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Tuesday 26 July 2016

My Baby with Mamypoko Pants

Well, more like my toddler with Mamypoko Pants! As my son is turning 2 years this November, being a Merries baby since he was born (apart from testing all the other brands when he was born). I have been looking for a pants diaper for my boy as I'll be soon be training him to use the potty since I've already roughly know when he'll poo!

Firstly, I love the packaging! Secondly, it's from Japan! Thirdly, it fits perfectly for my boy!

On average when using Merries Tape Diapers, the frequency of change is 2-3 diapers a day and it can last overnight without leaks. But recently, my son is slowly developing nappy rash and also as the diaper gets soiled, it gets heavy and can fall off easily. Sometimes my son will just conveniently peel the tape off and remove the diapers himself... I've tried Merries pants on him but it does not last! Gives him a bad nappy rash and it's just displeasing...

However, with Mamypoko pants, I've been wanting to try this new packaging from Japan since it was launched! Finally, manage to have the chance to and am super glad with the results! On average the same 2-3 diapers a day, the pants even last OVERNIGHT with no leaks! It also has the green/yellow indicator on how soiled it is already.

I love how the inner sides really covers the edges to prevent leaks and especially the extra layer behind his bum so that if he "bombs" us with a huge pile of poo, chances of the poo leaking "UPWARDS" is very low, thanks to the extra layer above. It's breathable too! ZERO nappy rash! Not even a hint of redness!

So I had to test out how much can this diaper hold!

It took me 6 bottles of 140ml water, that's equivalent to 840ml water to fill up this diaper! And still no leaks! I didn't wanna push it further though because it was pretty full and not absorbing much. And at each 140ml, I took a serviette to test the dryness and it was really dry, although not instantly but in just a short 5 seconds, every time!

It was so full that I couldn't even see the green/yellow line anymore. However, there was once my son soiled his diaper, it gets pretty full as all the lines have turned to almost fading green, Yet, the pants stayed tugly fit to my boy and not like it's about to fall off like the Merries tape he usually uses.

Fits perfectly! Soft and snuggly! (Ps. reflection on the glass is my legs lolx)

Am very satisfied with the results and I'll be sure to look out for Mamypoko pants at upcoming baby fairs now!

In fact, there's a baby fair coming up! 

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  1. i also used mamypoko mostly for my kids when they were babies

  2. I love mamypoko and I think it's the best diaper so far. But the price is quite expensive compared to other brands.

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