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Sunday 28 October 2018

KLC English Learning Centre Malaysia

My son just started kindergarten last week and it was to prep him for K1 next year as he turns 5 years old (by year). However, in months he only turns 4 years old on 11th November. I've came across various kindy's who told me that my son still baby talks and his speech is not properly developed and feared that he may not cope and some even dare to suggest a speech delay specialist and whatnot's.

But I know my son well. He understand very well, takes instructions properly and he can even read and recognize colours and shapes without anyone to teach him that! However, his pronunciation is still like a baby talking and sometimes he will just keep quiet but it's not that he can't speak, he just don't want to. So starting kindergarten was nerve-wrecking for me, my son loved it, he said "bye bye mommy" from the very first day of school and never looked for me at all. He is independent, brave, playful. So I decided to just let him explore more on his English language in terms of speech, spelling and pronunciation.

So I found out about KLC English Language Centre that held their Grand Opening last Sunday and decided to drop by for a visit. Upon entering, the teachers and staffs were really friendly and welcoming. As we waited for my son's free class assessment to begin, he enjoyed himself at the waiting area where there was a really cool lego table filled with so much fun and landmines! (Landmines = Try stepping on a Lego and you'll know what I mean)

I was also able to see some of KLC achievements at their showcase display, alongside with some toys that can be redeemed via stamps collected. Which I found out after, that those stamps are awarded to the students who attend classes and so on. Then they can collect their target and redeem their prize one day. It's a really good encouraging reward system for the kids.

There's 3 rooms inside for the class to take place. And my son entered one of it. I really love the concept of the centre because it is not too stressful or too crowded and it is almost like a personal tutoring for your child where they get to interact directly with the teacher. Each class can only hold a maximum of 4 students at a time and the session only lasts for 45 mins each time.

It is best to attend class 3 times a week for 45 minutes each time to get the fastest and bestest result possible for your child. The teachers here are well-trained and dedicated in what they do. Every student gets 15 free replacement class at no charge and in terms of arranging time slots for classes, there are 8 slots on weekdays and 10 slots on weekends. Preferably to remain at the same time slot across weekly/monthly.

KLC was first established as a preschool since 2009 and until now, they currently focus on two main services which are the Preschool and the Language Centre. Their goal is to provide students with an enjoyable and effective learning experience that will set them on a path to life long success. Because the beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take away from you!

KLC has various programs Silver, Gold, Platinum programs, Master Key Program and Treasure Box Program, however, the type of program that will be presented to each parent-child may differ because it is all depending on the ability of the child.

The Master Key Program is for 3-14 years old of age. Through this program, the children are taught to read intuitively without memorizing vocabulary and advance their reading ability and critical thinking. I feel that this is very crucial in learning the language, because my mom taught me the same way, she always encourage me to read books to improvise my English and she will read them with me and correct my grammars and pronunciations. Hence, I am able to write a blog and create content with my own words through my own experience and language learning form my mom. Therefore, I totally agree that this method truly works and you must have someone to guide you through, if not you won't be bothered to read at all. Because when children are able to master reading on their own one fine day, thus increasing their confidence in reading and speaking altogether! What your child will take away from the Master Key Program is that they will be able to "read by eye" and "spell by ear".

Treasure Box Program on the other had, is a comprehensive English Cambridge program for YLE examination, which covers the essential components of the English language skills, including speaking, listening, reading & writing. This includes grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. This program may sound stressful but surprisingly it is not! Under the Treasure Box Program, you get to learn how to speak, read, write in a more fun and easy way; experience hands-on activities to enrich the English language skills and achieve English mastery in a short time.

KLC develops their own program and follows the Orton-Gillingham method, even their teachers are trained with Orton-Gillingham. And all of the program at KLC won't even last you a year (subject to each child's learning ability and timely attendance to class). With a good discipline to complete the program, all these can be completed in 5 months! Because with only a maximum of 4 students per class to ensure that your child gets the attention they need, their learning efficiency is 6 times faster than normal reading methods! They even provide a daily report where parents can log into the KLC app on their mobile to get updates, info's and details of their child's progress and upcoming activities. Parents can also arrange the classes via the app as well.

Because kids, when they get it, they will soar like an eagle! So the best advise is don't rush them, some may be fast and some may take their time, as long as it is not alarming and they are not responding then all is well.

If your child matches any of these criteria below;
- Can't understand English
- Hate English
- Unable to use English to communicate
- Stutter when speaking English
- Have a thick accent
- Can't remember words
- No interest to learn English
- Not doing well in English
- No confidence to speak English
- Unsuitable course (outside)
- Trouble writing or spelling
- Bad grades in English

Then you should consider to walk-in to KLC for a free 20 minute assessment (worth RM99) now while it last or you can call to arrange for a meet up to take their trial classes that they are offering FREE 3 trial classes worth RM150 valid in this first 6 months! (until further notice)* It will be worth your time and money! Trust me! I am a convinced parent myself!

Visit them at :
KLC English Language Center

Address : No. 3, Jalan Puteri 4/8, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Contact : +6016-213 0283
Opening Hours : 
Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays
Wednesday to Friday 1.30pm to 10pm
Saturday 8am to 10pm
Sunday 9am to 10pm


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