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Monday 13 December 2010

Firstly Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

There’s a saying, there’s always a first for everything and this was the first outing that sparkled our romance further.

Join us in this never-ending continuously growing and on-going
Red heart Our Love Story Red heart

The very first resort that made a mark in our lives together and has helped us journeyed on into the world together enduring ups & downs and all trials & tribulations

… bla bla bla… 
But this hotel is worth value-for-money!

We met our auspicious number here too! Number 10! Why, you ask? Simple! We checked-in at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa on 10/12/2010…
We parked on the 10th floor at column no. L10!! Unknowingly!!
Our room was spectacular! It was the Arabian themed suite at room no. 1001 on the 10th floor! Is that cool or freaky!
Picture Courtesy of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa (homepage)

Anyway, that ain’t the best part… It was exactly at 10.10pm that we took our conversation by the window with the night view over Sunway Lagoon Water Park where there were beautiful light decorations over the park and it was a sight to see…
Looking over this view at night is amazingly colorful and just like a dream

We’ve never felt so blessed and comfortable speaking to someone else without having to worry about anything! The feeling is different and it’s not easy to explain but it’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience! We thank the environment too!
The swimming pool is not your ordinary everyday pool! It's designed in caved like patterns with man-made waterfalls, a definite mood-setter especially for loved ones (No hanky-panky stuffs allowed though..he..he..he)

We definitely enjoyed ourselves there together and it was just a beautiful memory worth reliving the moments one day soon!

Ps. Bring along your family and loved ones! Highly recommended! It’s in the hearts of Selangor, it’s not toooooo far if you’re staying around here but it’s a quick getaway location worth experiencing!

For an amazing quick getaway experience in style & leisure!

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