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Monday 4 May 2020

Kleenso Kills Germ Disinfectant For The Home

Hygiene is important! Especially with the Covid-19 ligering around outside, we don't even have a clear understanding how it can infect us. Hence, since MCO happened in Malaysia, I knew I had to get my home disinfected and also to keep hygiene in check for my family.

They say prevention is better than cure and that's why it's so important to make sure we ensure we are prepared to fight off these deadly virus and stay safe from home at all times! The first thing to do is getting a good disinfectant ordering online via Kleenso,my website that offers two types of sizes 500ml and 4liter.

I gotten myself one bottle of Kleenso Kills Germ Disinfectant that comes with the nozzle spray because it is convenient for me to use it to disinfect fabric and also surfaces of my home. Because it kills 99.9% hence I gotten it to kill bacteria first and foremost.

Apart from this, it also can disinfect fabric through soaking the cloth-based items and can even be used to mop floors with the solution following the ratio of 1 cup of disinfectant to 4 liter of water. I definitely like the idea of soaking my cloth at home especially the ones I use to clean my kitchen table and dining table. Kill germs effectively from home to prevent from any bacteria a chance to breed.

My husband even used it to disinfect our mattress because the kids peed on it! So definitely killing bacteria is a must! And I don't like those with perfume or fragrance in it because it irritates my skin. However, the Kleenso Disinfectant is odourless, just what I wanted!

My verdict after getting it; I'm super satisfied with it and I believe if you're reading this means you're looking for a disinfectant that kills bacteria effectively too. So definitely you should try this as you can easily order this online at

KLEENSO Malaysia
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