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Saturday 24 July 2010

Beijing - Tian Jin - Beijing, China (Day 7)

Day 7, 14th May 2010, in Beijing - Tian Jin - Beijing, China

Woke up in the morning, prepared ourselves to go to Tian Jin. Turns out, we went later in the afternoon. But had breakfast in Holiday Inn, which was not bad. The tour guide took us to Tian Rui Hua (China Silk Factory).

Besides the factory, I notice every factory must have a place for customers to shop for their manufactured goods!

After lunch, we had tea! Yes, we went to China's tea house just opposite Holiday Inn Express or McDonald (at the main road-under the bridge). I bought tea there - Wu Long tea is good for liver & kidney - we were briefly trained at the tea house how to enjoy/drink tea! When we drink tea, we must drink with the slurping sound, the louder - the better, to show our hosts/hostess that the tea they served us is GOOD! I wonder if the emporer does this...hmmm??

Here, we tried "White Tea" which is bitter sweet but good for those who's always heaty! (like me... T_T sobs) . "Purity Tea" aka sleeping tea has a variance, young tea is green color and old tea is black color which is good for high blood pressure and only found in Yun Nan which is known there as "Monkey Tea or Long Life Tea". Only "Purity Tea" no expiry, the longer the better. So we tried the 32yrs old "Purity Tea" which the color is like coffee but has a smooth taste but is aka makan/eating tea, because MUST make eating sounds when having this tea. Next we had the "Tian Chi" flower which looks like broccoli but tastes abit like ginseng, it's a herbal tea. CAUTION : Do not drink overnight tea, it'll become toxic!!

Onwards we headed to Tian Jin, the journey took us 2 hours and we went straight to the Culture Street.

After Culture Street, we headed for the Food Street...

After dinner, we had to go back by 9pm if not the traffic will be horrible with all the lorry coming in after working hours~! Beijing only allows lorry to come in and drive around the city after 8pm sharp. Because the population is heavy, the amount of vehicle is more than a whole lot! The government is almost SMART to have one simple ruling; If today is the 13th of July, the car plate with odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7 ...etc etc) are not allowed to be driven out of the house! Likewise, with the even numbers. How? Im not sure myself, I know one thing for sure is, if caught, the vehicle will be tolled to the police station and also they'll get a fine but you can only collect the car the next day, which they have something we don't and that is, pay the fine and pay a fee to toll the car back to your home (Ps. Not those 3rd party toll-truckiezz).

We had the rest of the night to ourselves for a night stroll to McDonalds!

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