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Thursday 10 December 2020

Yoodo it Your Way with Your Own Customized Plan

 That's right! Now you can also do it your way with Yoodo! I'm sure many of you can relate to having a fixed postpaid or prepaid plan that is already preset for you to choose from. But what if you can have it your way? Because I'm sure, many of you have your own lifestyle in how you would utilize the internet and your smartphone gadgets nowadays. Moving into the digital technology era, it goes without saying that the world is evolving into a new trend where everything can be at the tip of your fingertips.

This means you can to customize your very own Yoodo plan to your own preference! That's not all, they made it easy to use and user-friendly that even your parents would appreciate this too!

Yoodo is definitely Malaysia's first customisable and 100% digital mobile service provider that gives you  full control to customize your mobile plan in terms of data, calls, SMS to suit your lifestyle at no hidden charges nor commitments! There's also products and add-ons services that you can easily opt for when you're on Yoodo too, so it makes this service provider a one-of-its-kind that everyone no matter how old and from all walks of life, will surely appreciate and fall in love with!

Yoodo also has this service called the Yoodo Unlimited data plan that allows users to #BuatUnlimitedSendiri make this plan unlimited for your own. Meaning you can play around customizing the data speed, hotspot quota, voice calls and SMS. Not only you can customize these but Yoodo will also offer those on this plan, extra free voice minutes and free hotspot quota! 

There's 2 types of recommended plans you can choose from :

Unlimited Atas that offers you a whooping 6Mbps data speed for only rm43 a month

Unlimited Bajet that gives you 3Mbps data speed for only rm35 per month
But rest assured, when you are on Yoodo Unlimited plan, you have greater flexibility to customize every single aspect of your plan!

Have you heard about Yoodo 2.0?

Just this year, Yoodo 2.0 was unveiled as the next evolution of Yoodo as a brand and service and part of it includes :

Renew Anytime

You can switch your mobile plans anytime you want. Removes the waiting period for users to switch their plans by the end of the month. So if you want to switch your plan tomorrow, then you can do it with Yoodo!

Power Pass
This is an add-on data packet that provides you with high-speed data in short bursts. So users can receive 100GB of data instantly for rm2 only. so you can get maximum connectivity for an ultra-affordable price!

Yoodo Rewards
As a loyal user of Yoodo, definitely you will be rewarded for sure! Especially when you purchase add-ons on Yoodo, you will automatically be able to earn those rewards that eventually if you have made 10 add-ons, you also get rewarded with 1 free add-on to your choosing!


There's also 8 new add-ons being released in Yoodo 2.0 that you wouldn't wanna miss that brings it to 18 add-ons you can customize into your mobile plan! And these add-ons does not deduct your initial data plan as they are standalone and specifically meant for the following;

My favourite! So there's also add-ons for gaming fans like me who can opt to get the add-on for Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends:Bang Bang that gives us 20GB of dedicated gaming connection data for rm5 only!! And that's not all, there's also PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor that has been newly added into the add-ons! Let's GAME ON!


Since the pandemic, this is a must-have! So over here we have a set of entertainment add-ons that you can enjoy your favourite show at the tip of your fingertips!


We're already in the new norm, so this is also an essential now. This add-on gives Boost the maximum convenience we need for online shopping.

Yoodo & Esports -Tournaments & Teams

Yoodo has established itself as the nations most supportive telco in the esports arena ever since 2018. Yoodo was actually the first Official Digital Telco for PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC). Through the effort that Yoodo puts into the Esport Virtual Gaming, it is definitely one to look out for in the coming future as everything is going virtual and with virtual we can even go globa, that is how this can truly expands! Infact, Yoodo proudly sponsors PUBG players and they are Yoodo Gank who has represented our country proudly to participate in competitions locally and internationally! Yoodo FV creates a roster of Esports fighting game competitors for Street Fighter V and Tekken 7. And lets not forget, Geek Fam MLBB, they have won Season 3 in Mobile Legends and even competed in the finals for Season 5! 

Yoodo Entertainment

Since the pandemic and since MCO was initiated in Malaysia. It goes without saying that everything has to be curated around the #StayAtHome initiative to keep everyone safe! And Yoodo introduced the #StayAtHomeParty to keep their users entertained! K-Pop craze was part of the initiative to help fans stay connected and close with their K-Pop idols! Hallyoodo was one of it that is hosted by Hani Fadzil to bring news and updates on the K-Pop industry to fans in Asia! Concert ticket giveaways was also included as tickets were given out to fans to join concerts of their favourite K-Pop groups virtual concerts online like MonstaX & G-Idle. There was even a special screening held to show BTS Documentary where 178 fans gotten the chance to attend this event following strict SOP whilst also receiving fan-kits of BTS fan-made goodies. 

With so many updates and on-going activities held virtually, Yoodo is definitely the next upcoming service provider you wouldn't wanna miss out on as they take on to lead in today's evolving digital era!

Find out more about Yoodo at

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