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Saturday 22 May 2010

Beijing, China (Day 3)

Day 3, 10th May 2010, in Beijing, China

The breakfast at the hotel is "Very Good" ! Our tour leader, gave us a tip, if he says it's "Very Good" means it's worth the value and obviously very good (lolx)... But if it's no good and not worth it, the answer is "Okay Lah"... So this is "my" American Breakfast! I LOVE IT!

After breakfast, we went to Beijing's Jade Carving Factory and one of the jade at the entrance took approx. 3 years to carve it out! Cool! Also the "White Cabbage" jade design for prosperity and purity (it's in white). Also there was a Jade armor that looks cool and "heavy" (hehe...). I bought myself a "Dragon Jade", because of some "feng shui" I asked our tour leader, Xiao Yan, for advice and first he said the medium sized "White Cabbage" is good but I can't afford leaving it on the table top in the open!!

So he said to protect myself, wear my zodiac on me for protection of my own. So he took me to see some jade necklace and one particular "Dragon Jade" caught my interest with full attention! I bought it and it is said that a real jade could be differentiated by the sound when knocking it against another jade. Also a real jade will change color after 1 year, which means the jade adapts to the individual body and health. My "Dragon Jade" started changing color after wearing it for 2 days, I was worried it was my health or something wrong, when i asked, they said I'm lucky because the jade is adapting to me at very fast speed and it means good luck too.

Soon after, we went to the "Great Wall". Really really "GREAT"... I walked up approx. up to 100 steps and give up! I turn back... It's not easy!!!!!! The steps all are unbalanced! Some higher than the other, I had to go on all "four" and crawl up... But I give up.................. Plus the wind blowing at speed 5, it's not easy for lazy ppl like me!!

After lunch, we saw some super huge strawberry the merchants were selling outside the restaurant. Our local tour guide, Perry, said that outside the Great Wall entrance has a long stretch of farms and the fruits or anything that grows in those plot, grows up huge and healthy! No pesticide & etc etc! Lucky farmers!!! But nobody knows why...

Around 2pm, we went to the "13 Ming Tombs - Ding Ling". With my kinda hearing and feeling gift, I rather avoid going underground to the tombs because it was constructed in the 16th century for the emperor Wan Li, and it seems that in those days, if the emperor "kicks the bucket" their servants and guards get buried alive (in the coffin) next to the emperor's coffin... After walking UP the "Great Wall", we had to walk DOWN the "13 Ming Tombs", I took pictures outside but did not go in, so I waited outside and went to browsed the small exhibition hall next to the tombs.

Later, we were taken to the "Bao Fu Ling" factory. The "Bao Fu Ling" cream aka Compound Camphor Cream is only made in China and it seems they have 3 successful factory in Beijing, Shang Hai and one other location (not sure)... But due to fake products found the "that" one other location, today, only Beijing factory is operating, the other 2 has been closed down. The address is at Beijing City ChangpIng Shahe Xiaozhai. You can purchase this online at this website Beijing Bao Shu Tang Sci-tech Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Btw, after the visit to this factory, at the entrance I bought a milo ice-cream for ¥70 - RM3.50, worth it!

At night, we went to "Wangfujing Street" - "Dong Hua Men Night Market", it's a street like Petaling Street/Niu Ze Xui @PJ. But much better with all the branded goods and weird food!! Live scorpions as snacks or maggots, seahorse or starfish... Very very.... Makes me sick to my stomach! In malay "GELI"... In english is "tingling" feeling... And I saw NOKIA there too... To compare them with our Nokia outlets (interiors), I say it's a 50-50 chance. Our's look more neat and tidy, however, theirs is more colorful and confusing too... I don't know which display is which! Atleast, we have our display for music, for multimedia, for e-series and such... But they close early... 9pm and it's closed... We should be grateful our Nokia stores "starts" closing at 10pm - 10.30pm.

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