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Monday 15 October 2018

TIME for an upgrade Malaysia!

TIME has done it again! This time, TIME reveals their latest and greatest internet packages with the fastest speed you can ask for in Malaysia! With the advancing technology in our community these days, it comes to no surprise that fastest speed at affordable price points are key unique selling points across all channels and platforms!

Even for me who is always connected 24/7 whether on mobile or at home, my internet and WiFi router is always turned on! Even my TV is connected to the internet for movie streaming. It's just the way of the digital era we live in today. Whether you like it or not, the internet keeps us seamlessly connected to our family, friends and loved ones no matter the time, place or distance.

TIME has recently announced their new launch of the "TIME 100% Fibre Optic Network" with speeds up to 1Gbps! All these while we have been so used to the Mbps that now with Gbps, you will be amazed!

That's not all, you can totally forget about how internet used to connect via those copper wires back then. Fibre Optic is much better because it is hidden deep underground and away from lightning strikes and thunder. It's also very stable and fast! Meaning when it rains, you can continue to stay connected 24/7!

Why is speed important? Because TIME is of the essence! From the moment you click that search button until you have found the information you require online or even from the moment you start streaming your favourite show on iFlix or Netflix, you require a stable and quick internet connectivity that will keep you seamlessly connected with no interruptions (nobody likes a laggy internet connection).

I still remember the days when we had the dial-up connection and the sound of the dial just to connect to the internet, it can be frustrating sometimes and unstable. But now with almost the same amount of rate, you can get the fastest speed available! They have choices for you to choose from their package, to see which will suit your digital lifestyle best.

To be honest, I am currently on a plan of RM180 at 50Mbps Download/30Mbps Upload speed connectivity. Although it is good enough for me now, but I know it's TIME even I should start looking for the best, because TIME is offering RM99 ONLY per month for 100Mbps speed!!!! That's double the speed I am using and double the savings I can save monthly!

Click here for more info
This offer is only available for a limited time period only and it's exclusively available online only. But that's not all! If you sign up online now, you get RM100 off your first month bill! That's like a 1 month free internet for you at 100Mbps of seamless connectivity! Now even I am considering to switch over, and you can even do your own checks before signing up :

These are TIME hacks guide to checking your TIME speed after you've signed up, you can do the same now for your own internet and see if you have 100Mbps for the price you are paying for, if not, no need to think about it!

2. Is your current internet speed and package disappointing you? 
Then TIME for an upgrade!

You can SIGN UP here.

3. Is your area covered?

As you can see most main towns and cities in Malaysia are covered, and below you could hardly see Selangor or Kuala Lumpur wording on the map because it's covered with aplenty of TIME pins.

You can check your address in detail here

If it ain't there, rest assured that it may be coming to you soon! Because Fibre Optic Cables is a really technical detailing to get it set up into residential areas to ensure smooth connectivity! You can find out more here on how they bring Fibre Optic to us.

So if you're still falling behind on speed then you can consider getting yourself a TIME check right now, don't waste TIME, sign up and get TIME for faster speed at affordable packages now!

For more details you can visit TIME online and skip the queue!

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