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Wednesday 31 October 2018

11 Reasons to Stay On Lazada 11.11 Malaysia

October 31, 2018 0
Exciting things up ahead! If you are a shopping queen/king then now its your time to shine! Starting from 1st November, you can start adding things to your shopping cart on the Lazada mobile app! As you do that, do collect vouchers from 1st Nov onwards up till 11th Nov 2018!

So what's happening?!

11th November 2018 :
Watch the countdown that will be happening LIVE broadcast from Axiata Arena that will be shown across Media Prima channels TV3 and ntv7, Tonton and Lazada mobile app as well!

11 Reasons : Why you should watch this live countdown on 10th November 2018 night?

#1 Be a part of the action and catch Aiman Tino, Haqiem Rusli, Ayda Jebat, Wany Hasrita, Ella, Ziana Zain, Bunkface and other Malaysian and international superstars (Kard, the 2nd most requested k-pop group) in person by posting a picture of the person you want to go with on Instagram with the caption "Do you want to go to the Lazada 11.11 Super Show with me?" and include hashtag #MYLazada1111. You friend must then express their interest to go with you because the contest will run until 31st October 2018 and the winner will be announced on 1st November 2018 where 50 lucky winners will be selected.

#2 Viewers tuning in on 10th November 2018 will be able to receive video calls from their favourite artistes and stand a chance to win amazing prizes including TWO Volkswagen Beetle 1.2 TSI cars by playing live games on the Lazada app during the show!

#3 Keep your eyes on the screens to also take home prizes from L'Oreal Paris, Carlo Rino, Philips, Lactogrow, Sunsilk, Drypers and Xiaomi!

#4 Start previewing 11.11 prices on Lazada app from 1st November 2018 onwards! So you can just click checkout at the strike of midnight on 11.11!

#5 Don't miss out on the Collectible Vouchers up to RM11,000,000 deals from as low as RM0.99 and RM200,00 worth of free gifts up for grabs!

#6 There will be over 10,000 Surprise boxes up for grabs containing products from various brands up to 70% off and limited units only! (Ps. I heard that one of it is the latest iPhone smartphone!!!!)

#7 All-nighters can take advantage of the lowest prices of the year from over 50 brands on 11th November 2018 from midnight to 2am!

#8 Early risers can take advantage of Flash Vouchers beginning 8am for a limited time only!

#9 Look out for the Slash it! and Shake it! sessions throughout the day!

#10 Play your way to even more deals with the all new Wonderland feature on the Lazada app. From 1st November to 10th November, Lazada app users will have 20 chances to open treasure boxes of top brands and seller vouchers! All you have to do is, tap on the Wonderland banner on the Lazada app home page everyday from 11am to 5pm and you will be taken to Wonderland where you will see all participating stores where you can tap on them to unearth the treasure box within!

#11 Shop More to Get More! 

1. Save your Mastercard details on your account for easier checkout because for purchases on Lazada with the Mastercard, you get an additional of 12% cashback to your Lazada wallet when you make any purchase! The first 11 Mastercard holders every hour using their saved Mastercard to shop on Lazada, will receive RM111 cashback in their Lazada Wallet!

2. All CIMB card holders can look forward to RM20 off, with a minimum spend of RM150! That's a good saving worth bargaining for!

3. McDonald's also offering an exclusive 11pcs Chicken McNuggets for only RM11 from 5th to 11th November 2018 at any McDonald's restaurant when your flash your Lazada app upon ordering!

4. If you are a Grab user, you get to redeem Lazada's RM11 app voucher with only RM1 GrabPay credit!

5. Malaysia Airlines is offering 11% discount on their airfares and you even stand a chance to participate in Lazada 11.11 Satellite Golden Lounge Pass Giveaway!

6. OYO Hotels is offering 50 winners a FREE 2 nights hotel stay for 2 pax and 1 fully-sponsored 3 nights round trip to Thailand when you share with them what is your favourite attraction in Kuala Lumpur!

And now with Lazada and it's valuable sponsors and partners gearing up for 11.11, you can even bring offline products online now as the new feature of the camera icon labelled "Scan" on the top left of the Lazada app homepage, enables users to now simply snap a photo or grab an image from the phone gallery to search for that product in Lazada! Means you have keywords search and now image search to get the product that you wanna get with ease! And if you were to stumble upon any of Lazada's selected brand and seller offline stores at retail, you can look ut for the Lazada QR codes planted there for more perks on your app!!

So what are you waiting for?

Visit Lazada for more info!

Get the app here :
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Tuesday 30 October 2018

Curated Collection Of Floral Bouquets From A Better Florist

October 30, 2018 0
With so many florists in Singapore, you might be wondering why you need to know about another one? Well, I believe there’s always room in our lives for better businesses, and A Better Florist is a flower shop that everyone should try out.

Here are a couple of reasons why?

#1 They have some of the most beautiful flower arrangements in Singapore. They focus on delivering quality, and not just quantity, which is reflected through their curated collection of floral bouquets on their website. This online florist offers diversity by having pre-designed bouquets of all kinds, that are suitable for multitude occasions. They, of course, personalize custom bouquets, but their collections are made to make your life easier, as you can always get something beautifully put together on-the-go.

#2 They also have a hamper collection, in addition to their fruit basket collection, making them a flower shop and a gift delivery flower services. And you practically "hit two birds with one stone" when you order from your computer or your smartphone. When it comes to both flowers and gifts, they create everything you can possibly imagine. If you need funeral flowers, they have them. If you are a business and you need grand opening flowers, they have them. If you need a baby hamper, they have those too. Everything, including their get well soon hamper, fruit baskets and floral arrangements can be tailored to suit you and the occasion you need them for.

#3 Another reason why you might want to look up A Better Florist is that people love them. A lot of flower delivery review sites will give them excellent reviews, and their customers give them great reviews. A good word of mouth means a lot, and it indicates that this is a florist that really knows what they are doing.

On top of all this, they have an incredible same day flower delivery, and an express flower delivery, giving you the chance to get your order on the same day and as quickly as possible.

This Singaporean florist has recently expanded, so they now have a KL flower delivery as well as HK florist that is equally famous for their incredible HK flowers and delivery. The fact is, this is a florist that seems to be doing an incredible job and their customers are happy, so I honestly believe they are worth your time and money.
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Sunday 28 October 2018

KLC English Learning Centre Malaysia

October 28, 2018 3
My son just started kindergarten last week and it was to prep him for K1 next year as he turns 5 years old (by year). However, in months he only turns 4 years old on 11th November. I've came across various kindy's who told me that my son still baby talks and his speech is not properly developed and feared that he may not cope and some even dare to suggest a speech delay specialist and whatnot's.

But I know my son well. He understand very well, takes instructions properly and he can even read and recognize colours and shapes without anyone to teach him that! However, his pronunciation is still like a baby talking and sometimes he will just keep quiet but it's not that he can't speak, he just don't want to. So starting kindergarten was nerve-wrecking for me, my son loved it, he said "bye bye mommy" from the very first day of school and never looked for me at all. He is independent, brave, playful. So I decided to just let him explore more on his English language in terms of speech, spelling and pronunciation.

So I found out about KLC English Language Centre that held their Grand Opening last Sunday and decided to drop by for a visit. Upon entering, the teachers and staffs were really friendly and welcoming. As we waited for my son's free class assessment to begin, he enjoyed himself at the waiting area where there was a really cool lego table filled with so much fun and landmines! (Landmines = Try stepping on a Lego and you'll know what I mean)

I was also able to see some of KLC achievements at their showcase display, alongside with some toys that can be redeemed via stamps collected. Which I found out after, that those stamps are awarded to the students who attend classes and so on. Then they can collect their target and redeem their prize one day. It's a really good encouraging reward system for the kids.

There's 3 rooms inside for the class to take place. And my son entered one of it. I really love the concept of the centre because it is not too stressful or too crowded and it is almost like a personal tutoring for your child where they get to interact directly with the teacher. Each class can only hold a maximum of 4 students at a time and the session only lasts for 45 mins each time.

It is best to attend class 3 times a week for 45 minutes each time to get the fastest and bestest result possible for your child. The teachers here are well-trained and dedicated in what they do. Every student gets 15 free replacement class at no charge and in terms of arranging time slots for classes, there are 8 slots on weekdays and 10 slots on weekends. Preferably to remain at the same time slot across weekly/monthly.

KLC was first established as a preschool since 2009 and until now, they currently focus on two main services which are the Preschool and the Language Centre. Their goal is to provide students with an enjoyable and effective learning experience that will set them on a path to life long success. Because the beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take away from you!

KLC has various programs Silver, Gold, Platinum programs, Master Key Program and Treasure Box Program, however, the type of program that will be presented to each parent-child may differ because it is all depending on the ability of the child.

The Master Key Program is for 3-14 years old of age. Through this program, the children are taught to read intuitively without memorizing vocabulary and advance their reading ability and critical thinking. I feel that this is very crucial in learning the language, because my mom taught me the same way, she always encourage me to read books to improvise my English and she will read them with me and correct my grammars and pronunciations. Hence, I am able to write a blog and create content with my own words through my own experience and language learning form my mom. Therefore, I totally agree that this method truly works and you must have someone to guide you through, if not you won't be bothered to read at all. Because when children are able to master reading on their own one fine day, thus increasing their confidence in reading and speaking altogether! What your child will take away from the Master Key Program is that they will be able to "read by eye" and "spell by ear".

Treasure Box Program on the other had, is a comprehensive English Cambridge program for YLE examination, which covers the essential components of the English language skills, including speaking, listening, reading & writing. This includes grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. This program may sound stressful but surprisingly it is not! Under the Treasure Box Program, you get to learn how to speak, read, write in a more fun and easy way; experience hands-on activities to enrich the English language skills and achieve English mastery in a short time.

KLC develops their own program and follows the Orton-Gillingham method, even their teachers are trained with Orton-Gillingham. And all of the program at KLC won't even last you a year (subject to each child's learning ability and timely attendance to class). With a good discipline to complete the program, all these can be completed in 5 months! Because with only a maximum of 4 students per class to ensure that your child gets the attention they need, their learning efficiency is 6 times faster than normal reading methods! They even provide a daily report where parents can log into the KLC app on their mobile to get updates, info's and details of their child's progress and upcoming activities. Parents can also arrange the classes via the app as well.

Because kids, when they get it, they will soar like an eagle! So the best advise is don't rush them, some may be fast and some may take their time, as long as it is not alarming and they are not responding then all is well.

If your child matches any of these criteria below;
- Can't understand English
- Hate English
- Unable to use English to communicate
- Stutter when speaking English
- Have a thick accent
- Can't remember words
- No interest to learn English
- Not doing well in English
- No confidence to speak English
- Unsuitable course (outside)
- Trouble writing or spelling
- Bad grades in English

Then you should consider to walk-in to KLC for a free 20 minute assessment (worth RM99) now while it last or you can call to arrange for a meet up to take their trial classes that they are offering FREE 3 trial classes worth RM150 valid in this first 6 months! (until further notice)* It will be worth your time and money! Trust me! I am a convinced parent myself!

Visit them at :
KLC English Language Center

Address : No. 3, Jalan Puteri 4/8, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Contact : +6016-213 0283
Opening Hours : 
Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays
Wednesday to Friday 1.30pm to 10pm
Saturday 8am to 10pm
Sunday 9am to 10pm
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Wednesday 24 October 2018

Style Your Way To Confidence | Plus Size Collection | Jazz & Co

October 24, 2018 0
In Malaysia today, we live our lives everyday in abundance! We have a variety of food and the people from all walks of life is amazing that you can't even count them! That being said, I used to be a plus size. In fact, I have been on a "yo-yo" weight ever since I was young. My parents used to tell me to eat up and grow chubby so that I will one day shoot up and be tall and slim. So let me break it down to you, it's a myth. If you eat and sleep then you'll stay the same, if you eat and exercise, then that's a whole other story. But then again, some a genetic or in the DNA! Especially when it comes to figuring out how your body mechanism works in breaking down those food molecules in your body at what rate and etc. Everything plays a part!

But today I won't be talking about gaining or losing weight. I will be sharing about how you are way more beautiful than you think you are, regardless of your size or the way you look now! Because you can change your wardrobe and look fabulous with your beautiful curves with Jazz & Co! 

"It's not about the size you wear. But the way you wear your size." said Jasdeep Singh Katari, founder of Jazz & Co. Established since February 2015, it took 2 years for all the R&D in this Plus Size Collection to create a more comfortable, suitable, fashionable, stylish and affordable line of clothes that is uniform sized. This is good because I have experienced trying to find clothes my size on those skinny mannequins but I could not fit in it at all! And I remember I only had limited places to shop from and my boyfriend then (now husband) used to make jokes at me because I was looking for clothes at the MATERNITY section in AEON Jusco. This is also because there is NO plus size collection out there that makes me look YOUNG! All my life, people thinks I am a matured women even in my 20s!

Jazz & Co was born out of love for fashion and the recognition that the industry is still lacking when it comes to the wants and needs for a stylish lifestyle of a plus size women and men. And I can totally relate to this! Because I had to opt for Chiffon material because it does not stick to my baby fats and it has that watery/flowing effect when I move or wind blows making the entire outfit look gentle on me, most importantly, it can cover my chubby areas. All of my clothes are either cardigans, chiffon, scooped/v-necklines, wrap tops, lace off shoulder tee, butterfly tops, jeans and maxi dress! That's the only limited choices that I have! And it's difficult to get the right size!

Today we were graced with the beautiful melody of a celebrity radio DJ and Malaysian Idol 2004 runner up, Dina Nadzir, who was the emcee and performer of the day! She looks amazing in the Jazz & Co collection and when she sang, it was beautiful! 

I really liked today's show as Jazz & Co truly brings out the expression of each models personality while having fun and not feeling limited by society's current fashion rules. Even the name came from the founder himself, with a twist of musical genre, they believe fashion is like a rhythm and sound to our body, just like music to our ears.

Jazz & Co vision is to celebrate fashion for all women from size 12 all the way to size 22 and men from size L to 5XL. And the good news is Jazz & Co keeps up with the latest fashion trend and style to make sure plus size people won't feel left out and limited with current fashion style in the market just because of their size or the way they look. 

To make sure the quality of Jazz & Co products are up to standards, all of their garments will go through a stringent approval process, allowing shoppers a peace of mind by ensuring what they purchase at jazznco.com is exactly what they will receive at their doorstep. And if you're not satisfied or if there's something wrong with it, you can return it back within 14 days with a condition to ensure that the tags are not removed and still in tact.

"If you don't love who you are, you are never going to feel 100 percent satisfied in life. It all starts with you. If you don't love you, nobody else is going to be able to."

This exclusive fashion preview of the new festive collections, the brand also aspires to inspire the plus size community to keep up with fashion just like any other individuals, even during the festive season. So no more "basic"fashion, no more plain t-shirts, no more oversized or tight clothing that don't fit well, no more bigger boxy clothes! It's time to flaunt your true beauty and love your curves every single inch of it and embrace it! Since I've lost weight after my 1st childbirth, I realized I was not chubby all my life when I was young, I was told that my whole body had water retention and immediately after my confinement massage sessions, I lost 10kg. And you think it's good? Everyone tells me I have health problems for losing so much weight. So you know what? Screw them, do what you want, do what you love, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (unless you choose to come back again in another lifetime).

Even until today, people are telling me I'm lucky but my luck will run out because once I stop breastfeeding, my weight will come back for sure. Nevertheless, it's all an interesting point of view, I don't need to take it because it's their word, their views, their thoughts, not mine. Because I choose to create my life my way, my own points of view, my own thoughts, my own creation and my own choices. So don't let anyone put you down because you are stronger than you think you are!

Time to change your wardrobe and strut your style and show off those beautiful curves you have!

Visit Jazz & Co for more info :
Website | Facebook | Instagram
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CANNIS App is poised to be listed in NASDAQ in 2021

October 24, 2018 10
“The Upcoming Greatest Star in Nasdaq ~ Cannis”

Cannis mobile app is bound to be the upcoming greatest star in NASDAQ, United States by 2021. In less than two months, Cannis app formed a new app trend that has accumulated hundreds of thousands of users in less than two months, forming a new APP trend.

Since early 2018, Cannis has been continuously investing in the most upcoming popular industries, namely in technologies, films, beauty, preventive medicines, latest farming technology and loads more! With the co-operations from their strategic partners, Cannis have well penetrated into many markets across Southeast Asia countries rapidly, and is expected to be listed on NASDAQ soon!

This is the best time for Cannis as it is born in the best era of App Downloads and Users’ Spending which sets a new history-breaking record! Q3 of year 2018 has been the most profitable season for the App Stores. Analysing the App categories such as games, downloads, entertainment and video broadcasting, these categories has garnered the most downloaded apps and are found as the main factors and drivers of growth. From the analysis, this shows a general demand of market for creative content.

Cannis app will be “The Upcoming Greatest Star in Nasdaq". We are very much looking forward to the strategic corporation with various industries in winning users’ entrustment and enhancing the users’ end seamless O2O experience.” said Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Ching Eu Boon. Cannis focuses on the fastest-growing industries, providing an integrated platform that creates a powerful 7-in-1 function. It is a perfect Virtual-Reality combined O2O Mode.

Cannis App incorporates innovative functions every month and also selectively invest huge funds on offline trending industries, such as connecting to offline customers, building the O2O model, marketing promotions, offline member streaming and including goods delivery service and it's back-end support system.

The good news is Cannis members are applicable for both online and offline discounts, including any purchases at Cannis’s strategic partners’ retail stores. Online points can even be used to make discounts, helping consumers to save money. Cannis also opens up an opportunity for participating in a series of Cannis-designed competitions that will allow members to win grand prizes through sharing.

The Chief Operating Officer of Cannis, Mr. Mohammad Mustaqim Bin Abdullah stressed that the platform will actively carry out comprehensive layout for online and offline services, so that the physical store is no longer restricted by the size or regional restrictions of the space. Through the mode of Cannis e-commerce and preferential shopping, the merchants information can be passed through at the lowest cost to a precise targeted market, therefore maximising the advertising effectiveness.

Cannis Strategic Partners

Strategic partners present on the day include EMPRO’s Dr. Coco Alex; Producer of Da Motion Production House, Encik Along; Creative Director of (凯优影视控股有限公司), Miss Bo Bo; LongTV Sdn. Bhd.’s Mr Chis Yen; Weber PDT Cancer Treatment Health Centre’s Prof. Madaya Dr. Martin E. Roberts; CEO of (名资股份有限公司), Mr. (蔡逸群) and Dr. DNA Mr Jannings Lee.

The Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic, Tan Sri Datuk Sri One Tee Keat said that Cannis has a keen sense on trend development. Through big databases analysis, they accurately learn the real needs of consumers. The rich ethnic culture in Malaysia also helps enlarging the business to the world, attracting future strategic partners. Whether in the media marketing or development strategies, their performances have been remarkable.

Cannis is the world’s first integrated app that provides consumers with this wide range of App services, live broadcasting, e-commerce, discount shoppings, social networking, short videos, games and payments, can all be found on Cannis App. Cannis is convinced that having Malaysia’s diverse ethnic groups and culture as the starting point, it is easier to expand Cannis from South East Asia to the rest of the world.

For more information,
please visit http://cannis.app

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Tuesday 23 October 2018

OneStep+ Closer for More Ways to Play with Polaroid Originals Malaysia

October 23, 2018 0
Polaroid Originals first introduced 40 years ago, the Polaroid OneStep camera, is one of the most iconic cameras that most photographers and trend-setters truly appreciates. Shriro (Malaysia), a premier manufacturing, marketing and distribution company, is the official sole distributor of Polaroid Originals for the Malaysian market.

Unlocking a whole new world of creative photography, today's launch is of the Polaroid OneStep+ new analog instant camera that connects to your smartphone. The Polaroid OneStep+ i-Type Camera takes you one step closer to unleash your creativity and self-expression with its stylish, fun and east-to-use point-and-shoot analog instant camera.

The design of the Polaroid camera features a signature design of the new rainbow stripe that comes in a premium, all-black finish which is priced at RM 809. This new camera bridges the gap between analog and digital with its new ways to play with instant photography.

All it takes is just one button on the camera's Bluetooth-integrated + button, which will connect to your smartphone gadget. Furthermore, you will be able to play with 6 fun techniques which you can explore such as :

Double Exposures | Light Painting | Manual Mode | Self-Timer | Portrait | Noise Trigger

The good news for all you existing Polaroid fans out there, the OneStep+ is compatible with Polaroid Originals 600 and i-Type film, so you can create, play and put life in the frames all day and all night long!

With this unique and intriguing gadget in your hands, you will surely be the talk of the town as every time the shutter clicks, you create an original photo that is impossible to be reproduced or duplicated! No copyright issues on your photos, that's for sure! There's nothing quite like a Polaroid photograph and I can attest to that! Watch my collection of my fun time with the Polaroid OneStep+.

This camera will bring photographers to newer horizons in creativity, while you have more ways to play. 

Officially available from 23rd October 2018 in Malaysia. Every camera purchase comes with a 1-year warranty and a 1 to 1 exchange while the films are best used within 12-months.

You can get your hands on the Polaroid OneStep+ (RM 809) at :


You can also visit these dedicated imaging stores in Malaysia :
Foto Flash | Flash Gadgets | Fotokem | CamWorld

For more info you can follow Polaroid Originals journey here :
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