July 2016 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Tuesday 26 July 2016

My Baby with Mamypoko Pants

July 26, 2016 3
Well, more like my toddler with Mamypoko Pants! As my son is turning 2 years this November, being a Merries baby since he was born (apart from testing all the other brands when he was born). I have been looking for a pants diaper for my boy as I'll be soon be training him to use the potty since I've already roughly know when he'll poo!

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Friday 8 July 2016

Amazing Discoveries of Menang 8 Rajakayu Sprays

July 08, 2016 6

Amazing Discoveries of Menang 8 Rajakayu Sprays!

Based on my personal usage, I use it to spray on my hair, face, body, my home, my workspace, in my car or even on/under my bed. The Menang 8 RK Sprays are very versatile and I am loving it!!!
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Healthy Snacks with BoxGreen!

July 08, 2016 2
With the ever fast-pace growing market, I proudly present to you BoxGreen! The best snack box subscription in town!

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