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Monday 1 October 2018

Motherhood Beauty With ZV Beauty Collection

Time and time again, everywhere we go, all mothers will be judged whether it is good or bad. But today, I'm here to share with you that mother's, regardless of who, where, when, why, what or how you became one; Once a mom, always a mom! And who says Mom can't look good?! The perception against mothers these days ain't kind! I've heard many remarks saying we should just stay home and look after our kids; If you can't handle your kids, don't go out; Why bother going out when you're looking like "that", or worst... Why even think about looking good when you're a MOM! So let me break all these nonsensical load of crap and tell you right now, MOTHER's are the MOST BEAUTIFUL being on earth. They sacrificed everything just to create a life on earth!

To all moms & women out there, if anyone tells you otherwise or tries to lower your self esteem or judge you! Remember that you are beautiful no matter what; And now with ZV Beauty Collection, I take pride in sharing this Malaysian made product that actually makes my natural beauty flawless and looking super natural and young at the same time! Trust me, because I am a proud mother of 2 boys and "maybe" planning for another next year (hehehe).

Here's a short tutorial on using
ZV Beauty Collection Precision Face Base Primer (RM67.90).

ZV Beauty Collection, Precision Face Base Primer
Back then there was no such thing as a Primer, but these days a Primer makes a whole lot of difference in the makeup industry! And it's true what they say, a good primer can keep your skin protected, looking healthy and feeling radiant at the same time. ZV's Precision Primer creates a barrier between your face and the makeup that is formulated with Argan Oil & Marula Oil. I love it's light tinge of fragrance from these two oils. Mostly importantly it's powered with Vitamin E that offers you a 24 hours makeup protection that stays precise for a longer duration. Most important, after applying it, it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. It truly allows the skin to move freely and breathe, while it moisturize and protects my skin from free radicals! And why I adore this so much, because it's suitable for acne and pigmentation treatments too!

Next is the
ZV Beauty Collection Precision Treatment Foundation (RM65.90).

ZV Beauty Collection, Precision Treatment Foundation
The same natural scent of Argan Oil & Marula Oil, this foundation provides me with a full coverage and 24 hours UV Protection with SPF 35. It is even powered with Vitamin C that is superbly good for brightening and also with Vitamin E. Amazing right?! However, do you know that some foundation actually becomes darker overtime and even lose its ability to glow? Not with ZV Beauty, Precision Treatment Foundation! It is formulated to help combat oxidization and dry down! Means its shade stays the same tone overtime and keeps you radiant for longer hours! This would only mean, less hassle for you and me, to bother about "touching up" our foundation. Btw, it comes in 3 tones of Fair, medium and Dark and it is of a yellow tone, suitable for Asian skin.

I love it's variant of the 4 core essentials that every makeup addicts should own. And moms out there, you should really give this brand a try! As a mom, I dislike heavy makeup on my skin that pulls my skin down and makes my skin feel dry and heavy at the same time. To be honest, I have been testing through various products and even checking up on various reviews online by other influencers and all, but I am one who is a little shy when it comes to asking questions sometimes.

Next up is the
ZV Beauty Collection Precision Loose Powder (RM66.90);

ZV Beauty Collection, Precision Loose Powder
The same ingredients that you will find, Argan Oil, Marula Oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, actually makes this loose powder feels natural on your skin! I am not a fan of powders and always skeptical when it comes to loose powders. But this is the first time in my life that I used a loose powder on my skin! I like how it created a seamless and natural mattifying look on my skin. To be honest, it helps the minimize pores and blur some fine lines of mine, but I like that it is formulated to keep acne away!! My beauty skincare lifesaver!

The inspiration behind this Precision Collection, is the embodiment of Zihan and Vian's sisterhood journey and their love for healthier skin. And I like that this product is created based on the foundation to empower through confidence! And that is what most mothers these days require, confidence to be themselves, to be beautiful, to be who they truly are without worrying what others might think of them or what others might judge them. I hope that in the near future, all these mothers will be confident and step out of their comfort zone and shine brighter than anyone (even their younger self)!

My favourite of them all (actually all also my favourite lah)
ZV Beauty Collection Precision Eyeshadow (RM70.90)!

ZV Beauty Collection, Precision Eyeshadow
But first, let me just share the 4 special names of the eye shadow;
Medinaa (It can be used as a highlighter too for a more beautiful glow)
Dan (This works well as an eyebrow powder for me and tinge of brown shade for my eyeshadow or cheeks)
Hattie (I love the rich brown color of this that even acts like a blusher on my cheeks)
- Owen (I use this as the darker shade of my eyeshadow, my eyebrow shaper and also can be used for contouring)

The two sisters behind this beauty line named each of these beautiful natural color after their children! It makes this eye shadow even far more unique than any other brands out there. And true enough, in my video, I used as my blusher, & as my eye brow shading. I was tempted to do highlighting with these and the loose powder but I decided to leave that to next time.

ZV Beauty Collection, Precision Eyeshadow - As an eyebrow powder
I have seen many videos and tutorials on how girls get crafty with their makeup especially eye shadows! They use it for eye brows, cheeks and many other areas apart from their eye lids. So this is my first time doing this as well and I am amazed what it can create!

ZV Beauty Collection, Precision Eyeshadow - As a blusher
So if you're a mom and you want to look good, don't wait for someone to tell you what to do, do what your heart desires and go for it! Treat yourself better and show them that moms are beautiful inside AND outside 24/7 and no one and nothing can beat that! Because you are uniquely beautiful in your own ways, remember that!

Overall, I would say, I love ZV's Beauty Collection for its high quality, yet, not overbearing ingredients that truly promotes a healthy skin first. If you'd like to get your hands on it, which I highly recommend it! 
There are 2 ways to get it!

It's also available in SEPHORA Malaysia Outlets

You can also get it direct from ZV Beauty Collection

Enjoy the full tutorial transformation of my newfound favourite Malaysian made makeup!

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