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Wednesday 28 September 2022

Elite YouMiQi Unforgettable Dining Moments

September 28, 2022 0

Here's a story of Elite YouMiQi, they are a Shunde Authentic Cuisine that brings "Cantonese" delicacies all the way from Shunde in China. And here you will get the enjoy the freshness and goodness of this cuisine. The most important is the way it is being presented and the variety of opens on menu they have to offer is truly magnificient!

If you ever embraced yourself with the premium Chinese outlets around the hearts of Kuala Lumpur and found yourself in a limbo wondering where to visit for a nice authentic cuisine that suits the entire family (especially if you're Asian). Then I will suggest you to check out Elite YouMiQi at Jalan Imbi. It is a venue that one will not miss especially turning in from the main roads of Jalan Imbi. Even if you are a tourist on the way to the chocolate factory or durian outlet nearby, you will spot Elite YouMiQi just around the corner of the junction on your way through the one way road here.

Parking is limited inside but outside there are space, at the other end corner is actually shoplots with parking lots as well that you can park and just cross the road. They have jockey parking here that charges a "pay whatever you like" they take care of your car for you ensuring that is it safe and parked safely too. The entrance of this building is truly a sight to behold.

We were greeted with warmth and friendliness by the staff. There was also a welcome board to welcome us to the food experience today. My husband and friends was surprised at the gestures and we were truly delighted to be there. Upon entering the venue, the reception area is really unique and elegant. Did I mention how spacious it is here? They have a variety of rooms that comes with different layouts and settings for different occasions. All rooms are named after a Main Capital in a certain country and each have their own min spending rate to adhere to.

VIP Room Spending Charges :

●HONG KONG - RM 600++ For 8pax with Smart TV (Perfect for Meeting and Socialising)
●KUALA LUMPUR - RM1200++ For 10pax with Karaoke Facilities
●BANGKOK - RM1200++ For 10pax with Karaoke Facilities
●BALI - RM1200++ For 10pax with Karaoke Facilities
●HO CHIH MINH-RM1200++ For 10pax with Karaoke Facilities
●BRUNEI - RM1500++ For 15pax with Karaoke Facilities
●GUANG ZHOU - RM2200++ For 14pax with Karaoke Facilities
●Shanghai -RM3000++ For 14pax with Karaoke Facilities & A Private Cocktail Area
●Shunde - RM3500++ For 16pax with Karaoke Facilities 
(Some rooms can combine and facilitate up to 39pax)

Upon entering our room, the layout on the table was truly neat and just very specialized. We had our Fresh and Chilled Coconut water with our names and Elite YouMiQi engraved on the coconut shell waiting for us at our table. You can actually request for such services when you make your reservations with Elite YouMiQi (must pre-book in advance).

You can also book at the main dining area for the casual dining over lunch or dinner with your family or with friends etc. The seafood here is exceptionally fresh and you see them live overlooking the main dinging hall. This place is perfect for any occasion, events and functions. Especially seasonal like Chinese New Year etc is the best place to be! Better start your reservations now, I heard it's already fully booked soon! The karaoke system was also truly amazing, the sound was really good. 

Let's jump right into the splendid meals of Shunde Cuisine by Elite YouMiQi!

For what you see in this image above and my verdict and experience below.

Baked Ribs with Garlic & Cheese (8/10) 
The ribs meat is a little tough as most ribs are, this isn't the soft tender ones ya. But the combination of Garlic & Cheese made this pretty fusion.

BBQ Stingray Fins (10/10) 
If you love dried sotong then you must try this! It's quite crispy at the start, not for the elderly or little kids who can't bite properly.

Pickled Cucumber (110/10) 
This really opens your tastebuds and your appetite for sure!

Stir Fried Celtuce with Garlic (11/10) 
I love iiittt!!!

For what you see in this image above and my verdict and experience below.

Duo Japan Oyster : Steam with Chilli & Vermicelli | Cheese Baked (10/10) 
No need go Japan for fresh oysters, can come here to preorder this. Served freshed and best eaten fresh! Love this so much and I don't even like oysters because I was afraid it will be slimy or have fishy stench but this is a whole other level of gastronomic experience you MUST TRY!
For what you see in this image above and my verdict and experience below.

Shunde Handmade Scallion Pancake (10/10) 
I am guilty of this, I looked down on this dish when it arrived. I thought it was "just some" bread. HELLOOOOO nooooo! Every bite is appetizing to its name! Every bite makes you wanna grab another piece! Kids and adults, basically everyone who orders this dish will love it hands down!

For what you see in this image above and my verdict and experience below.

Shunde Signature Seafood Pot (11/10) 
This exceeded expectations, it was fresh and the seafood was served accordingly, it was huge that can serve a whole 'kampung' and the soup is also carefully brewed and it compliments the entire ingredients in the pot so well that it brings out the unique authentic flavours of each food item that you can find in this pot! This is so perfect for family gatherings and special round table celebration occasions. Looks good on your image too (tee-hee). 

For what you see in this image above and my verdict and experience below.

Shunde Signature Seafood Pot (11/10) 
You can also see my son in the below photo looking in 'awe' when they pour the piping hot soup over the seafood. Just look at the size of that huge fresh 'Tiger Prawn' that can cover my face already.

Steam White Fragrant Rice (10/10) 
Yes, yes I know you will ask, why white rice also wanna review meh... Of course la! It's food too and it's worth mentioning because incase for big eaters or especially Asian eaters, they love their white rice okayyy. The white rice here is really fragrant and the heat if just nice when served, like fresh cooked for you. Please eat when served hot, don't wait until cold cold then eat, don't after you say I cheat you, haiyaaa... Eat it when the food is hot/warm. (Put the phones down!)

For what you see in this image above and my verdict and experience below.

Signature Sweet Sour Pork with Fresh Fruits on ICE (11/10) 
This is not your ordinary sweet sour pork. It is an upgraded version and it will exceed your expectations and will not disappoint! The meat is juicy, fresh, soft yet crunchy at the same time! The sauce blend is just perfect combination and the ice is just there as a decor, and in Malaysia where our weather is sunny and rain all year. Please faster scoop the meat up when it is served, don't leave it too long with the ice around because ice will melt. But ice is needed to make your sweet and sour pork extra crispier and crunchier! This takes high-level technique to cook this beauty up!

Shunde Pan Baked Style Free Range Chicken (9/10) 
I got cheated! I thought this was pork! But it was free range chicken, the meat was tender yet not too tough and not too tender also. It was just right and it was a combination of bursting flavours in your tastebuds that you just keep wondering what dish is this! This is a mysterious dish that tastes exceptionally good and worth the try!

Shunde Handmade Prawn Paste Cake (10/10) 
This is another dish that I swear it is a must have. I heard the chef specially beat the prawn up into a paste before adding a big fat juicy scallop in the center while making it. The entire texture goes doink doink chewy chewy in your mouth like how your skin should bounce. And the fragrance is amazing, you can taste and smell the fragrant prawn. You will know this is handmade and not from the factory guys!

Teow Chew Handmade Yam Paste (9.5/10) 
Mango? Nangka? Pumpkin? Almost, it's YAM! I swear this is a first for me. Pumplin layered as the decor with the yam paste freshly beaten into this delicacy as a dessert to stop your sweet tooth craving because this is just natural on its own! I like how they try to ensure no added flavourings or seasonings and purely combining ingredients to bring out the best in each flavour together. My son finished it! 

For what you see in this image above and my verdict and experience below.

Shunde Stewed Tendon in Herbs (7/10) 
I very give face already! Firstly I don't like herbal dishes and secondly I usually won't even bother trying. But for this, I will give it a go because I trust their quality based on all the good experience I've been having so far. And I was right! This dish is flavorful power-packed with Oommphh! I took a sip and I knew, yup I still don't like herbs but this is really potent for herbs lover. My mom will love this alot! A very nourishing and nutritious bowl full of health. The tendon was abit chewy like sotong but it's not sotong. Worth the try for non-herbs lover like me and definitely an awesome choice for herbs lover.

Shunde Roasted Free Range Chicken (9.5/10) 
Chicken looks sad but I like chicken in hopes chicken don't look sad... But this chicken freshly sliced infront of us especially when you watch the chicken sweating its juice extract at each slicing activity is truly appetizing! I swear I ate alot of this, I wouldn't mind packing it to go if there were extras, but there weren't.

Hong Kong Brother Fried Rice "HK Da Cha Fan" (9/10) 
Please by all means, order this and ask the waiter how this is best served. We made a mistake and didn't ask and being typical asians that likes to share share, we didn't mix it all up before taking a portion each for ourselves! This dish is unique to its name, you have to mix everything up and then it is ready to be eaten/served. Because this dish is made with no added preservatives or no MSG! They use real ingredients for its flavoring and seasoning. So the meat, the bean, the veggie and everything done during marinating etc, was all prepped in advance and stacked over each other to be mixed and served. And I beliecve this will taste superb because when I took it, I had too much of the salty bean in it so it became salty for me. But if u mix it all up, that's where this dish will find its perfect balance! So this is MUST ORDER and MUST MIX only ENJOY. Remember ya.

For what you see in this image above and my verdict and experience below.

YouMiQI Dessert Platter (7/10) 
Everything here can be eaten except the plant. The steamed fresh ginger with milk was milk to taste, the deep fried milk was something new and interesting, the kids love it. The handmade durian musang king ice cream takes the trophy! That one was hot off the shelves. The Mochi was also one of my favourite. So there is a savoury of 4 ways to indulge the texture here if you notice; chewy, crunchy, creamy smooth and watery. Enjoy! ((My rating is because I don't like milk personally, but I also did try this and find it not overwhelming but I still no like milk aaaaa) If you are a dairy person, this one MUST HAVE! If you are non-dairy person, you can try try and share share.

Grand Opening on 13th September 2022

The meals were delicious and that's where the highlight is today, these unforgettable dining moments, not just spent with loved ones of your family and friends but with anyone else, having meals here will make those moments truly unforgettable itself. Visit ELITE YouMiQi today! Surely no regrets!


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