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Sunday 25 July 2010

Beijing - KLIA, China (Day 8)

Day 8, 15th May 2010, in Beijing - KLIA, China

Do you know? The whole Beijing rooftop for majority of the houses is blue color because in feng shui, is represents water in chinese is translated as "Sui - 水" and in another term, is also means wealth/money. That's why it's reason to be believed is that when their roof represents water, is to avoid catching on fire and more more "Sui - 水" water coming in...

Last day in Beijing, breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express will never bore me out! Checkout time...sobs... First stop, Jing Shan Garden. The garden where the last "Ming Emperor" hanged himself! Today, the people of China visits this garden for all kinds of workout activities! Here you can see people clapping hands as they walk, it's not that they're crazy but it shows that if you clap your hands which has to be wide open, is to avoid sickness, min requirement for this is atleast 1000 claps a day!! We did some climbing up the stairs to see the whole view of Beijing and the Forbidden City/Palace only to be blurred by the haze!

Last stop for the day, a complimentary attraction which the tour guide company, China Express, presented us with an extra visit to the Foot Massage house! Here they use one of Tibetan's herb (Cordicep), fyi, Cordicep only grows there because there's less oxigen there with very very cold weather! Another common fact, Tibetan people have no place to bury the dead, so they cut the dead up to 49 pieces and throw out the mountain for the voltures to eat!! I hope those were the days and not NOW! Yikes...

It is believed that Tibet people don't need X-ray to diagnose a patient. They only need to see both our palm color, lines and shape to determine our health and fortune telling stuffs as well! I've learned a few but I can't confirm if I'm correct though *giggle*...

Next up, on the way to lunch, the bus driver drove us pass the Olympic Apartments which 1 unit is RMB 5 million... This place is where all the athletic sportsman & sportswoman stayed/stays. At the highest floor is for Basketball players which includes one extra special for China's famous Basketball player, Yao Ming, he's super tall!! Now, for a 2-room apartment it costs RMB 2500 for rent only, 1-room apartment is up to RMB 1000 also for rent only.

The lunch we had before take off is China Steamboat Style, similar to Plus One Shabu Shabu, it's deliciously yummy including the beer!! Work over here in Beijing, China varies, like a waiter can earn RMB 1500 a month whilst the whole of Beijing work 5 days a week for 8 hours straight, best part is extra hours is double pay. It should be similar here but it's still on a different par because we're country apart! But our hearts beat as one...

Hope you guys enjoyed my posts on Beijing, China. I sure enjoyed myself... I'm planning to go to Phuket soon and also some other smaller trips that I'll keep you posted about. Overseas trip Im planning to go to Guilin, China next year so keep an eye out for it! At the moment, I would recommend keeping a special eye out for my blog, as it will be refurbished soon hehe... And thanks to my lovely columnist over at The Netherlands, she's been keeping everyone fascinated on posts from her travel almost

Do share our blog to people and do let us know if you wanna link us up. We'll love to have some Best Blog Reads and Best Blog Authors now and then... See Ya~!
(Ps. Busy with workload, just got promoted to Team Leader... Apologize for inconvenience! "Gomei...gomei")

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