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Monday 11 April 2011

Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur

Yea, it’s near but it’s a 5-star hotel!!! Or 4-star?!?! Whatever, as long at it suits the occasion and the mood anything fits!
I booked this hotel through a certain website which I became a member of for free… Collection points for the selected hotels I manage to stay in and actually redeem them for free nights and etc… But I’m not there yet…

I actually booked this hotel through this website StarWood Hotels. I must say, it’s not bad really. Besides the free membership, amazing offers and awesome customized member card, I get great services for being their member too… All without a cost of penny… Amazing!

Picture Courtesy of Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur (website)
Their room was just nice, the right fit for 2. Well, everything else won't matter as long as you have one another. But this matters most because it's just the right fit for the occasion and the room was not too roomy or too compact. It was just the right fit.

We love their bathtub, it’s so comfortable. Definitely a quick fix to getaway from all the stress from work…

Best part is when you check-in on Friday, you get to watch the traffic build up right out the window while you’re in the bathtub relaxing, LOLX!!

You see, yours truly had a plan… A smart plan… A plan that is the first and will continue to build throughout the years… A birthday surprise plan!!!!!

Everything was normal… We walked through the park, the hotel spa and even the swimming pool… Until dinner…

In-room dining just for him Smile

Facial mask together!! Sweetness!

A present for my sweetheart…
Tocco toscano

And a surprise event held via FB discreetly to have buffet lunch on the weekend without him knowing who is coming, he thought it was “just lunch”… (We eat fine dining most times so it’s normal if we just go for buffet once in awhile)
Special Event via FB
The other surprise was, we got him a birthday cake!!! For his twentys-venth Birthday!! (Lolx… Guess what letter is missing hehe…)

And that’s not all, I compiled all our sweet memories together, every fine details and put them in a video which I sang “Two is better than one” with the slideshows of the many images of our love story since day 1… Posted it on YouTube and only he has access to view it… and NO WAY am I sharing the video to the world!! It’s just something special between us… Here’s the just the first 3 screenshots of the video Smile with tongue out

So just a quick summary, my loved one received 7th surprises on his 27th birthday and since it’s our first time celebrating together, I decided to make it special because he deserves it!

3) Tocco-Toscano,Italy – Wallet (comes with warranty for a year or lifetime? not sure which….)

4) Facebook Surprise event planning – Surprise show-ups @ Saisaki buffet lunch event : Karen Ann & partner, Rachel Lee, Chan Cheng Hui, Kok Wai & Jun (she couldn’t make it…)

5) Saisaki Buffet Lunch – All paid for by all the above mentions + me Open-mouthed smile

6) Birthday cake! – Courtesy of all the above mentions + me Smile with tongue out

7) Video compilation – Our Love Story


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