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Monday 24 January 2011

The Legend Water Chalet, Port Dickson

Formerly known as “The Legend Water Chalets" in Port Dickson, however, recently they’re known as “Lexis Port Dickson”.
Main Entrance

Just a brief “copy & paste” caption off their homepage…
"Lexis Port Dickson(formerly known as The Legend Water Chalets) is a Balinese inspired resort located along the coastal stretch of Port Dickson, situated near the town of Lukut at a distance of about 3.5 km from Port Dickson. It is easily accessible via the North-South Expressway and is about an hour's drive (100 KM) from Kuala Lumpur." Read More Here

We had an amazing time here! The weather was generous to us throughout the trip.

The buffet breakfast was your standard everyday bread, porridges, rice, noodles, a mix of variety BUT the best was the egg! You had to queue for it and you get to request any style and any amount as you wish!! (I go crazy over eggs… lolx)

Walking along the chalet over the water was breath-taking especially when the sun rises or when the sun sets, just an amazing sight to see…
I know it! I missed it because I was out late and woke up late… aahahahaha…
We still enjoyed our moments there had a good share of great memories such as the picture below…

Now I know many are wondering what about dinner? Well here’s the thing, if you drive then GOOD! Drive over to the nearby town and enjoy some night bazaar with street markets along the road, try it! Awesome delicacies awaits there! Or Giant Hypermarket with their food court is nearby… On the first night, we went to Giant Hypermarket, bought 1 box of ready-packed chicken rice and 1 WHOLE chicken… It’s affordable! Less than 20 ringgit with change and we can’t even finish it Sad smile… But we managed somehow… Great funny experience though ehehe!
However, from time to time check out special promotions and offers too! For our trip, we actually were offered a dinner buffet for 2 for 1 day only, so we actually took up this offer on the 2nd night of our stay (btw we stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights…)

We drove to the beach along the highway, walked along the shores, had ice-cream, draw on the sand, sunset watching and we practically just camwhore-ed at the beach!
For dinner, we went to this place called Restaurant Chardin Seaview Seafood Village… One word… AWESOMENESS!

We’re big eaters…… Teehee In love

Location :
Restoran Chardin Seaview Seafood Village
Batu 1, Jalan Seremban, 7100, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
TEL : 06-6474569 / 6475188
HP : 019 – 3671465 / 0126018822

I even found stuffs hiding under the pillow when we came back after dinner!!! Aaaahhh!! It’s so adorable!! We both named it “Bi Bi” and I keep insisting it’s a girl when my bf keeps insisting it’s a boy……
But it was the first ever present I’ve received from my bf… A precious treasure I’ll always keep in my heart Red heart
And now I'll wrap up my 2nd journey to a quick weekend getaway with my loved one! What about you?!


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