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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Nuffnang's Birthday Bash, 2012!!

Nuffnang's turning 5 this year!!

For a treat Nuffnang is celebrating their birthday at Neverland club really really soooooon! Don't miss out this EXCLUSIVE INVITE here!!!
Since the stickman is now turning 5 this year, Mr. Stickman should celebrate it with LOVE and lots of it!

Here's my version of Mr. Stickman's story!

 Once upon a time............
Mr. Stickman exercises (jogs/runs) regularly, that's why he's slim as a stick...

Oh my... Is that Ms. Stickie calling out for luurrvvee???!!

Mr. Stickman just did a very fast emergency brake in his regular exercises... Is he interested??!

Wait....!! Why is Mr. Stickman sad??
Mr. Stickman has decided to DRINK DRINK DRUNK! (Turns out, Ms. Stickie is not his type...)
Churpie is around the corner and saw Mr. Stickman getting drunk...

Well... Churpie kinda felt sleepy when Mr. Stickman just keep talking and talking and talking when he's not even "legally" heartbroken... It just wasn't his type... he could've moved on......
Since Churpie is around, the only way to make things great is to move on with Mr. Stickman together!! And guess what...
Since then, Mr. Stickman has been kind to Churpie and has been recruiting and growing bigger and bigger together with Mr. Stickman under one roof!!
And Mr. Stickman since then has been shouting out loud at Churpie for making lots of Churpie tweet tweet noise! A way to show the lurrvveee!
In the end, they all live happily ever after everyday... Growing bigger and bigger... It's amazing how can this office fit so many Netties, Nuffies, Churpies & Nommies... Not much of the Jipabies, Milkies or Ripplies yet lolx... But who knows hehe...

Not sure what I'm talking about? Then you sitting there, looking at the screen and reading this is doing what??? 
Why not you go and check out Nuffnang, Churp Churp, MilkADeal, Ripplewerkz, Netccentric, Jipaban & Nom Nom Media today la... Aiyoo... haha!

ANOTHER AD *Spoiler*:
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Anyway, CONCLUSION of my story is... 
Mr. Stickman should just be Mr. Stickman whatever the odds and just PARTEY till the lights go off!! 
 (Just remember got work tomorrow... ahahahha - potong stim~~!)

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