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Saturday 20 October 2018

Discover Harriston Chocolates in Malaysia

My son loves chocolate the most! Thanks to his daddy for introducing it to him (wait...or was it me?). Well, who doesn't love chocolate! It is he comfort food for many around the world. If there was 1 thing most people have in common, is their secret desire for chocolate! Especially the ones that can melt in your mouth!

Today we took our eldest boy out for a special time just for him to bond with his mommy (me) and daddy (my husband). We do this from time to time, we will allocate a moment out just for each of our kids. Because if adults can have "ME" time, why not the child too? And it is amazing when you start doing this. Because that special moment is one that the child will remember the most and enjoy the most. It makes them feel special and loved, yet not singled out. It also gives us a more closer connection and bond with them, which makes interaction more convenient.

So today it's all about Daniel at Harriston Signature outlet in Taman Shamelin, Cheras. It was quite a huge outlet as it was situated behind 1Shamelin mall and amongst the factory outlets nearby. Harriston, founded since 2005 is now managed by the 2nd generation of the Teng family; They desire to be the world-famous chocolate emporium in Malaysia.

Harriston recently launched the world's 4th type of chocolate called the ruby chocolate that comes after dark, milk and white chocolate.

It was a really unique twist to the chocolatey flavour which has a subtle taste of berries. It now comes in two variant of thin strips and coconut crunch bar, which are available exclusively at Harriston stores under the Harrison Signature line.

Not only do they sell chocolates, I noticed they also have a mini cafe at this venue too!

And for today we joined their DIY workshop that is specially created for age 3 years and above with the adults. It was a really fun experience learning how to handmade our own chocolate art.

It was a full hands-on experience that is filled with fun and joy for us as a family, my son enjoyed it very much as he learn a new skill in chocolate making. The Harriston DIY Workshops incorporates 4 processes altogether, where each session lasts for an hour and it's open for the public to join daily from 9.30am to 6.00pm for only RM35 per pax.

The workshop usually begins with the chocolate moulding process where you get to coat Chocolate moulds, moulding and unmoulding Chocolates. We were taught how to mould Harris, the Orang Utan, by adding in the different chocolate types to created a unique design to bring home as a souvenir treat or as a gift to your loved ones. My son being the creative one as he always is, he just pour whatever he chooses and his dad guide him only.

Once done, we left it aside to cool down the first layer of the mould, then we were taught how to make lollipops by learning how to pour melted chocolate unto the baking sheet with the lollipop stick in the center and then to tap the edges of the table to allow the Chocolate to be evenly distributed. Then followed with a chocolate piping bag to achieve our desired shapes. My son was so happy that he immediately lift the stick up to enjoy his lollipop but the chocolate haven't cooled down yet so it was just the stick he took.

Then we poured Ganache chocolates into the mini chocolate cups that was prepared for us beforehand and we decorated it with nuts, rainbow sprinkles, coconut shavings and raisins.

Then we were taught how to coat biscuits and decorating it with the chocolate piping prepared for us.

Finally we ended the session with the last filling for Harris, the Orang Utan. And as we await for the chocolate to cool down, we were guided back downstairs to the retailing floor for an experiential tour and chocolate tasting.

Harrison now hailed as one of the largest chocolate makers in the country, with their partnership with Barry Callebaut, a world leading chocolate manufacturer, makes it worthwhile for you to bring your family and friends for a visit to this homegrown establishment by Malaysians for the world!

If you would love to come by to experience a chocolate-filled experiential workshop while shopping for mouth-watering products, you can visit their Harriston Signature flagship stores at :
Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras
Geargetown, Penang

They have an abbreviated version of their flagship stores called the Harriston Boutique at :
Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands
MaTIC, Ampang
Jalan Bagan Jermal, Penang

For more info you can also visit :
Harriston Chocolate
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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