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Saturday 23 May 2020

CLiPtec BTW308D Exclusive Launch on Shopee

May 23, 2020 0

With the drive to exceed customers’ preferences and produce excellent, high quality, user-friendly technology that is essential to the ever- changing digital world today, CLiPtec is no stranger to the tech community. With the optimism and determination to invent futuristic products for today’s digital lifestyle, CLiPtec is on track with the latest trend as it introduces its latest Bluetooth earbuds.

The CLiPtec BTW308D Bluetooth Digital Display True Wireless Stereo Earphone With Power Bank (Dot-X) comes with a built-in advanced Bluetooth chip version 5.0, enabling the earphones to have higher compatibility and excellent sound quality with a low power consumption for calls and music. It’s charging dock is also equipped with a 2-way digital LED display screen that allows the user to see the power volume, battery balance and also ongoing charging status. Now we no longer have to worry about our earphones giving up on us halfway through a call or while our favourite tracks are playing.

This pair of earphones also comes along with a power bank function as it is equipped with a unique conductive portable charging system of 2200mAh capacity battery, so users will never have to worry about running out of battery on their TWS earphones and mobile phone. Equipped with one-step pairing technology, taking both earphones out of the charging box allows them to auto-pair with each other to ensure users get the best sound quality experience.

For music lovers out there who appreciate a good-quality sound performance, these earphones come with an innovative acoustic design and cutting-edge stereo sound, delivering a clean treble response and distortion-free deep bass. With no more wires bound, users can enjoy sports and music to their heart's content. Talking about convenience and safety, the one-button design provides users with a multi- functional singular button to answer or reject phone calls, Bluetooth pairing, power on-off, and play or pause music. At just 4.7 grams per unit weight, this small and light comfortable design lets users enjoy music up to 5 hours at 70% volume.

Music lovers can get the CLiPtec BTW308D DOT-X Bluetooth Earphone  for only RM169. If all of the above have not caught your attention, then this will. From now till 31 May, the earphone will be up for pre-order at only RM89.00, almost half its original price for the first 100 customers only at CLiPtec Official Store on Shopee Mall. These first 100 customers will also be receiving a free CLiPtec THE LOCK Slim Flat USB 2.0 Micro-B Cable OCC100. They can also enjoy a special purchase-with-purchase offer of the GZU360 USB Charger at RM3.00 only (RRP: RM15.00).  

The CLiPtec Official Store on Shopee is where shoppers can be assured that the products received are 100% authentic, while enjoying a worry-free 1-year warranty. For more information on CLiPtec’s deals and promotions, head over to the CLiPtec Official Store at

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Thursday 14 May 2020

Gotten My "tokidoki" Thermal Series Exclusively at Guardian Malaysia

May 14, 2020 0
This time around, eating well and drinking well is really important to ensure that you stay well-balanced with good eating and drinking habits to stay healthy! Every since we've been home since MCO happened in Malaysia, eating and drinking has been super clean as it is mostly homemade. However, recently my husband has to go back to work in the office on alternate days, therefore his company insisted all the staffs to minimize contact with the outside world as much as possible when in the office and to bring food from home to eat for lunch.

Because of this, thanks to the runaway success of Guardian Malaysia’s Travel Series collaboration with tokidoki, the internationally recognised and iconic lifestyle brand in October of last year, Guardian Malaysia today launched the Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Thermal Series
promotion. As you know, tokidoki is a brand that has achieved a global cult-like following with its colourful, eye-catching, larger-than-life characters and art-form created and designed by Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Simone Legno.

This promotion, which coincides with the holy month of Ramadhan, is meant to encourage customers to eat and drink healthily. As the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth’ and especially when health around the world is constantly threatened by the discovery of new viruses and other diseases, we need to pay attention to what we eat so that we fortify ourselves against illness.

With this exclusive Guardian tokidoki Thermal Series, I can now pack my husband's delicious
and healthy home-cooked food and drinks for him when he goes back to working in the office. Also, as a parent, I can ensure a healthy meal for my children when and if they start schooling soon because
these thermal ware will keep the food warm or cool as I wish.

The Thermal Flask and Food Jar are double-walled and can keep food & drinks cold for 10 to 12 hours or warm for 8 to 10 hours. Their cool, hip and trendy design also makes them a desirable collector’s item especially among millenials. At another level, Guardian is also especially proud to be doing something to help the environment by encouraging our customers to use these thermal containers, thereby indirectly reducing packaging and plastic waste that comes from packing food and drinks for take away.

The Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Thermal Series contains a Thermal bag, Thermal Flask (350ml) and a Thermal Food Jar (500ml). Customers can obtain the whole set of three items at an attractive price of RM80 per set if they spend RM20 and above with participating brands in a single receipt or RM40 and above without participating brands in a single receipt. This exclusive collection can also be purchased with online purchases at Guardian’s online store at and have them delivered right up to their doorsteps together with their online orders.

As the Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Thermal Series is limited-edition, purchases are on a first-come, first-served basis and will be available from 1 May until stocks last at all Guardian outlets in Malaysia. The main sponsors for this promotion are Bio-essence, Garnier, Clairol Herbal Essences,
Maybelline, Nanowhite and Sunsilk while the co-sponsors are Energizer, Flavettes, Libresse,
L’Oreal (Hair), Shokubutsu, Scott’s and Systema.

Visit Guardian Malaysia today!
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Tuesday 12 May 2020

Grolier Amazing English with Grolier Pen My Kids Edutainment

May 12, 2020 1
How has MCO been for you? It's been kinda havoc for me but it's good because it's the noise and fights and tantrums and cries my kids make everyday without fail. Such wonderful moments that I know I will miss it one day, so I learnt to enjoy it entirely.

However, I am one that refuses to allow my kids to play tablet or watch TV or see YouTube all day long. Playing toys kinda get them bored overtime. I was also asking my son's kindy teacher on what I can do to help my son from home to really continue his K2 lessons without having too long of a break in between. But they only sent some YouTube links to refer to and a short video from their class teacher. Until I couldn't take it and suggested to the principal to setup a Zoom call instead parent-guided and collect workbook to and fro the kindergarten since most of us will not send our kids to school anytime soon. Because it has been unproductive!

But thankfully during the MCO it wasn't all unproductive for me, in fact my son has been picking up on his English that he can now explain and give me pretty good excuses for me to think about.

I would say investing in the Grolier Amazing English new launch series and the Grolier Pen was the best thing ever because not only my 6 year old love it and follows it, but his younger brother, my 4 year old loves it too!

I love how it does not just speaks out that singular word, but it can even read a whole sentence in full. Even the Amazing Words book covers a huge range of vocabularies that covers alot of general words we use in our everyday life in the world today. It also plays out the sound of the objects or animals on the book. You can even customize the sound by recording your voice over the words instead of the default voice pre-installed.

With over 5,000 words and 1,400 images, it is just worth it and enough to keep my kids occupied for an hour or so.

To know more you can look up
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Gear Up For Raya From The Comfort Of Your Home

May 12, 2020 0
Searching for the best Raya deals in town? Raya Bersama Shopee has it all. Happening now till 26 May 2020, the campaign offers great deals on daily necessities, home appliances, baju Raya and many more to get you Raya-ready. It is even better because you get to do your Raya preparations from the comfort of your own home:

● Stretch your Ringgit with daily essentials from as low as just RM10 and free shipping with a minimum spend of RM19;
● Enjoy more savings with discounts up to 80%, RM1 deals on favourite items and lowered free shipping with minimum spend of RM10 from 12AM to 2AM during the Pesta Jualan Raya on 14 and 15 May;
● Miss going to Ramadan bazaars? Check out Selangor E-Bazar Raya and get your Raya delicacies and snacks, among many other things. You may not be able to catch a whiff of red chicken wings or lamb murtabak, but this e-bazaar is worth the visit.
● Get your chicken, beef, vegetables and fruits like cabbages, mangoes, melons, and chillies, and fresh frozen seafood like Kembong, Tongkol, and Selar from Shopee’s fresh and frozen food segment without leaving home.
● Shopee Celebrity Squad welcomes its newest member Neelofa! Visit her store Naelofar for the Raya 2020 Collection or if you are running out of ideas on what to wear this Raya, check out Style by Shopee for the latest trends.
● Raya preparations can sometimes get too overwhelming. Want a central location to look for it all? Check out Shopee’s latest feature, Salam by Shopee which has the latest collection of items across categories such as prayer items, wudhu-friendly cosmetics and Muslim fashion at Koleksi Terkini; Raya delicacies and dishes as well as the ingredients at Resipi Raya; Halal-certified brands and items only at Pilihan Halal; a solat reminder at Azan and of course great vouchers at Baucar Terhad to offer greater value.

With Raya celebrations being a little different this year, Shopee is bringing entertainment and the joy of Hari Raya to you at home so you can enjoy it together with the family:
● Shopee Live: Catch exciting content by celebrities and experts, specially curated for users such as food shows, daily workout sessions, and product reviews as well as other Muslim-related content including Quran-reading classes.
● Shopee Games: Memorise dance moves in Joget Shopee; catch kuih-muih in Shopee Tangkap, plant a tree in Shopee Garden, and play crowd-favourites Goyang Shopee, Shopee Throw, Lucky Raya and One or Not to win Shopee coins, vouchers and even 43” televisions.
● Duit Raya: While it may be difficult to give Duit Raya to loved ones this time around, Shopee has created a fun, safe and easy way for users to give e-Duit Raya via its ShopeePay e-wallet.

Although it may not be possible to do Raya visiting this time round, put a smile on the faces of your family members or friends by sending them Raya gifts. Signature Market’s Tradisi Muhibbah Eid Collection contains wholesome products such as Mariami dates and Healthy Nut that would make perfect gifts; available at exclusive prices on Shopee from 14 to 18 May.

Get yourself protected with an insurance plan by Great Eastern Takaful on Shopee. HospeeFamily is a 3-month protection plan that provides hospitalisation benefits due to illness or injury and lump sum Accidental Death Benefit while traveling in private or public conveyance. The benefit is also extended to up to 2 additional immediate family members.

Raya Bersama Shopee is anchored by Malaysian’s favourite brands - Nestle, Nestle Nutrition, P&G, Unilever, Enfagrow, Friso Gold, Pediasure, Vinda, L’Oreal, Wipro Unza, Mentholatum, Beiersdorf, Elianware, Mr DIY, Photobook Malaysia, Arctic Hunter, realme, Black Shark, Skechers, Bagstation, Voir, Carlo Rino, and Lim Tayar.
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Monday 4 May 2020

Kleenso Kills Germ Disinfectant For The Home

May 04, 2020 0
Hygiene is important! Especially with the Covid-19 ligering around outside, we don't even have a clear understanding how it can infect us. Hence, since MCO happened in Malaysia, I knew I had to get my home disinfected and also to keep hygiene in check for my family.

They say prevention is better than cure and that's why it's so important to make sure we ensure we are prepared to fight off these deadly virus and stay safe from home at all times! The first thing to do is getting a good disinfectant ordering online via Kleenso,my website that offers two types of sizes 500ml and 4liter.

I gotten myself one bottle of Kleenso Kills Germ Disinfectant that comes with the nozzle spray because it is convenient for me to use it to disinfect fabric and also surfaces of my home. Because it kills 99.9% hence I gotten it to kill bacteria first and foremost.

Apart from this, it also can disinfect fabric through soaking the cloth-based items and can even be used to mop floors with the solution following the ratio of 1 cup of disinfectant to 4 liter of water. I definitely like the idea of soaking my cloth at home especially the ones I use to clean my kitchen table and dining table. Kill germs effectively from home to prevent from any bacteria a chance to breed.

My husband even used it to disinfect our mattress because the kids peed on it! So definitely killing bacteria is a must! And I don't like those with perfume or fragrance in it because it irritates my skin. However, the Kleenso Disinfectant is odourless, just what I wanted!

My verdict after getting it; I'm super satisfied with it and I believe if you're reading this means you're looking for a disinfectant that kills bacteria effectively too. So definitely you should try this as you can easily order this online at

KLEENSO Malaysia
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