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Friday 8 July 2016

Amazing Discoveries of Menang 8 Rajakayu Sprays

Amazing Discoveries of Menang 8 Rajakayu Sprays!

Based on my personal usage, I use it to spray on my hair, face, body, my home, my workspace, in my car or even on/under my bed. The Menang 8 RK Sprays are very versatile and I am loving it!!!

How does it work when used at specific areas? Why? When?

1. Hair - It can replace your hair serum, keeps hair hydrated & less frizzy* (psst. We even heard it helps hair growth or hair fall problems)
2. Face - Helps retain moisture, keep your skin hydrated, works like a toner after a facial wash/scrub, keeps u fresh awake while driving like a mist spray (psst, u can even do your own DIY mask with this)
3. Body - Great for body aches, muscle strains or any bruises, cuts, pain, itches or burns. Also keeps u feeling refreshed after bath.
4. Your home - Helps keep the air cool and refreshed. Clears stuck energy and shifts the energy of your home improving it (can't be seen but can be felt by some people). Promotes good sleep and also very calming in nature. Kids can feel the difference more than us adults.
5. Your workspace - Clear stuck energy at your workspace, promotes calmness (psst. we heard it even helps to bring in good business and a happy boss, never try never know-just don't go and spray directly your customers or boss, please...)
6. In your car - Works like a mist spray to keep u awake especially when stuck in traffic, refreshes the air in the car, headaches/migraines is dangerous for driving but if there's no choice then spray the RK spray to help relieve of the pain.
7. On your bed - Spray the rooms or directly on the bed. Because when we sleep at night the stuck energy/aura that we bring home or build up from the day will subside inside the room, so with the spray it will help shift the energy and clear all these stuck energy from the bed or room. Helps promote a really good sleep too.

This is my favourite! Menang 8 Raja Kayu Red Power Spray RM48, 120ml @ Shopee MY

WAIT! There's 2 sprays?! Which is which??

Okay, worry not just remember at all times both Menang 8 RK Sprays works the same EXCEPT RK Red Power Spray has an added double-dose ingredient known as the Red Tongkat Ali (Jackia ornata) & Lemongrass essence hence with these ingredients it makes our RK Red Power Spray the "advanced version" of the RK Gem Aura Spray

Not feeling well? This spray can help too!

Headaches/Migraines : Spray on your palm and massaging into your temples or forehead, can also spray direct on temples & forehead and massage in. *RK Red Power Spray also can be used but spray on your palm and massage in for better results.
Stress/Frustrated/Depressed/Feeling Negative/Sad : Spray around you, over your head, face, behind your head, your back, infront you. You'll feel your mood will lighten up, calmer, refreshed and awake. (Then push all these negative thoughts/feelings and walk away, move on to something better. Don't dwell on it.)
Tummy Ache/Bloated/Diarrhoea : Spray on your tummy and (optional) massage.
Tiredness/Lethargic : Spray over your face, your head, your neck to keep you refreshed and awake even if it's just for that short while.
Dry skin : Spray over the affected area to keep it hydrated and moist.
Itch : Spray over affected area to stop or reduce the itchiness.
Swollen/Bruise/Minor Scratches : Spray over affected area to soothe the pain and it'll help to reduce the inflammation of the affected area.
Wounds/Cuts : Make sure all open wounds have been cleaned up properly and applied with cream (Can also use our RK Red Power Cream) after that spray over the wound to prevent further inflammation.
Muscle aches/Strains/Sprains/Pains : Spray over affected area until the pain subsides (works even when you woke up on the wrong side of the bed with neck sprains!).
Nausea : Spray on your tummy and your neck and the nausea will subside.
Constipation : Spray on your tummy and your back (For kids/babies, only use RK Gem Aura Spray & spray at their buttocks with/without diaper/pants on) you'll be heading to the toilet in no time.
Coughing/Flu/Sore Throat : Spray once or twice in your mouth. (It's SAFE! No chemicals! Unless you're allergic to Raja Kayu sawdust or Moringa) You will feel your cough/flu/sore throat reduce shortly after. *However, these are nasty bugs we're dealing with so it won't heal 100%, will only temporary soothe and might come back. Please see a doctor if it's very bad because our sprays are not medicines, fyi) This works because of the Moringa ingredient inside our sprays. 

You see, there's so much of benefits and ways to use our sprays! And like all Raja Kayu products from Menang 8, it'll help to cleanse and at the same time shift the energy for us too!

So Keep Calm & Spray RK!

Give it a try today. Get your Menang 8 RK sprays from their dealers or agents near you or you may place your order on my page today. (I'm one of their agents but I was a customer first)

Get yours today!


RM35, 150ml @ Shopee MY

Disclaimer : The benefits listed here are experienced personally by me and other people who have purchased and used our  RK Avenue “Menang 8 Raja Kayu” products.  Each person's experience is unique and may differ person to person.  Details are provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for medical, legal, psychiatric or any other professional advice of any nature.


  1. The spray looks like an all-purpose one, with so many uses! I didn't know such a product existed. :)

  2. Wow!! 1 spray can be used for so many functions?? It will be amazing if can be work as an insect repellent too!

  3. Good that they have this using spray. So easy to dispense.

  4. Wow! So multi-purpose...I would surely love to try it out.

  5. Wao I like the spray! 😍😍 I love to use spray as it keeps me refreshing all the time.

  6. Never tried this before. Good sprays.


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