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Sunday 17 February 2019

Carrie Junior Bubbly Bar Bath Time Fun

When it comes to bath time with kids, we parents find ways to make things fun for them. Not all children love bath time but it is not entirely impossible to get them to bath though. They just require a lil patience and guidance to proper cleaning etiquette.

The most precious bonding moments any parents will surely enjoy with their children is bath time! A daily routine that helps a child to relax and freshen up for the next adventure! Now with CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar, it gives a whole new adventure to families with children.

Its super cure and transparent bathing bar imprinted with a 3D image of Carrie, comes consistently in 3 bright and attractive colours to choose from pink, green and even blue! It's a Glycerine soap that makes it even gentler on the skin when compared to most soaps available out there. Reason being, Glycerine derives from natural plant oils that makes the soap contains a lower pH and also acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin by keeping it hydrated at all times; Whilst humectant is known to not make skin greasy but keeps it supple. Eith CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar soap, it cleanses thoroughly as it leaves a layer of moisturizing protection behind that keeps the skin moist. It is even dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

I like how it is mild and gentle on the skin and when diluted with water, it has a really cool soothing effect and softening to the skin. Now my kids are asking me for bath time every now and then!
What's so good about this, is that it really keeps my kids skin feeling moist up to several hours after bath. A great tip that you can also try, is to do a gentle scrub when using the bathing bar, as it will help the body relax.

Am sure you will be concern of its ingredients like any overprotective parents would be. Rest assured the CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar that comes in 3 different variants of delightfully fruity-scents of Groovy Grapeberry, Cheeky Cherry and Double Milk that keeps skin fresh and clean. It is specially formulated with Carrie Junior's signature ingredient, the Fruito-E, a natural combination of fruit extract that is rich in vitamins and nutrients to nourish and moisturize the skin keeping it hydrated and supple for hours.

Like all of the CARRIE JUNIOR bath time fun packaging, the Bubbly Bar also comes with a surprise toy in every box! It's available at most major retail outlets, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide and it is reasonably priced at RM4.00 (West Malaysia) and RM4.20 (East Malaysia) per bar of 100gm bar soap. So go get one and experience it for you and your loved ones today!

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