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Thursday 4 October 2018

Taking Care Of Your Well-Being With OSIM Malaysia

Everyday we go on with our daily lives, some doing our best to survive and some thriving towards their goals and whatnots. However, have we ever stopped for a moment to wonder about our well-being? Don't you agree that most people have started or have been neglecting their well-being for quite some time now since they starting venturing into their adulthood from a young age? If you agree with what I said then I'm sure you will be able to relate to this, where it is important to take some time off to relax yourself and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Then again, I've met MANY who always #1 Complains, #2 Compares, #3 Judges and #4 Always Insists They Have NO TIME! It's plain ridiculous to have no time when time is what you make of it!

So time to take care of yourself, if you have no time, FIND TIME! Remember, "Time Is What You Make Of It"! I took time off from my motherhood to visit OSIM's roadshow at LG The Oval, One Utama that will be held from 3rd - 14th October to treat myself to a first-class experience of relaxation with their new and latest technology, the uLove 2 massage chair.

This massage chair (uLove 2) comes with a revolutionary 4-hands massage technology that you will fall head over heels with it instantenously! Andy Lau, Asia's pop icon, was handpicked to be the ambassador for uLove 2, and I must say that there is no one better to perfectly reflect the chair's exceptional qualities and represent its revolutionary innovation other than him.

What's so special about this chair? Well, imagine you are in a spa retreat and you have 2 masseur attending to you at the same time. So whilst you're getting your upper body massaged, your lower body is also getting massaged at the same time! That is because the uLove 2 4-hands massage technology consists of 4 sets of powerful massage rollers designed to mimic the four-handed massage technique practiced by masseur/masseuse in most of Southeast Asia. Not only that, but the 720 roller balls are able to rotate 360 in both directions and help reach the more challenging contours of the human body. This massage program was created by Sato Tsuyoshi, a Japanese Chiropractic Massage Expert.

Four-Hand Massage is performed by two masseur/masseuse using a synchronized massage technique on two body parts simultaneously to give you a complete experience of a full body massage. The massage chair targets 4 major areas, such as the head & neck, neck & shoulders, lumbar & buttocks and buttocks & thighs. You get to pick the areas where you require a relaxing massage, and it takes about 15 minutes each. So don't complain that you won't have "time" where a mere 15 minutes is half the time it takes you to eat!

What I truly love about this OSIM uLove 2 is their intelligent auto shoulder detection at the start of every massage program. This provides you a very personalized massage, because you don't have to worry if you're short or tall anymore! The program will be personalized to adjust to your body size & figure to give you the maximum experience that you can get from the four-hand massage technology.

It also come with expandable side panels for those with huge shoulder blades or even body builders! Extendable foot massager, adjustable chair positions from "Sofa", "Comfort" to "Zero-Gravity" with it's preset buttons and you can further customize the massage intensity with 7 intensity levels of should and lumbar massage. This is perfect for me because I don't like too much intensity on my shoulders and lumbar (aka lower back lah-for those who don't know). Oh, did I mention that it as a comprehensive safety feature that stops the backrest and footrest from moving when it touches any objects in it's path of motion! So if you have pets laying at the corners of the seat or if you have children who just loves running around or playing hide and seek, rest be assured that this chair will take a pause until there's nobody or nothing obstructing it's moving position.

The surround sound system in-built houses a true state-of-the-art 3D surround sound with a wireless Bluetooth music playback built-in to the uLove 2 massage chair. You can also download the application of the uLove 2 to your device for easier selection of massage programs to manage your overall well-being comfort and experience. Means you can even watch movies on your tablets while you're getting a massage with the Entertainment stand while keeping it charged via the uLove 2 USB port.

To make this even more personalized, it's design and material is of high-quality quilted leather that comes in 5 colors, Bold Green, Sophisticated Brown, Chic Purple, Blue and Pink. Their limited edition signature color in blue, depicts of a vibrant blue sky with hand-painted peonies on each side and complemented by the royal crest design at the head rest. The limited edition massage chair also comes in signature pink color.

So if you'd like to experience the uLove 2 first, then come over this weekend to OSIM First Class experience happening at New Wing, The Oval at LG floor in One Utama Shopping Mall, Damansara to experience a first-class ride on OSIM Airlines to a mysterious destination in town and just relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself from 3rd-14th October 2018.

Seats are limited and you can register beforehand to get a personalized passport holder.

The uLove 2 Massage chair retails at RM20,888 but at the event you will get an introductory price from RM377 per month and event Trade-In rebates with free gifts and more!

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