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Thursday 14 February 2019

Family Fun Never Ends with Happy Go KL Malaysia

If you think the Chinese New Year holidays are over (and 1 week school break) and it's back to reality again, well you aren't completely wrong; But who says that we can't continue the fun times with the family whether at work or at school?

Why So Serious?
We all have a lil child in us whether you are aware or unaware, but everyone has a lil child in them no matter how old we are. And with that in mind, don't let life take the fun out of you! You should create the fun out of life! Regardless, if we're busy at work stressing over those accounting sheets or that report due next week, or homework for tomorrow; It is important to take some time off to just spend precious moments that no amount of money can buy for you and your family; That precious bonding moments with your family filled with fun is priceless!

With Happy Go KL, I love how the moms behind this (Kirsi & Jilly) came up with this inspiring platform that allows us parents the privilege to have true fun activities with the family right here in the hearts of KL! Sometimes we run out of ideas on what to do with the family besides window shopping at malls all over KL or heading to the theme park; There's gotta be more to that than just shopping malls and theme parks right?

Thankfully for Happy Go KL, through looking up more info on it, I noticed how they are a go-to site for all parents that is just looking for more fun activities and outings for the family, especially if you have kids, this site is perfect! It gives lots of travel tips, fun hotspots, tips of nearby destinations and now they even have games that you can enjoy with the family wherever you are, even at the comfort of your own home, it can be a fun activity for everyone with the right tools.

So I decided to grab their games on-the-go like the fun and educational deck of playing cards (RM35) and also the board games that is my all-time favourite, Lizards & Ladders (a twist to the good ol' Snake & Ladders) RM70. Best decision ever if I may say. Let me tell you why!

The Fun & Educational deck of playing cards was really educational and colourful too. It has animals on every card that represents the wildlife in Malaysia so that the kids can learn the fun facts about the animals as they play with the deck of cards. It can be played in many ways than just one!

Children can enjoy it in the following :
- Snap
- Memory
- Flash Card
- Educational info reading
and more

Adults or teenagers can enjoy the deck with games such as below :
- Gin Rummy
- Last Card
- In Between
- Big 2
- Poker
and more

The Lizard & Ladders game board is created based on our Malaysian rainforest theme and we do have aplenty of Lizards from tiny ones to huge ones running about out there. What I like about this game is how it is fun to know that with the Durian support card you receive, it can either help you on winning the game or get your Durian card gobbled up by the Orangutan.

My kids love playing with the games with their own rules at their own pace of course (you can't set rules on kids, it doesn't work. Period.). But we did have some fun time together and that is the most important whether it rains or shine, we can just have fun times together anywhere!

If you'd like to know more about them, you can check them out at :
Happy Go KL

Happy Go KL Games

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