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Sunday 21 October 2018

Taste of IndoBowl Cafe in Malaysia

Indomie is an instant noodle for those of you who don't know. But it is a comfort food for most and also the easiest to prepare from home. However, if it's so easy, why go out to a cafe to indulge in these? Let me share with you WHY you SHOULD visit IndoBowl Cafe!

IndoBowl Cafe brings an authentic and unique twist to Indomie noodles and the way it is served. Each recipe curated is inspired from Indonesia and mixed with the fusion flavours of Malaysia. And just like how Malaysian's are of from many walks of life, with different upbringings from various cultures and heritage; The Indomie flavours are unique and satisfying!

Nasi Goreng Ayam Balado (RM 12) served with fried rice in their IndoBowl Signature Red sambal, topped with a sunny-side up and grilled chicken, tastes really unique on its own. The same signature sambal across most of the menu, protrudes a fresh fragrant chilli aroma and taste, but the spicyness is not too overwhelming and just right. The fried rice is a true comfort food to have and it is crunchy because of the long beans mixed in it. I'd order this anyday!

Indomie Salted Egg Chicken (RM 11.90) served with Indomie, chicken that's fried and covered in golden salted egg yolk. Topped with a sunny-side up and balado at the sides. The balado chilli are handmade with really fresh & young red chillies, hence it's spicyness is not too bad. The salted egg chicken compliments the dish, making it salty, sweet and crunchy, yet slightly spicy. A good mix in a bowl.

Indomie Cheesy Chicken Chop (RM 14.90) is served with chicken chop that is grilled till its skin is crispy and drizzled with their own homemade blend of cheesy sauce. I really love the cheesy sauce for this dish, best choice to have for the kids. Its savoury cheesy and creamy like texture brings out a unique subtle flavour of a hint of mushroom in it. Also the combination of the grilled chicken chop and Indomie, creates a wonderful mix of wonder in this bowl that is really tasty to indulge in. I know my husband who don't like cheese will even finish this in one go! It's not too overwhelming yet tastes great altogether.

Mambo Jumbo Seafood Soto (RM 39.90), served with a variety of seafood like crabstick, fish ball, prawn, sotong and added wiith a grilled fried chicken with 2 soft boiled eggs, taugeh, IndoBowl Signature red sambal and spring onion as garnishing. I love this the most because it has a beautiful aroma of Lemongrass inside and the soup on its own is really pure and with the IndoBowl Signature red sambal inside, it truly gives you a "kick" in the tastebud! However, when you break the egg yolk and mix in this humongous bowl of soto soup, the soup texture changes immediately! It becomes smoother, richer and more fragrant because of the egg. For me this is also spicy but for those who can tolerate spicyness, it will be only slightly spicy for you that you can definitely handle! My nose was a lil runny after eating this because of the chilli but it was really delicious! You can easily share this with 2 to 4 pax!

Indomie Mumbo Jumbo (RM 59), come with Chicken Madura, Lamb Rack, Rib Eye (cut into pieces for easier consumption), 2 pcs of Chicken Satay and 4 pc of sunny-side up eggs. Portion sharing is suitable for 3 to 4 pax and it's also served with 3 sides of sambal for mixing. The onion is mixed with IndoBowl's Signature red sambal and I taste a slight subtleness of lime (if I'm not mistaken) but it tastes really strong and fragrant yet spicy and sour at the same time, the onion gave this dish sting my nose but it is a perfect mix to the Indomie! It's also served with IndoBowl Signature Green chilli that has that salty taste to it and less spicy, almost like assam; And the IndoBowl Signature Red chilli. Basically, I literally mixed all the sambal up together, and I felt my tummy kicking me for sure (NO, I'm not pregnant...yet)

The RoPang Chocolate is sweet chocolatey and salty cheesy flavour topped on 2 piece of bread (it's almost like eating french toast). Your kids will love it and it's a very fulfilling dish on its own.

The RoPang Corn has a more sweet and rich taste of corn and saltiness from the cheese. Makes a great dessert to have for sharing.

Soda Gembira (Normal RM 6, Giant RM 8.90) is soda with syrup and milk with chia seeds in it.

From Left : Soda Gembira & Es Cendol
Es Cendol (Normal RM 6, Giant RM 8.90) has a mild sweet and smooth flavour of cendol with corn, gula melaka, milk and coconut.

IndoBowl Cafe is managed by 3 unique individuals where their ideas and concept originated and inspired from Indonesia. Started back in September 2017, the idea came along when it was realized that no restaurants in Malaysia has managed to grasp an Indonesian street food concept with affordable prices. IndoBowl's Signature dish and spexialization is the one and only Indomie that Asians around the world, enjoys the most! Customers can find various renditions of the noodles erved in different flavours and textures here in IndoBowl Cafe. Their Signature Sambal is made from scratch; Even their sauces and marination also all made from scratch. Their sambal is really fresh and if you are a spicy lover, you will probably feel that the sambal is mild for your tastebuds which you can add more to your liking; But if you have sensitive tastebuds like me (like a baby tastebud) then you will definitely taste the pure chilli taste and freshness of the chilli in this.

You can visit them at :
IndoBowl Cafe

IndoBowl Cafe KL
Opening Hours : Mon–Sun: 10.30am–10pm
Address : No. 72, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lakesfield, Sg. Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Email : indobowl@gmail.comEmail : 019 542-6869

IndoBowl Cafe SS15
Opening Hours : Mon–Sun: 10.30am–10pm
Address : 66, Jalan SS 15/4C, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya
Email : indobowl@gmail.comEmail : 019 542-6869


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