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Friday 15 October 2021

BookXcess @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre

October 15, 2021 0

Have you heard about the latest BookXcess outlet in MyTOWN Shopping Centre? If you haven't then let me bring you through this beautiful place that will blow your mind away in an aesthetic kind of feel.

Firstly this is a place where it is a safe haven for everyone. You will be able to find a space or a corner that you can find comfort in. Entering the premises you will find the window display is truly a piece of art and how the flow of the structures and a cute Ronald McDonald character look-a-like is being displayed it truly a work of art. In fact, designers who were assigned to this space are given the challenge to be creative and design out-of-the box. Only when the design is complete then they fill it in with all the books and arts all over.

Secondly this place will somehow or rather encourage you to pick up atleast 1 book to take home with you. I picked up tons! Especially for my kids. And there's also stationaries too, which is the first bookstore in BookXcess chains to have stationaries available. 

Thirdly, if your spouse dislikes books, just bring them over. They will eventually fall in love with one soon. The entire place is welcoming, warm and just zen to just hang out over a cuppa hot coffee or tea at the Piazza while you watch over your loved one roaming about looking for their favourite author or genres. And if you are an art lover then this is it. 

There's an art passageway below the Piazza that takes you through the local arts showcased by local artists in Malaysia that you can bring them home with you.

I love how spacious the entire space is and how the floating bookshelves or towering bookshelves look as a whole. It is all properly labelled so that it is easy to locate your author at the designated book genres labelled on the shelves in text and color codes of Fiction and Non-Fiction. They also have island bookshelves and friendly bookshelves that is easily accessible for shorty like me. If you need a book that is too high up for you to reach, rest assured there is a step stool that you can access to or you can always ask a friendly customer service to assist you.

It is also a place to unleash your creativity where you can request for the music sheets at the counter to have a go at the piano. Sometimes when you need that lil spark to ignite an idea that's cooking in your head, then this is definitely a place you gotta be in.

Be careful of your steps though. Even though it is aesthetic as there are many pebbles and pathways, rest assured that BookXcess also put into thought of your safety and they have warning signages set up at places where you may turn a blind eye upon and use as a shortcut that may be dangerous for you. So always follow the path and always walk on the path, don't take shortcuts because there's no shortcuts in life.

Inside there's also Ume Tei, a japanese restaurant from its humble beginnings and it's been 25 years they've been around in Malaysia. From a lovely couple from japan, you will be delighted to enjoy authentic homecooked japanese meals here at this outlet as the chef is directly from Okinawa, Japan!

There's also a cafe inside the bookstore called Whisk cafe, where you get to enjoy a nice hot cuppa beverage with deliciously lip-smacking cakes to satisfy your sugar-cravings. It's located right next to the Piazza where it is another separate section inside the book store that is a co-working space that is open to anyone who wants to come and just gather, brainstorm some cool ideas or even a place to network. This is also a great place for your other half to wait at and eventually they may take a stroll around and pick up a book in their hands like my husband! (hahaha) It's the only BookXcess outlet with 2 outlets a cafe and a restaurant inside.

There's also these hand drawn mousey paintings below the pillars, so be sure to try and spot them and see how many you can spot them. I thought it was stickers but its completely hand drawn! That is truly creative and intriguing also to have them at random spots under the pillars. There's a space near the Ume Tei restaurant that actually has the Art Installations corner, where you will see collaboration with local artist showcasing their artworks, in this area it is the Tiang, there are 16 Tiang here that are each unique and represents the Fountain of Hope. And BookXcess wants to be a foundation to the art community as well. 

If you notice a colorful elephant next to Ume Tei restaurant, don't be surprised but appreciate its uniqueness as it is painted and it is one of a kind, in support of the Elephant conservation. Changing the world one book at a time is the idea that BookXcess has for every one of their bookstores. 

What I like is as you enter the outlet, you will see posters and pop arts that you can purchase them home and these are not like your ordinary posters that will wear and tear overtime. These posters are like high gloss canvas types where you can remove and install/hang them easily. 

The pricing of the books are truly affordable as we also gotten a few books on hand during our visit here and they have a centralized cashier counter at the center which is not too hard to miss. Don't forget to sign up as a member if you haven't for additional discounts and rewards! I signed up for sure!

Another feature of this space that I love is the kids section. There's a cute bathtub that has the bathbooks in it where it shows that even kids can also have a fun and knowledgeable bath time too with these waterproof books! Who said bath must be boring! And the way the children section is created, is also for parents with prams/strollers that they can push along the ramps without troubles and even your toddler in the prams/strollers can also browse at the books along the way too because it is reachable even for the lil ones in their prams/strollers. Because reading is a good habit that starts from young. And if your child picks up a book and wants you to read it for them, no parent will say no to that for sure!

There's 13 bookstores all over Malaysia by BookXcess and all 13 are of different unique designs, if this space isn't to your liking then try another, there is ought to be one that will come to your liking for sure! And if they manage to make a non-reader become a reader, their goal is accomplished! Because kncwledge has power and BookXcess wants to create a community space for people to gather. Be a part of the whole experience to enjoy the environment. The aim is for Malaysians to be the next generation of readers. Many who comes over to BookXcess comes for a few reasons but most are for inspiration, motivation and some even escapism.

So visit a BookXcess outlet near you today because I'm sure that there will be one that you will surely be attached to like how we grown attached to this BookXcess outlet in MyTOWN Shopping Centre.

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