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Monday 14 February 2011

My Valentine’s 2011

Amazing as it is, a day to add into my memoirz…
Scrapbook Cover
Yes, it’s a special day for all lover’s out there! Sadly it falls on a weekday and it ain’t a public holiday sadly but nevertheless, love CONQUERS all!


What did we do on 13th Feb 2011, Sunday? We celebrated Pre-Valentines day like every other normal couple in the world…

We had lunch at TGIF, Subang Parade! They had an offer to order 1 main-course and get 1 soup-of-the-day FOC! We ordered and the manager came over and apologize for the mistake that the offer is only on weekdays but since we were offered the deal, we’re still getting it FOC… AWESOME right?! (Btw, their Tennessee main course with their special sauce is awesome! The sauce is sweet and tempting by itself!)
Next up, We-SCREAMED-for-ICE-CREAM!! Head up to Petronas USJ 20 (the one right at the end of Subang Jaya with KFC restaurant together) and rummaged through their ice-cream area and got ourselves Wall’s Cornetto… Mm-Mmm… The luuurrvvee… hehe

We chatted up in the car and camwhored together! Enjoy some of the never-seen-before-shots taken with the Nokia N8 (front camera… ooo I love VGA cameras so badly)

Well, we managed to finish the ice-cream but continued camwhoring – TeeHee

The End…

WAIT!! There’s more!!
A surprise from my loved one ehehehe!!
My turn to surprise him!!
The magic-mug (its pitch black when cold, but reveal its true identity once hot), the heart-pillow and the couple-tees were ordered online via

The keychain was bought at a hawker stall around PJ during lunch time the week before from an auntie who has disabilities… True or not, I just love the keychain Smile

This is my 2011 Valentines story… I wonder what will 2012 be like… I need to beat my own record and raise the stakes again! Ehehehe…. I have so many plans in my mind I just don’t know which to set in motion… Hmmm….

Have a great Valentines Day!

With Love,

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