November 2016 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Thursday 24 November 2016

My Box Of Joy with Lazada Online Revolution Malaysia

November 24, 2016 2
Received my special "Box of Joy" from Lazada Malaysia! This special box consists of "joy" in every parcel! Some of the premium brands that I've received with this "Box of Joy" is simply amazing! 

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Friday 18 November 2016

Mamypoko Airfit Newborn Review @ Lazada Malaysia

Jalan Jalan Japan @ One City USJ 25

November 18, 2016 5
Just yesterday as I was browsing Facebook, I stumbled upon Mommy Jane's latest post. So I decided to check it out. Much to my delight, it was about this hot new place that's having their Grand Opening today (18th Nov 2016) at One City USJ 25.

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Wednesday 2 November 2016

My HypnoBirthing Experience at Columbia Asia Puchong

November 02, 2016 6
We've always planned to have atleast 2 kids with an ideal age gap of 2 yrs and we were blessed with my 2nd child on the 8th Sept 2016.

I remembered right after delivering my 1st, my mensus only came back from the 4th month post-partum. It was a monthly cycle too, thankfully! Because I still had PCOS on the left side. Also I was exclusively breastfeeding on demand.

After my 1st boy turned 1 year old, I manage to conceive my 2nd boy. And during the 9 months in gestation, I continued to exclusively breastfeed my 1st son throughout my whole pregnancy. He was already eating solids (3 to 4 meals a day), I was just his comfort food especially right before bed.

I wanted to have a calm and gentle birthing without any intervention for my 2nd birth and I decided to go to the HypnoBirthing seminar (which I almost missed) to find out what is it about and how it can be beneficial to both me and my husband. (Read more about the seminar here)

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