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Friday 24 February 2012

Malacca, 24th Feb : Evening delights!

We parked our vehicles Opposite Dataran Pahlawan Melaka MegaMall @ Mahkota Parade

We were heading to Dataran Merdeka MegaMall to grab ourselves some Mille Crepe aka Layer Cakes! These are definitely a must-try, must-have fooood! 
Mille Crepe flavours : Original, Mocha, Tiramisu, Milk Tea

Look at all the layers! I love Original the most!! The flavour is just so authentic, not too sweet, not too heavy, very light and the texture is smooth and fluffy in ur mouth! U can eat all of it and not feel like u're overdoing it! But just share with ur lvoed ones ya. Don't be greedy ohoho!

This is the Milk Tea Mille Crepe, really taste like Milk Tea and it's not too sweet, the texture is light and fluffy in ur mouth!
After tea time, we went walking in the shopping mall and walked into the Pet Shop where I saw THIS!!! I wan him/her so bad... I would actually give them cash on the spot (IF) I had a place of my own to look after them sigh...... I miss Ah Bi...
I miss my Ah Bi...
I really miss my sweetheart... My one and only companion and loved one I will never ever forget EVER!
So... After staying for a loooooooooooong time at the pet shop, I came out (unwillingly) and we continued to go window shopping! Then we split up to shop and meet back at a designated time. I went to some market downstairs to grab some Serbuk Belacan for my mum...
We passed by some Satay Celup shop which I'm not sure  if this is a hotspot area looking at the crowd...
Along the way, another Satay Celup shop but the queue is building up out the road?!?!

It's "the" Capitol Satay Celup that is famous for it's sauce? The queue is like 5  shoplots away! And it's not even 5pm yet?!?! CRAZY!

We found it! The back alley/lorong leading us to eat some local SEAFOOD!
SiHam & LaLa YUM!! The tables are cute! Comes equipped with stools! It's like eating SiHam & LaLa at home outside by the road! Interesting!! Their sauce is unique too, sweet & spicy with nuts in it! There's even a bucket placed in the centre of the table to throw the shells in it and then u can wash ur hands with water in the pail at the side nearby... I like!

After eating, we went to Jonker Street which was pretty close by and we  parked our cars at an open area and went to join in the fun-filled exciting Jonker Street Night Market! The roads are closed off and everything lights up when the sky turns dark. There's even a stage show of local ol' folks singing super oldies in chinese dialects... Hey! They have talent mind you! We stood at the side and watch it was interesting and rarely seen in KL!
The rest of the day after that was back to our house and sleepzzzzz...... To be prepared for Day 2 in Malacca!

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