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Tuesday 22 May 2018

Moments of Friendship To Cherish

There are many times in my life where as a mother, we meet new friends and also mother's in their own ways.

There are also many ways to cherish friendships that we care so dearly. Especially those moments that we have fun together and the way we make each other shine. What's even better is capturing those moment and keeping them close to our hearts.

At LaFame Bridal Mansion in SS2, we were able to embrace those special friendship moments together. As mother's to each of our own, we were able to connect, bond, relive and cherish each another unique individual personality and stand strong together in each photoshoot moments captured.

My experience being inside LaFame Bridal Mansion studios are the interior designs and the layout were all perfectly curated to suit different themes and invokes different emotion during the photoshoot.

I love how they have a good range of gowns for your choosing and a cute little sewing room at the corner and also Chinese gowns like the (kwa) or suits for the men were available too. Every girl's dream of browsing through these beautiful gowns atleast once in her lifetime.

You see, each friendships comes once in a lifetime for each and everyone. But not all friendships are meant to last forever.

Hence why, it is important to have these moments captured, because these are the best memories to have and hold dearest to our hearts that reminds us of those precious times we spent together as friends.

I was brought up to with the point of view that friends come and go. But it never stops me from making new friends along the way because the possibility are endless.

Each theme with it's different background setting, expresses a different emotion to our friendship photoshoot. But I daresay that it brings out the best essence of each of us in more ways than none during the photoshooting session!

If you'd like to experience these moments and more, with your friends, I would suggest you to make a booking soon! As they will be having a Friendship Photoshoot Promotion this June and July 2018.

Friendship Photography Package
- Weekdays Photoshooting only
- Coverage up to 2 hours (indoor studio only)
- Unlimited Exposure by inhouse photographer
- 2 sets of self prepared outfits
- 18 poses selection with full retouching
- Maximum up to 4 friends per package
- La Fame 3 in-house scenes/themes
🔖R̶m̶1̶3̶9̶9̶ NOW Special RM 599!!

Additional Add-Ons:
- Make up & Hair styling @ RM250 per person
- Additional pose selection @ RM60 per pose

For more information you can also visit them at :
La Fame Bridal Mansion

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