharing with friends so that when they join me, I get more chances at answering the challenges!
Here's a few tips I've extracted from SG : N8 Most Wanted

HOW TO NAB NATE! (aka How To Hunt)

Interested to know HOW TO BE NIMBLE? (aka How To Play)

It's as simple as that!

So what are you waiting for!
Take up the challenge today.
Muahahhahaah (evil laugh)

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Saturday 9 October 2010

Nokia N8 in MALAYSIA!

October 09, 2010 0
I've been away for almost a month!! Busy busy busy!

Today I'm gonna bring everyone some special news!!!
The NOKIA N8 is coming the MALAYSIA! Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!! (scream & shout, jumps up & down)

The excitement, the adrenaline rush and the anticipation of the arrival of Nokia N8 has been all over the market now and we finally have news for EVERYONE!

It's all here >> Nokia N8

What's it all about? Lemme give everyone a brief intro to the device and what's the best about to happen!

It's not about technology, it's about what you do with it!

  • Shoot your masterpiece in HD (Now talk about real quality!!)

  • Powered by Symbian^3 (Symbian has been around for years! it's safe and it's still the best platform there is that is stable and loads of choices!)

  • Connect to your home theatre (It comes inbox with a HDMI cable/adapter SUPER COOL!!)

  • Integrated social networking (Don't need to search HIGH & LOW for the 3rd party social app no more!)

  • Make it your own (Widgets, Wallpapers, Apps, Themes, Home screens - YOU NAME IT! It's all your own to customize!)

  • Download thousands of opportunities (Ovi Store! Hey, wait..!! There's another! Top Apps is UTTERLY AMAZINGLY SUPERBLY COOL - TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT!)

  • National Geographic in your pocket (WebTV, my most favourite entertainment ON-THE-GO! Don't need to miss those important news on CNN or my favourite drama on 8TV or TV3! AMAZING!!)

  • Navigation. For free. Forever. (No more extra baggage on a load of gadgets! It's all in 1 device and it's mobile! WooooHoooo!)

  • Fifty hours of music playback. (Now talk about LIFE! I'll never have to worry about the battery or get bored ANYWHERE I go ANYMORE!)

  • Make a good thing even better. (Spice up your experience with Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-608 for Navigation AND the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905 with eight microphones for canceling up to 99% of background noise. Now these are definitely things to WOW about! A complete package for a GREAT START!!)

Don't tell me that these ain't enough for you, it's more than YOU CAN ASK FOR! The best of the best! I'm falling head over heels for this baby (N8)!!

In the event if YOU want to know MORE on how to use the N8 and WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH IT; Nokia has consumer workshops that will be happening all over MALAYSIA! It's FREEEEEEE.........

Consumer Workshop Dates:

Kuala Lumpur 23rd October 2010 Armada Hotel
Penang 30th October 2010 The Gurney Hotel
Ipoh 31st October 2010 Tower Regency Hotel
Johor Bahru 6th November 2010 Grand Paragon Hotel
Kuala Terengganu 13th November 2010 Hotel Grand Continental
Kuala Lumpur 20th November 2010 Times Square Hotel

  Learn more at our workshops

Pre-Order TODAY!!!!! Online or @4 Nokia Stores :

  • Nokia Store Sunway Pyramid (1st Floor, Old Wing), 

  • Nokia Store The Garden (3rd Floor), 

  • Nokia Store Pavillion (5th Floor), 

  • Nokia Store Low Yat (Ground Floor)

Special Promotion : Pre-Order period 8th - 15th Oct 2010; ONLY Pre-Orders are entitled to FREE extra 1yr warranty worth RM139 & FREE spine cover(s)! **WHILE STOCK LAST

 1. Just register ONLINE or fill in your "Name/Email/Contact" on the N8 Pre-Order Leaflet at the selected 4 Nokia Store and make sure you are able to collect the device on the 16th or 17th Oct. A Nokia Personnel will contact you prior to collection date.

2. IF you Pre-Order and collect the device on the 16th or 17th Oct, then you will be entitled for the Special promotion.

3. IF you Pre-Order but collect the device on the 20th Oct, you will not be entitled for the Special promotion and the FREE Spine covers will be while stock last.

4. However, IF you can't collect on the 16th & 17th Oct but still want the N8 device with the promotion (extra 1 yr warranty worth Rm139 & free spine covers) please go IMMEDIATELY to any of the 4 Nokia Stores listed above and place a deposit of RM200 before the 15th Oct. When a Nokia Personnel contact you, just let them know what date you can go and collect (make sure you've paid the deposit already)!



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Monday 26 July 2010

The Amazing Nokia N8!

July 26, 2010 1
The title says it all!! It's the Nokia N8 coming to town! I mean like, WOW! Nokia definitely has more to brag about! How many brand can make it as well as Nokia can? Okay, enough the praises. My point; Nokia N8 is definitely the most anticipated device of the year! Apart from their best-selling series (N-series & E-series) plus the Nokia N900, Nokia X6, Nokia C5-00 and all of the rest!

Here's what I have to let you guys know about!
I know, some of you might think "So What?"... I mean, come on! How on earth can you deny Nokia and the journey they took to come here today! I doubt any other competitor brands out there can be related to this though. (Whatever... My heart's set for only Nokia since Day 1)

But as I was saying, imagine taking great and amazing photos and videos at HD quality, with a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics (the best lens on earth!) with Xenon flash!!!

Nokia N8 sample video from Nokia Conversations on Vimeo.

For multimedia lovers that needs film editing software;
Or music lovers that crave for Dolby surround sounds!
Best part, all of the above in a beautiful, aluminium designed mobile that is convenient, handy and definitely EASY-TO-USE!

No need extra bags for cameras, music players, laptop or extra speakers! How much more do you want?!
Regardless of the price, this device is worth buying! Hassle-free from all of the other gadgets we have all around us! Move forward into the future with Nokia!

Have fun with the vidz~!

Nokia N8 UI Video (See the device in real-life action)

Nokia N8 Sneak Peak (showcased by hand freestyler Max Vlassenk)

Another event from Nokia that we should step up and take the initiative to be a part in!
My App Video (Introducing the Make My App competition)


Nokia N8 overview - Part 1 of 3 

In this first video Chris Bennetts, Senior Project Manager at Nokia talks through the Nokia N8’s homescreen, demonstrating the customisable abilities of the handset, true multitasking that makes running multiple apps a breeze, the lighting-fast onscreen keyboard, email and messaging, internet and browser capabilities and finally maps and navigation. Join us after the jump for a full walkthrough of the new Nokia N8. Once you’re done let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for episode two and three coming up next week. 
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Sunday 25 July 2010

Beijing - KLIA, China (Day 8)

July 25, 2010 0
Day 8, 15th May 2010, in Beijing - KLIA, China

Do you know? The whole Beijing rooftop for majority of the houses is blue color because in feng shui, is represents water in chinese is translated as "Sui - 水" and in another term, is also means wealth/money. That's why it's reason to be believed is that when their roof represents water, is to avoid catching on fire and more more "Sui - 水" water coming in...

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Saturday 24 July 2010

Beijing - Tian Jin - Beijing, China (Day 7)

July 24, 2010 0
Day 7, 14th May 2010, in Beijing - Tian Jin - Beijing, China

Woke up in the morning, prepared ourselves to go to Tian Jin. Turns out, we went later in the afternoon. But had breakfast in Holiday Inn, which was not bad. The tour guide took us to Tian Rui Hua (China Silk Factory).

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Friday 23 July 2010

Paris La France

July 23, 2010 0

Ratianda´s correspondent from The Netherlands and her husband went to Paris in France. Paris. The most romantic city to visit? Yes it is! The perfect city to visit during your wedding anniversary? Yes it is!
Paris (nicknamed the City of light) is the capital city of France, and the largest city there. Around 2,15 million people live there. If you include the suburbs, the population of Paris rises to 12 million people.
The Seine river runs through the oldest part of Paris, and divides it into two parts, known as the Left Bank (Yves Saint Laurant´s Rive Gauche) and the Right Bank. 
Paris is also the centre of French economypoliticstraffic and culture. Paris has many art museums and historical buildings. As a traffic centre, Paris has a very good underground subway system, airports and stations. The Metro was built in 1900, and its total length is more than 200 km.
The city has a multi-cultural style, because 20% of the people there are from outside France. There are many different restaurants with all kinds of food.
The most famous buildings in Paris are the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and The Louvre.

Ratianda´s correspondent from The Netherlands truly recommends everybody to visit the beautiful city Paris at least once in their live. It is a truly stunning experience.

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Sunday 11 July 2010

Friends from Malaysia visit Germany and Switzerland

July 11, 2010 0
Ratianda's correspondent from The Netherlands had the pleasure to interview her good friends from Malaysia who returned from their European trip. After visiting The Netherlands Mrs. Goh and her husband Mr. Goh went to Tuttlingen in Germany and Switserland. Mrs. Goh works for a company in Malaysia whose headquarters is located in Tuttlingen in Germany (and offices in Switserland).
Raitianda's correspondent (RC):
So Mrs. Goh how was your work and visit to Tuttlingen? You brought along your husband Mr. Goh, how so?

Mrs. & Mr. Goh (MG):
It was fantastic visiting Germany again! This was my 4th trip you know. It was great meeting my European colleagues again. We have alot of e-mail contact so it's nice to see the persons behind the e-mails. Yes, I brought along my husband. This was his first trip to Europe you know.

That is so nice MG! So Mr. Goh, can you describe your first impressions about Germany? Mrs. Goh was busy working so you had to do the sightseeing on your own.

My first impression. Well I don't speak German you know. So I had to use sign language! I had fun on my own and walked the whole day while Mrs. Goh was working. And when my wife wasn't working, we did some sightseeing together. Actually I walked 2 whole days!
Well I know Malaysia is known for the hot and spicy oriental food. So how did you manage with the German sausages, sauer kraut and kasier buns?

Yes, you are so right! The food was ok but very bland. We managed.

So what else did you do?
We also went to Switserland! We were not prepared for the snow there. It was our first time we saw and stood in the snow! We wore socks and sandals. And we loved it! We really hope to come back to Switserland again. We went to Luzern and to Zurich. Beautiful cities! We bought some Swiss chocolate too. Very very good.

I am so glad you  both enjoyed your visit to Germany and to Switserland. I hope to see you soon again, in The Netherlands or in Malaysia.
Thank you and we will keep in touch.
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Friday 2 July 2010

Cheng De - Beijing, China (Day 6)

July 02, 2010 0
Day 6, 13th May 2010, in Cheng De - Beijing, China

After breakfast in the morning at the hotel, we had to check out too. The next stop is the Summer Mountain Palace. The place where majority of the "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" show took place. So it's famous now and it's definitely a tourist attraction seeing how popular the show became.
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Sunday 27 June 2010

Beijing - Cheng De, China (Day 5)

June 27, 2010 0
Day 5, 12th May 2010, in Beijing - Cheng De, China

Check out of the hotel.. Nothing special so I won't say much about this hotel. First destination in the morning after saying "Goodbye" to "my" so-called "American Breakfast" is to the 1st storey of the Watchtower which is actually now a Museum of Folk Customs of Beijing but the whole building is the Watchtower of Zhengyang Gate. Inside the Museum, we were shown the Beijing map by a female Chinese Professor who is the leader there. She explained in detail to us about the Chinese theory based on Confucianism, Chinese Cosmology & especially Feng Shui, behind the layout & designs of the Imperial Palace along with the whole of Beijing.

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The Dutch windmills of Zaanse Schans

June 27, 2010 0
Ratianda's Dutch columnist and her husband take Malaysian guests for a visit to the famous Zaanse Schans (website: www.zaanseschans.nl) with it's five windmills, museums and much and much more to see and to do.

The Zaanse Schans is a delightful village on the banks of the river Zaan with characteristic green wooden houses, charming stylized gardens, small hump-backed bridges, tradesmen's workshops, historic windmills and engaging little shops.

This enchanting village has been lovingly established by relocating local houses, windmills, storehouses and barns to form a remarkable replica of a typical Zaanse village of the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

Apart from the cluster of windmills, characteristic wooden houses and delightful shops to visit, there are intriguing traditional Dutch crafts such as wooden shoes, pewter and cheese making, several fascinating museums, restaurants and even the possibility of taking a boat trip on the river.

The Zaanse Schans is open daily throughout the year. 

With its traditional green painted houses, warehouses and windmills the Zaanse Schans gives the feeling of having stepped back into the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries. However this is not an open air museum but a colourful living and working neighbourhood. Most of the buildings were re-located from other areas in the Zaanstreek in the 1960’s and 70’s as owing to urban development they were under threat of obliteration.
The Zaanse Schans offers a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape as it was before and after the industrial revolution. This panorama makes the Zaanse Schans a vital link in the 
European Route of Industrial Heritage. A visit to a working industrial windmill is a unique experience. Paint mill De Kat and oil mill De Zoeker are open daily from March to October. From November to February most of the windmills at the Zaanse Schans are only open at the weekends. The Jonge Schaap is open all year. The Zaanse Schans has a number of fascinating museums to tempt the visitor. The Zaans Musuem has a large collection of interesting artefacts and presents a variety of changing exhibitions. The museum combines a complete picture of the history of the area with an impressive view over the local landscape.

The smaller, specialized museums such as the first Albert Heijn Grocery shop, the Bakery Museum 'In de Gecroonde Duyvekater', The Dutch Clock Museum, The Noorderhuis Costume Museum are all situated at the Zaanse Schans in listed buildings bringing the history of this oldest industrial area to life.
There is no entrance fee for visiting the traditional Dutch workshops such as the Wooden Shoe Workshop, the Pewter Foundry and the Cheese Farm at the Zaanse Schans. Opening times may vary, but generally they are open daily throughout the year. The most enjoyable way to see the surrounding area is from the water. From April to October river cruises are available along the river Zaan not only for a splendid view of the Zaanse Schans, but also for a more detailed examination of the traditional and picturesque Dutch houses, windmills and other interesting sights along the way. 
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Saturday 29 May 2010

Beijing, China (Day 4)

May 29, 2010 0
Day 4, 11th May 2010, in Beijing, China

The day begins with breakfast and a tip for facial care by our tour leader, Xiao Yan, natural way for a facial mask is mix egg white, pearl powder and honey, the best remedy for all skin care!
Yes, pearl powder is not easy but it's the best! So Pearl Factory is our next stop.

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Saturday 22 May 2010

Beijing, China (Day 3)

May 22, 2010 0
Day 3, 10th May 2010, in Beijing, China

The breakfast at the hotel is "Very Good" ! Our tour leader, gave us a tip, if he says it's "Very Good" means it's worth the value and obviously very good (lolx)... But if it's no good and not worth it, the answer is "Okay Lah"... So this is "my" American Breakfast! I LOVE IT!
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Monday 17 May 2010

Beijing, China (Day 2)

May 17, 2010 0
Day 2, 9th May 2010, in Beijing, China

Arrived at 6.10am, after all the standard procedures; One thing Malaysia fail to have and China is lucky to have is the super cool crisp clear wind on a sunny day... A great day to kick-start our holiday experience in Beijing, China!

On the way to breakfast in the coach bus, I was fascinated by the scenery's and the cool vehicles that you rarely see anywhere else in the world! The streets has lots of "pollen" floating around the air & it was near Xiao Jie bridge that I took picture of these bicycles (New & Old)...

After breakfast, we were supposed to check-in, however, due to the delay in our flight the local travel guide, Mr. Yan aka Xiao Yan, took us to the "Back Gate" of the Palace Museum or better still, the "Back Gate of The Imperial Palace" and right opposite of the "Back Gate" is a man-made mountain!

Inside the "Imperial Palace" we entered a gate that is famous for it's name and historical beliefs called "The Lucky Gate" (The name explains it all... lolx). We even browsed through the window of where the Emperor (King) sleeps and surrounding his room are other rooms where his concubines sleep.

At the exit of the Emperor's chamber, there's a big "Jade" resembling something like a "Yin & Yang" shape that represents peace and great luck! Soon after we took a stroll at the "Forbidden City" just outside the "Imperial Palace"... It seems that of all the tour group that Xiao Yan took (all from Malaysia) we broke the record for walking at "The Forbidden City" for up to 3 hours and 15 minutes all the way.

Soon after the "Forbidden City" visit, we ventured to the "Temple of Heaven". Over there we were told that there used to be a "Ginseng" tree near the premises. However, after the "Temple of Heaven" was opened to the public, it disappeared without a trace! Weird?! But it was written in the historical relics that the "Temple of Heaven" forbids female to enter because female is "Yin" and male is "Yang". Also "Yin" is like the moon, is represents "cold" and "Yang" is like the sun/earth, it represents "life & warmth"... (Or something like that hehe)

Wanna know MORE about the "Temple Of Heaven", Click HERE!

After that, Xiao Yan took us to watch an acrobatic variety show! It was a 1 hour live performances from 5.30pm - 6.30pm that ended with a blast! What I mean to say was, the had a cage the shape of a ball and first a motorbike went in and went round and round in it... But it ended with a blast when 5 motorbikes went in and they switched off the lights! It was like a super huge disco ball!! And it was amazing! Never seen before in life! Not even in Europe! A MUST-WATCH performance! Everyone was awed by their spectacular performance!

After dinner, we went back to check-in to our hotel and ended the day with laughter's and smile! (Ps. Xiao Yan can really make you laugh... hehe)
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