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Saturday 26 June 2021

FAFC Toothbrush For The Whole Family

June 26, 2021 0

 Staying home will only mean one thing. Staying sane! And staying safe of course! While many are following the news around the pandemic, lest not forget to continue to have healthy good hygiene habits by brushing our teeth daily twice a day and to change your toothbrush atleast every 3 months. It's a common wear & tear basic rule. Plus those brush has been doing all the dirty work for you keeping cavities away from your tooth, you definitely need to replace them after awhile.

Today I wanna share about FAFC Toothbrushes because I've been their secret fan since I spotted them years ago at a baby fair and saw how adorable their Fun Alive Figurine Cartoon toothbrushes would appeal to kids especially! Cos good hygiene always starts from young and starts from home. Over the years, I've gotten them the Robocar Poli collection and my kids just look forward to brushing their teeth every morning and night!

Actually in the image above, the one that is all pink is already few months old. You can see its bristle is already all over the place. Totally just in time for a replacement. Plus this was a mini size for my baby girl who was only 1-ish years old. Now she is turning 2 soon and it's about time to upgrade to a bigger size for her full set of shark-like tooth!

So I gotten for her the toothbrush with the detachable Super Wing figurine cartoon at the handle. I love the handle cos it has a soft grip in the center, a good indicator for my child when she holds the toothbrush.

Recently I noticed new innovations as well from FAFC and some of it is very suitable for us adults especially. Some of the few I really love is these 2 below :

One is the Compact Toothbrush and another is Charcoal Suction Toothbrush. I like how the bristles are made specifically for different purposes. But both are Japan premium made bristles that gives a really good cleaning to your set of pearly whites!

This FAFC Compact Toothbrush is MicroThin, with its Japan Made Premium Bristles, it is extra soft and compact enough to really clean between those hard to reach and tight gaps between your tooth! And because it is gentle, it doesn't brush hardly against your gums, so you don't bleed. Because my husband has sensitive gums but since switching the right toothpaste and also pairing with the right toothbrush, it makes a whole lot of difference!

As for my favourite, it is the FAFC Charcoal Suction toothbrush. Because of the Japan Binchotan Charcoal that actually provides a deep cleaning yet gentle action via its ultra soft charcoal bristles. The best part about this is, it is also quite thin too, not too far apart from MicroThin that it can help sweep away food and plaque from along the gumlines too! And because it is Anti-Bacterial, this is a bonus for me!

And because I love FAFC collection so much as you can see in my pictures above where I still have the Robocar Poli toothbrush collection, I stock up extra for my kids. My daughter would like to show you how she brushes her teeth! She started on her own mimicking us since 6 months old, she is a really good example why kids to have good oral hygiene from young.

Because I love their collection so much I just had to run a giveaway just for my followers in my social media because they deserve only the best and nothing less especially when FMCO was announced! So I have already gotten 4 winners for the giveaway for a set of 3 toothbrushes each. Means each winner get a set of 1x Children toothbrush, 1x Charcoal Suction toothbrush and 1x Compact toothbrush from FAFC! Gratitude to FAFC for this giveaway, I really do hope they my fans will appreciate the gift and also continue to stay in good health and have good oral hygiene habits with the best recommended product all the time! 

So don't forget to grab your FAFC toothbrushes at their official channels and stay tune for upcoming promotions as well!

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