February 2012 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Monday 27 February 2012

Nuffnang's Birthday Partey LIVE, 2012~!!

February 27, 2012 0
Hey hey! Yaaayy!! I gotten the invite to this cool blue event!

The celebration of the year as a fellow Nuffnanger took place at Neverland Club @ KL! 
I had a great time there though I did "see" some famous bloggers having fun there too. But I didn't went up to them coz I feel, I think and I guess I'm like a serious case of shyness and yes, bloopers... huhu sobs...

But I still had fun! Muakakakaka... Here's some pictures for your pleasure viewing!
(Ps. I'm no pro at imaging & vidz... I just snap and share. The end... ohohoho)
Yaaay... Light up da Bday cake!
(From left : Nicholas Chay & Timothy Tiah)

"Figure It Out" band, Malaysia's very own local performance that seriously astounds you!!! I was AWED by their performance! Their lyrics, beats, music and the whole band members is definitely a MUST-Hear!!

Goodie Bag... Yummy Yummy!
Yay!! Nuffnang's photo frame! Love it!

I was standing abit far from stage... But it's ok...
BTW, that is the Co-Founder Timothy Tiah giving his "love" speech to da bloggers ohohho...

Everyone up on stage lighting up the cake... All the Netties, Nuffies, Churpies, Nomster & Lollies!

Yay! Stickman pose!

Wall of fame? Hehehe... Had this taken on our way in and out =p

Collages Part 1

Collages Part 2

Are you a "Nuffnanger" yet? Not YET?!?!?!?! WTH! Go join, faster!
Click my advertisement on the side bar la.......... Hehehe

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Friday 24 February 2012

Malacca, 24th Feb : Evening delights!

February 24, 2012 0

We parked our vehicles Opposite Dataran Pahlawan Melaka MegaMall @ Mahkota Parade

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Malacca, 24th Feb : Fooood

February 24, 2012 0

One of our friend (Rachel Lee) woke up LATE!!
We went in 2 cars and we were already on the way to Melaka... 
Our friend (Rachel Lee) who woke up LATE was in the Karen & bf car... And the plan was to start the journey to Melaka at 8.30am... The 3 of them ended up leaving at 9am to 10am... We arrived early around 11am, it's a Saturday and there's definitely traffic + we (me & bf) carpool-ed Jun & Chan before we journeyed on the Melaka.

My bf had to park his car infront of the Sunflower hotel shop then we switched over to Jun's bf car. Because he (Chen) is the tour guide hehehe... He stays in Melaka that's why.
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Malacca, 24th Feb : Check-In

February 24, 2012 0
I'm back again for round 2 at Malacca!! Or aka Melaka (in Bahasa Melayu)

A trip for 8 pax where we had a local tour guide included too... 
Obviously that tour guide is our friend's bf hehehe... 
The whole trip was fun and funny, the combination of all of us is really interesting, haha!
Here's our itinerary list from our friend, she trying to feed pigs lolx *almost* every 30min is makan time ahahahah....
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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Nuffnang's Birthday Bash, 2012!!

February 21, 2012 0
Nuffnang's turning 5 this year!!

For a treat Nuffnang is celebrating their birthday at Neverland club really really soooooon! Don't miss out this EXCLUSIVE INVITE here!!!
Since the stickman is now turning 5 this year, Mr. Stickman should celebrate it with LOVE and lots of it!

Here's my version of Mr. Stickman's story!

 Once upon a time............
Mr. Stickman exercises (jogs/runs) regularly, that's why he's slim as a stick...

Oh my... Is that Ms. Stickie calling out for luurrvvee???!!

Mr. Stickman just did a very fast emergency brake in his regular exercises... Is he interested??!

Wait....!! Why is Mr. Stickman sad??
Mr. Stickman has decided to DRINK DRINK DRUNK! (Turns out, Ms. Stickie is not his type...)
Churpie is around the corner and saw Mr. Stickman getting drunk...

Well... Churpie kinda felt sleepy when Mr. Stickman just keep talking and talking and talking when he's not even "legally" heartbroken... It just wasn't his type... he could've moved on......
Since Churpie is around, the only way to make things great is to move on with Mr. Stickman together!! And guess what...
Since then, Mr. Stickman has been kind to Churpie and has been recruiting and growing bigger and bigger together with Mr. Stickman under one roof!!
And Mr. Stickman since then has been shouting out loud at Churpie for making lots of Churpie tweet tweet noise! A way to show the lurrvveee!
In the end, they all live happily ever after everyday... Growing bigger and bigger... It's amazing how can this office fit so many Netties, Nuffies, Churpies & Nommies... Not much of the Jipabies, Milkies or Ripplies yet lolx... But who knows hehe...

Not sure what I'm talking about? Then you sitting there, looking at the screen and reading this is doing what??? 
Why not you go and check out Nuffnang, Churp Churp, MilkADeal, Ripplewerkz, Netccentric, Jipaban & Nom Nom Media today la... Aiyoo... haha!

ANOTHER AD *Spoiler*:
Oh Oh!! If you do wanna check out the sites, can you pweettyyy pwweesss join me on my unique permalink "click the picture to join ya"... pweesss pweess pplllssss!!

Anyway, CONCLUSION of my story is... 
Mr. Stickman should just be Mr. Stickman whatever the odds and just PARTEY till the lights go off!! 
 (Just remember got work tomorrow... ahahahha - potong stim~~!)

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Friday 17 February 2012

DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

February 17, 2012 0

YAAAaayyyy!! It’s DiGi Smart Plan and my Android Phone! I’m loving this duo! It’s like the best combination of the century!!

I would personally love to use the Samsung GALAXY Nexus which is Simple, Beautiful & ultimately Beyond Smart which you can get it from DiGi

Why I believe the Samsung GALAXY Nexus is smarter with the DG Smart Plan is simple!! The speed, the smooth finishing, the cool apps, the super wide screen, the SUPER DUPER AMOLED screen and on a 4.65” HD touchscreen is just AWESOME. It’s even running on the latest Android 4.0 Ice Scream Sandwich! What more can you possibly ask for!! Top all of this with the DG Smart Plan and you’ll never need any other plans or packages to beg to differ no more!!

So why not choose DG Smart Plan today?! You’ll regret it if you miss it! I’ve been on DG Smart Plan on my Nokia N8, N9 and now even better on Samsung Galaxy SII. But with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE for REAL!! I’m just lovin’ these two combinations… OOH-LA-LAAA!!
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Zalora - The new HOTSPOT online!

February 17, 2012 0
Hey guys! 
Check this out! 
Zalora@ChurpChurp and find out more about all your fashion and footwear needs!!

One of the best part of this campaign is that there's a special discount code hidden inside!! Well not exactly hidden but you better read to know what you're in for! It's just simply awesome.

Yes, you saw it right! 30 days return policy! FREE shipping nationwide! 3 hours delivery within Klang Valley! COD - Cash On Delivery for RM19.99! More FAQ here...

Sign Up and get MYR 10!! Limited Period only though so go sign up quick!

My first purchase!
I clicked on the tabs to view their offers and variety in styles and also by brand & product type. However, the New Arrivals were the ones that caught my attention mostly!

And I made a decision to purchase the 2 product as shown below =>>

It was quite simple really, of course if you require more details you can call them up or email them @ the following contact  +603 9226 1219 / mailto:  customer@zalora.com.my
 Even their payment method is really straight to the point and easy-peasy! I entered the code to redeem the coupon voucher to get discount off my order!! Find out more via ChurpChurpZaloraCampaign!

I actually can't wait to receive it! Looking forward to it hehe...

I do have some items in my wishlist that I don't know when or where will I get the amount of money to actually purchase them because they're so awesome that..... I know its worth all my money but I don't have enough "SOBS!!".... (because nobody clicks on my Nuffnang Ads...... huhu.....)

My Wishlist
Ladakh : Opium Kimono

Tom Abang Saufi : Poiney's Gigi Chiffon

Tom Abang Saufi : Chiffon Gigi Plain

Woodford & Co : Gatsby Blouse

So what are you waiting for!!! Do share around this awesome campaign from Churp Churp!!
I'm sure there's a fashionista hiding somewhere in you! So UNLEASH your true STYLE today with Zalora!!!

Oh... Pls click "START HERE" when you wanna share via CHurp CHurp... No account? Then waiting for what? Go sign up! Click "START HERE" it will direct you to the main Churp Churp campaign page where you can sign up for an account today and start sharing via FB & Twitter with your friends, family & loved ones!

For more info on Zalora do "LIKE" their FB page and also follow them on Twitter!

Ps. Will upload pictures once I receive the gooooooods!!! Hehehe....

Yay! We received our packages early this morning at 10.30am on 21st Feb 2012 (21-02-2012)
 nice date too hehee...
GDex Delivery from Zalora Malaysia!! Whhheeeee!
ZALORA Return Policy - Prepared in the package just incase, cool!
ZALORA packages
ViRiS - Sleeveless Racerback Vest
ViRiS - Loose Patterned Chiffon Dress

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