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Wednesday 8 June 2011

My Birthday, The Element Of Surprise!

My birthday was around the corner and we planned to celebrate it together at Hilton KL. I made the booking and told them I would love to check-in to celebrate my birthday at their hotel.
It was a 2 Days & 1 Night stay (8th-9th June 2011) - including Breakfast.

By the time we check-in and walked around the hotel. We just enjoyed our time in the hotel premises pretending to be pampered like King & Queen. It's Hilton afterall.

We spent the evening looking out the window watching traffic build up. Kinda evil but yeah, it was a kinda experience for us lolx!

We brought our own white wine to celebrate my birthday.

We ordered in-room dining for dinner and it was just lovely! 

The service given at Hilton was awesome! I never expected much but they actually presented me with a surprise for my birthday too!

We kinda over-ordered but it was worth it. We kept the pizza for supper along with the yummy bakery provided "on-the-house" from Hilton.

My gifts from my dearest, even though I told him not to buy anything and just spend his time with me. He still manage to surprise me with "Lady Gaga : Monster" album (I was aiming for this release!) and the highlight of the event.

He bought me something so expensive that I never expected to ever receive a gift like this ever in my life! Even after all my constant reminders and nagging and everything done to prevent anyone splurging on stuffs like this for me. My dearest went all out to get me this. I admitted, it was my favourite brand, one that I respected highly and love the most but will never dream to own it.

The most expensive gift I've ever received~! Definitely the first & the last! This is too expensive. I don't live with anything costing more than a hundred. My dearest really surprised me with this gift and yes, I am delighted to receive it with an open heart, who wouldn't! It's non-refundable by the way, tee-hee~!

Breakfast at Hilton was splendid! Went for 2nd servings and ate like a "king/queen".

Before heading back we did went to catch a movie. If not mistaken, these are complimentary passes to TGV cinema from Nuffnang because it was my birthday!

Me & my dearest @ Hilton KL


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