Malacca, 24th Feb : Fooood - Sebrinah Yeo


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Friday 24 February 2012

Malacca, 24th Feb : Fooood

One of our friend (Rachel Lee) woke up LATE!!
We went in 2 cars and we were already on the way to Melaka... 
Our friend (Rachel Lee) who woke up LATE was in the Karen & bf car... And the plan was to start the journey to Melaka at 8.30am... The 3 of them ended up leaving at 9am to 10am... We arrived early around 11am, it's a Saturday and there's definitely traffic + we (me & bf) carpool-ed Jun & Chan before we journeyed on the Melaka.

My bf had to park his car infront of the Sunflower hotel shop then we switched over to Jun's bf car. Because he (Chen) is the tour guide hehehe... He stays in Melaka that's why.

Anyway back to the story, since we're early, Chen took us to Restaurant Yung Lai Siang it is an old coffee shop that is tucked in a quiet corner off Jalan Bunga Raya Pantai, where it meets Jalan Bendahara (near the river in the picture below) I love the curry laksa there, it's affordable and has a creamy taste to it's curry and it's aromatic too.

Then we wanted to head back to check-in but Rachel, Karen & her bf was stuck in a "Complete Standstill" traffic...... It turns out, the "Le Tour Langkawi" blocked off the highway entering Melaka... For almost an hour... So what did we do in the 1 hour in Melaka town? See next =>
Lunch time! Yes, immediatelly after breakfast (curry laksa)...
We had to queue for this, the all time one of the famous Chicken Rice Ball that was featured on TV.
we wanted to sit and order until the other group arrive but couldn't because of the road closure, we decided to "take-away"!
Pricing of the Chicken rice Ball @ Hoe Kee for your reference
Inside the outlet, very authentic interior designs 
While we're at it, Chan led us on to "take-away" some original cendols & durian cendols too! It's just further down from the Chicken rice shop @Jonker Street88
We even attempted to head over to Jalan Bunga Raya to "take-away" some 'fat' popiah but it was sold out, lucky I remembered that directly opposite Mimosa Hotel is an uncle selling Fish Ball Rojak! I like! So we "take-away" 3 packet ohohoho...
The queue at Chung Wah restaurant for their also famous Chicken Rice Ball

Laundry kiosk?!!?! This is cute! Even the drawing on the wall is awesome! Cute marketing haha! Very homemade...!

Got ppl queuing for the famous "Oh-Chien"... I covered this before in my previous post
 Finally, we went to another jalan nearby to drop off Chan & Wilson (my bf) to "take-away" some 'fat' popiah. It's the same type as Jalan Bunga Raya, just that it's his brother operating, atleast it's not sold out!
The always sold out + wait long long famous 'FAT' PoPiah!!
 Popiah unwrapped!
Fish Ball Rojak unwrapped!
Chicken Rice Balls unwrapped!
 We arrived back and the other group just checked in and was waiting for us at the house. The minute we arrive, we dump all our bags on the sofa and start preparing all the food we ordered. We were hungry little monsters!

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