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Friday 19 October 2018

Mueang Kao Thai Restaurant at Damansara Jaya, Malaysia

Thai food is the best food to have during a cold chilly weather! But it's also delicious during a sunny day, especially for those who love some "kick" in their meals!

Today I was enlightened with this authentic Thai food here located close to the heart of Damansara area at Damansara Jaya! I am the type who loves to enjoy Thai food as is and sometimes when I don't know what to eat, the best comfort food to have will be Tom Yum soup, white rice and fried egg.

Mueang Kao Thai Restaurant serves way more than just the mainstream Thai food you can find anywhere else. They serve true authentic Thai food from the Central region! It was through this restaurant that I can truly taste the difference of each dish when compared with every single Thai food I have eaten in my life! Including the ones I ate in Thailand!!

Their Geng Some Cha Om Goong RM30 is like Tom Yum soup but not! It's actually like seafood soup I would say? But it has that spicy yet sour and sweet flavours that blends together, it is served with fried omellete and fresh prawn in the soup itself! Trust me, you must try this NO REGRET! I had second servings of this because it was just worth it and you can't find this

Po Piah Sod (10pcs) RM22 came with a vibrant burst of flavour with every bite that is crunchy and fragrant! Inside is green curry chicken with carrots and everything is made from scratch. It's really delicious yet unique at the same time. You won't be able to find another po piah like this anywhere, trust me on this. I'm not a poh pia lover but this one is delicious and very satisfying with a lot of juicy meat inside!

Deep Fried Paku Pakis (Small) RM 15 served with their homemade sauce made from scratch! Your kids will be fooled for this dish for sure! And they will finish it without doubt! It's really like having a snack but a healthy one! Added with their unique sauce, it makes this dish worth ordering for the whole family.

Spicy Fried Rice with Thai Basil RM 12 is a little unique, it ain't too spicy actually. Kids also can indulge in it. But you can request for a spicier version. It's fragrant because of the basil leaves. Almost like curry leaves. However, this fried rice is fried with normal duck egg hence making it unique to savour on its own.

BBQ Saba Fish RM 25 has that yummy BBQ grill to its flavours. The fish is fresh and does not have the pungent scent that some people don't like in seafood. And dipped with their homemade sauce its truly compliments the fish and brings out another flavour altogether worth experiencing!

Coconut Prawns with Thai Mango RM18 the prawns were fresh, sweet and fleshy! The coconut made it crispy and tasty. When dipped in the Thai Mango sauce that is also made from scratch, its unique flavours just blends in well and burst perfectly in your mouth making you wanting for more!

Spicy Minced Beef Salad RM 18 is like eating kerabu but tastes way better than kerabu! It has that authentic Thai taste of its sweet and sour and lil bit spices. A super good appetizer to have! We finished the whole thing only to realize that the beef is RAW! But the way they mixed it with its unique flavours inside, it truly masks the beefy scent and brings out it's wonderful flavour! It's not even bloody! I seriously don't know how they made this dish but it is a MUST HAVE! You can taste the true beautiful flavour of beef without its raw flavour! You will love it!

Their most unique dish of all and worthy of ordering is the Australian Jade Perch fish RM 45, imported from Australia and homegrown in Malaysia at their own farm. They have invited researchers over to test their fish living condition here and found that their Australian Jade Perch fish here are more happy and found that it has 10x time more Omega-3 than the regular Jade Perch fish! This means that it is living in a very healthy environment! They have various ways of cooking this fish that you can choose from, the best recommended is Grilled with salt for its pure flavours to emerge! However, today we enjoyed it in Thai Style Salted Egg and deep fried!

Fun fact : ONE Australian Jade Perch fish weighing 500g-600g (Only at Mueang Kao Thai Restaurant) equals to taking 30 capsules of Omega-3 supplement!

Thai Style Sweet Chilli Tofu RM 13 exudes a delicious aroma of sweet yet spicy scent with its sauce that blends it together. It makes this tofu more tasty.

And lastly, their Dry Curry Chicken (S: RM18, B: RM35) that we truly enjoyed, is really rich in its curry flavours and super fragrant! It's great to even eat this on its own or with plain rice/bread. It is that tasty! Even writing about his dish now takes me back to memory lane and making me hungry for more of this now! It's a true mouthwatering dish that you will surely enjoy with your friends and/or family! I could literally lick up all the sauce off the plate!

If you wanna satisfy your thirst, you can order the Lemongrass drink (Glass RM3.90, Jug RM12), it is not sweet but its bursting with its lemongrass scent, fragrance and flavour at every sip!

I ordered Peach Tea RM 4 because I love me some peaches (lolx!). The Lemongrass drink is behind my Peach Tea, by the way.

For desserts we just gotta enjoy true Thai dessert right?! So we had the Thai Red Rubies RM9.50, I would say that this is one refreshing dessert to have. The red rubies are super huge and they were really generous in the serving amount. There's alot of rubies and jackfruit slices inside. Best of all it is not too overwhelmed with the coconut santan flavour unlike other places. It's pretty fragrant altogether, I suspect it's because of the coconut santan that is flown it directly from Thailand!

The Coconut Ice Cream RM12.90 is truly a lipsmacking delicious! My kids will surely enjoy this! I love how it is added with the coconut toppings for added crunchyness and the coconut candy too! Really takes me back to my childhood with the coconut candy!

We also enjoyed the Mango sticky rice RM9.50, the mango is truly sweet with the fragrant coconut santan from Thailand. When you mix them together with he sticky warm rice, the flavours will melt in your mouth at every bite. And I also suspect it's due to the warmness of the sticky rice that brings out the true fragrance of the sticky rice that is made from Thai Siam rice. Never in my life I've tasted anything so unique like this! And I don't always have alot to say but this Thai restaurant is worth-mentioning!

All of the sauces, pastes, recipes and their way of cooking are all unique here because they are all formulated and curated by one of the co-partner who has learned the true authentic cuisines of Thai food from the different regions and focuses on the true beautiful flavour of Central Thai cooking here at Mueang Kao Thai Restaurant! The chef is from Northern Thai but he cooks Central Thai cuisines here which the flavours are more balanced.

Mueang Kao Thai Restaurant (opened since February 2018) is named after an old city in Thailand and the owners with their vast knowledge in the true flavours of Thai cuisines, enlightened us with some fun facts about the flavours in Thai!
- Northern Thai food can be more salty and more oily,
- Southern Thai food has more herbs and lengkuas,
- Northeast Thai food has more chilli,
And the other sides of the Thai region, each has their own signature flavours too! However, Central Thai food is more balanced in flavours, which you can truly enjoyed them over here!

They have other fish here too, like their Tilapia fish AND the owner recommends you to try them out too because you will never taste another Tilapia cooked they way they cook it here! You will love it to its bones! Especially if you hate that fishy scent, then you must order fish here! They have a way to deal with those fishy scent naturally that makes you wanting to come back for more! I believe a good cook with a good recipe and perfect ingredients can make a true difference in the way a food is presented!

To satisfy your hunger for true good Thai food, please bring everyone you know to visit them at :
Facebook | Instagram
Location : No. 21, Jalan SS22/11, Damansara Jaya
Opening Hours : 11am to 3pm and 5pm to 11pm
Tel : 014-273 1512
You can also call them for catering and booking for large party. They are a pork-free restaurant as one of the co-owner is a Malay owner, a really funny and jovial guy!

If you can't wait any longer, then order for delivery on FoodPanda!

Promotion : Every month they run promotions for their Australian Jade Perch fish so stay updated with them at their page.

If you have no one to bring along then can ajak me also k! I won't mind coming back over and over again for more!

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