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Thursday 31 May 2018

Bio-Oil #sheisremarkable Mother's Day Malaysia

As a mom of 2, I definitely can relate to the drama and trauma of pregnancy. Especially when it comes to staying beautiful even while being pregnant! And yet, there's so many myths about using this and doing that or don't do this and that etc...

But today it's not about pregnancy myths because that will never end! Too long story haha, just remember it's all a myth so don't have to believe in it. Trust yourself only!

Today it's about those stretch marks or tiger marks or birth marks that we may carry with us forever as a mother. It is something to be proud of and also to help us remember those precious moments where our body creates life and lil hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth, head, brain, organs, heart, body parts etc... However, we still would want to look good regardless and for Mother's Day, Bio-Oil Malaysia celebrates with their special campaign #sheisremarkable; It's an offshoot of Bio-Oil's year-long 2018 campaign #iamremarkable which celebrates the milestones in a woman's life!

#sheisremarkable campaign was launched with a special video titled "Remarkable Love", showcasing the unique bond between Yasmin Hani and her mom. Apart from this, there's a running contest until end of June 2018 whereby with purchase of the Bio-Oil 60ml, you may stand a chance to win a studio photoshoot and makeover session of you and your loved ones!

There was also another Facebook contest, where fans of Bio-Oil post snapshots with their mothers for up to 11 pairs of Bio-Oil products up for grabs inconjunction with Bio-Oil's 11th year anniversary in Malaysia! Congratulations to the winners!

The Bio-Oil 60ml is in a conveniently cute bottle where we can put into our bags and bring it along.

Why do we need these?
Because every pregnancy varies by each individual and it will never be the same pregnancy twice! Which is why it is always good to prepare beforehand a good set of products to pamper and treat our skin better.

Bio-Oil helps a woman to look naturally beautiful, feeling her best and amplifies the joy in being able to share her joy with others. The Bio-Oil also helps to reduce the stretch marks scarring and also keeps our skin smooth and moisturized. Because our body is working extra hard giving the best to the lil one growing inside us so we must also work extra hard to provide the best skin and body care for ourselves.

#sheisremarkable campaign is not just about celebrating oneself as a woman, it's also to highlight the support that she receives from meaningful relationships with others.

It is a remarkable product by itself that can be passed down from generations to generations. With it's unique formulation, Bio-Oil is a well-known and trusted brand ranking No.1 in over 24 countries around the world as the best-selling scar and stretch mark product including Malaysia!

This is proof enough how effective it is, with dedication and consistency in application, you can have a beautiful skin again. I must remind myself to apply, mommies forget easily, but I am proud of the stretch marks that I carry with me throughout my motherhood journey!

For details on Bio-Oil you can visit :
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