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Wednesday 24 October 2018

CANNIS App is poised to be listed in NASDAQ in 2021

“The Upcoming Greatest Star in Nasdaq ~ Cannis”

Cannis mobile app is bound to be the upcoming greatest star in NASDAQ, United States by 2021. In less than two months, Cannis app formed a new app trend that has accumulated hundreds of thousands of users in less than two months, forming a new APP trend.

Since early 2018, Cannis has been continuously investing in the most upcoming popular industries, namely in technologies, films, beauty, preventive medicines, latest farming technology and loads more! With the co-operations from their strategic partners, Cannis have well penetrated into many markets across Southeast Asia countries rapidly, and is expected to be listed on NASDAQ soon!

This is the best time for Cannis as it is born in the best era of App Downloads and Users’ Spending which sets a new history-breaking record! Q3 of year 2018 has been the most profitable season for the App Stores. Analysing the App categories such as games, downloads, entertainment and video broadcasting, these categories has garnered the most downloaded apps and are found as the main factors and drivers of growth. From the analysis, this shows a general demand of market for creative content.

Cannis app will be “The Upcoming Greatest Star in Nasdaq". We are very much looking forward to the strategic corporation with various industries in winning users’ entrustment and enhancing the users’ end seamless O2O experience.” said Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Ching Eu Boon. Cannis focuses on the fastest-growing industries, providing an integrated platform that creates a powerful 7-in-1 function. It is a perfect Virtual-Reality combined O2O Mode.

Cannis App incorporates innovative functions every month and also selectively invest huge funds on offline trending industries, such as connecting to offline customers, building the O2O model, marketing promotions, offline member streaming and including goods delivery service and it's back-end support system.

The good news is Cannis members are applicable for both online and offline discounts, including any purchases at Cannis’s strategic partners’ retail stores. Online points can even be used to make discounts, helping consumers to save money. Cannis also opens up an opportunity for participating in a series of Cannis-designed competitions that will allow members to win grand prizes through sharing.

The Chief Operating Officer of Cannis, Mr. Mohammad Mustaqim Bin Abdullah stressed that the platform will actively carry out comprehensive layout for online and offline services, so that the physical store is no longer restricted by the size or regional restrictions of the space. Through the mode of Cannis e-commerce and preferential shopping, the merchants information can be passed through at the lowest cost to a precise targeted market, therefore maximising the advertising effectiveness.

Cannis Strategic Partners

Strategic partners present on the day include EMPRO’s Dr. Coco Alex; Producer of Da Motion Production House, Encik Along; Creative Director of (凯优影视控股有限公司), Miss Bo Bo; LongTV Sdn. Bhd.’s Mr Chis Yen; Weber PDT Cancer Treatment Health Centre’s Prof. Madaya Dr. Martin E. Roberts; CEO of (名资股份有限公司), Mr. (蔡逸群) and Dr. DNA Mr Jannings Lee.

The Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic, Tan Sri Datuk Sri One Tee Keat said that Cannis has a keen sense on trend development. Through big databases analysis, they accurately learn the real needs of consumers. The rich ethnic culture in Malaysia also helps enlarging the business to the world, attracting future strategic partners. Whether in the media marketing or development strategies, their performances have been remarkable.

Cannis is the world’s first integrated app that provides consumers with this wide range of App services, live broadcasting, e-commerce, discount shoppings, social networking, short videos, games and payments, can all be found on Cannis App. Cannis is convinced that having Malaysia’s diverse ethnic groups and culture as the starting point, it is easier to expand Cannis from South East Asia to the rest of the world.

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