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Tuesday 12 May 2020

Grolier Amazing English with Grolier Pen My Kids Edutainment

How has MCO been for you? It's been kinda havoc for me but it's good because it's the noise and fights and tantrums and cries my kids make everyday without fail. Such wonderful moments that I know I will miss it one day, so I learnt to enjoy it entirely.

However, I am one that refuses to allow my kids to play tablet or watch TV or see YouTube all day long. Playing toys kinda get them bored overtime. I was also asking my son's kindy teacher on what I can do to help my son from home to really continue his K2 lessons without having too long of a break in between. But they only sent some YouTube links to refer to and a short video from their class teacher. Until I couldn't take it and suggested to the principal to setup a Zoom call instead parent-guided and collect workbook to and fro the kindergarten since most of us will not send our kids to school anytime soon. Because it has been unproductive!

But thankfully during the MCO it wasn't all unproductive for me, in fact my son has been picking up on his English that he can now explain and give me pretty good excuses for me to think about.

I would say investing in the Grolier Amazing English new launch series and the Grolier Pen was the best thing ever because not only my 6 year old love it and follows it, but his younger brother, my 4 year old loves it too!

I love how it does not just speaks out that singular word, but it can even read a whole sentence in full. Even the Amazing Words book covers a huge range of vocabularies that covers alot of general words we use in our everyday life in the world today. It also plays out the sound of the objects or animals on the book. You can even customize the sound by recording your voice over the words instead of the default voice pre-installed.

With over 5,000 words and 1,400 images, it is just worth it and enough to keep my kids occupied for an hour or so.

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