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Wednesday 24 October 2018

Style Your Way To Confidence | Plus Size Collection | Jazz & Co

In Malaysia today, we live our lives everyday in abundance! We have a variety of food and the people from all walks of life is amazing that you can't even count them! That being said, I used to be a plus size. In fact, I have been on a "yo-yo" weight ever since I was young. My parents used to tell me to eat up and grow chubby so that I will one day shoot up and be tall and slim. So let me break it down to you, it's a myth. If you eat and sleep then you'll stay the same, if you eat and exercise, then that's a whole other story. But then again, some a genetic or in the DNA! Especially when it comes to figuring out how your body mechanism works in breaking down those food molecules in your body at what rate and etc. Everything plays a part!

But today I won't be talking about gaining or losing weight. I will be sharing about how you are way more beautiful than you think you are, regardless of your size or the way you look now! Because you can change your wardrobe and look fabulous with your beautiful curves with Jazz & Co! 

"It's not about the size you wear. But the way you wear your size." said Jasdeep Singh Katari, founder of Jazz & Co. Established since February 2015, it took 2 years for all the R&D in this Plus Size Collection to create a more comfortable, suitable, fashionable, stylish and affordable line of clothes that is uniform sized. This is good because I have experienced trying to find clothes my size on those skinny mannequins but I could not fit in it at all! And I remember I only had limited places to shop from and my boyfriend then (now husband) used to make jokes at me because I was looking for clothes at the MATERNITY section in AEON Jusco. This is also because there is NO plus size collection out there that makes me look YOUNG! All my life, people thinks I am a matured women even in my 20s!

Jazz & Co was born out of love for fashion and the recognition that the industry is still lacking when it comes to the wants and needs for a stylish lifestyle of a plus size women and men. And I can totally relate to this! Because I had to opt for Chiffon material because it does not stick to my baby fats and it has that watery/flowing effect when I move or wind blows making the entire outfit look gentle on me, most importantly, it can cover my chubby areas. All of my clothes are either cardigans, chiffon, scooped/v-necklines, wrap tops, lace off shoulder tee, butterfly tops, jeans and maxi dress! That's the only limited choices that I have! And it's difficult to get the right size!

Today we were graced with the beautiful melody of a celebrity radio DJ and Malaysian Idol 2004 runner up, Dina Nadzir, who was the emcee and performer of the day! She looks amazing in the Jazz & Co collection and when she sang, it was beautiful! 

I really liked today's show as Jazz & Co truly brings out the expression of each models personality while having fun and not feeling limited by society's current fashion rules. Even the name came from the founder himself, with a twist of musical genre, they believe fashion is like a rhythm and sound to our body, just like music to our ears.

Jazz & Co vision is to celebrate fashion for all women from size 12 all the way to size 22 and men from size L to 5XL. And the good news is Jazz & Co keeps up with the latest fashion trend and style to make sure plus size people won't feel left out and limited with current fashion style in the market just because of their size or the way they look. 

To make sure the quality of Jazz & Co products are up to standards, all of their garments will go through a stringent approval process, allowing shoppers a peace of mind by ensuring what they purchase at is exactly what they will receive at their doorstep. And if you're not satisfied or if there's something wrong with it, you can return it back within 14 days with a condition to ensure that the tags are not removed and still in tact.

"If you don't love who you are, you are never going to feel 100 percent satisfied in life. It all starts with you. If you don't love you, nobody else is going to be able to."

This exclusive fashion preview of the new festive collections, the brand also aspires to inspire the plus size community to keep up with fashion just like any other individuals, even during the festive season. So no more "basic"fashion, no more plain t-shirts, no more oversized or tight clothing that don't fit well, no more bigger boxy clothes! It's time to flaunt your true beauty and love your curves every single inch of it and embrace it! Since I've lost weight after my 1st childbirth, I realized I was not chubby all my life when I was young, I was told that my whole body had water retention and immediately after my confinement massage sessions, I lost 10kg. And you think it's good? Everyone tells me I have health problems for losing so much weight. So you know what? Screw them, do what you want, do what you love, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (unless you choose to come back again in another lifetime).

Even until today, people are telling me I'm lucky but my luck will run out because once I stop breastfeeding, my weight will come back for sure. Nevertheless, it's all an interesting point of view, I don't need to take it because it's their word, their views, their thoughts, not mine. Because I choose to create my life my way, my own points of view, my own thoughts, my own creation and my own choices. So don't let anyone put you down because you are stronger than you think you are!

Time to change your wardrobe and strut your style and show off those beautiful curves you have!

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