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Saturday 9 October 2010

Nokia N8 in MALAYSIA!

I've been away for almost a month!! Busy busy busy!

Today I'm gonna bring everyone some special news!!!
The NOKIA N8 is coming the MALAYSIA! Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!! (scream & shout, jumps up & down)

The excitement, the adrenaline rush and the anticipation of the arrival of Nokia N8 has been all over the market now and we finally have news for EVERYONE!

It's all here >> Nokia N8

What's it all about? Lemme give everyone a brief intro to the device and what's the best about to happen!

It's not about technology, it's about what you do with it!

  • Shoot your masterpiece in HD (Now talk about real quality!!)

  • Powered by Symbian^3 (Symbian has been around for years! it's safe and it's still the best platform there is that is stable and loads of choices!)

  • Connect to your home theatre (It comes inbox with a HDMI cable/adapter SUPER COOL!!)

  • Integrated social networking (Don't need to search HIGH & LOW for the 3rd party social app no more!)

  • Make it your own (Widgets, Wallpapers, Apps, Themes, Home screens - YOU NAME IT! It's all your own to customize!)

  • Download thousands of opportunities (Ovi Store! Hey, wait..!! There's another! Top Apps is UTTERLY AMAZINGLY SUPERBLY COOL - TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT!)

  • National Geographic in your pocket (WebTV, my most favourite entertainment ON-THE-GO! Don't need to miss those important news on CNN or my favourite drama on 8TV or TV3! AMAZING!!)

  • Navigation. For free. Forever. (No more extra baggage on a load of gadgets! It's all in 1 device and it's mobile! WooooHoooo!)

  • Fifty hours of music playback. (Now talk about LIFE! I'll never have to worry about the battery or get bored ANYWHERE I go ANYMORE!)

  • Make a good thing even better. (Spice up your experience with Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-608 for Navigation AND the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905 with eight microphones for canceling up to 99% of background noise. Now these are definitely things to WOW about! A complete package for a GREAT START!!)

Don't tell me that these ain't enough for you, it's more than YOU CAN ASK FOR! The best of the best! I'm falling head over heels for this baby (N8)!!

In the event if YOU want to know MORE on how to use the N8 and WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH IT; Nokia has consumer workshops that will be happening all over MALAYSIA! It's FREEEEEEE.........

Consumer Workshop Dates:

Kuala Lumpur 23rd October 2010 Armada Hotel
Penang 30th October 2010 The Gurney Hotel
Ipoh 31st October 2010 Tower Regency Hotel
Johor Bahru 6th November 2010 Grand Paragon Hotel
Kuala Terengganu 13th November 2010 Hotel Grand Continental
Kuala Lumpur 20th November 2010 Times Square Hotel

  Learn more at our workshops

Pre-Order TODAY!!!!! Online or @4 Nokia Stores :

  • Nokia Store Sunway Pyramid (1st Floor, Old Wing), 

  • Nokia Store The Garden (3rd Floor), 

  • Nokia Store Pavillion (5th Floor), 

  • Nokia Store Low Yat (Ground Floor)

Special Promotion : Pre-Order period 8th - 15th Oct 2010; ONLY Pre-Orders are entitled to FREE extra 1yr warranty worth RM139 & FREE spine cover(s)! **WHILE STOCK LAST

 1. Just register ONLINE or fill in your "Name/Email/Contact" on the N8 Pre-Order Leaflet at the selected 4 Nokia Store and make sure you are able to collect the device on the 16th or 17th Oct. A Nokia Personnel will contact you prior to collection date.

2. IF you Pre-Order and collect the device on the 16th or 17th Oct, then you will be entitled for the Special promotion.

3. IF you Pre-Order but collect the device on the 20th Oct, you will not be entitled for the Special promotion and the FREE Spine covers will be while stock last.

4. However, IF you can't collect on the 16th & 17th Oct but still want the N8 device with the promotion (extra 1 yr warranty worth Rm139 & free spine covers) please go IMMEDIATELY to any of the 4 Nokia Stores listed above and place a deposit of RM200 before the 15th Oct. When a Nokia Personnel contact you, just let them know what date you can go and collect (make sure you've paid the deposit already)!



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