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Thursday 31 January 2019

Healthy Chinese New Year with Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

If you're a fan of tea, you will love this place. But what makes it even better is, your parents and the elderly folks will surely love this place 110%!

Today am here at Mid Valley to enjoy their Chinese New Year special and their lovely brew of unique tea next to their restaurant at "Tea+" outlet.

Their variety of meals here is aplenty! But that most intriguing part is that every meals are made with a blend of infused tea that creates a unique flavour and even enhances the flavour of the meals naturally and fragrantly!

It was my first time here and I must say that I am amazed at what they do to create such wonderful dishes that incorporates a variety of chinese tea leaves that each has a unique key combination that plays an important role for each individual dishes, desserts and beverages included.

Their Yee Sang is also specially curated with a blend of tea that enhances the flavour of the sauce. It tastes like "Yee Sang" but if you have sensitive taste buds like me or if you are a true fan of tea, you can really tastes a subtle hint of tea fragrance in the sauce and when blended with the other ingredients, you can definitely taste a whole new experience of flavours bursting in your mouth. That was how it was for me. It was really appetising to say!


Even the other dishes made with different types of tea leaves, some with OoLong tea, some with Pu'er tea and etc; It truly gives a whole new level of flavour differentiation if you were to compare eating the dishes on its own without the tea leaves blended into the dish.


It gets me wondering, how is it done? Then I saw this video and it truly baffles me.

Even youngsters will learn to appreciate the art of tea once they visit Purple Cane Tea Restaurant!
You can also come here for a quick refreshing cup of tea, a perfect place to just hang out and maybe speak to your business prospects or clients. It sets of a very comfortable and warm environment that sets it apart from other tea stalls or bubble tea stalls. I am in love with their Nitro tea, it's both special and unique and makes you feel exclusive!

There's also hampers and tea leaves gift packs you can grab now this Chinese New Year, your grandparents will surely appreciate it!

There's also Cold Brew Tea that you can get in their Chinese New Year bottle decoration that has good wishes to brighten up your Chinese New Year celebration!

I really love their Nitro cold brew tea, its super unique and tasty! 

The Nitro Honey Pu'Er Tea is really fragrant with Pu'Er and even with honey it doesn't feel too sweet, it's perfect for those who don't like it too sweet but has that mild tinge of sweetness that will still linger in your cup of Pu'Er. I also like that it's cold brew hence, it has that frothy layer on the top on your tea.

This is the Nitro Lemongrass Black tea. It's super delicious and yummy and pretty sweet too! It's really flavorful. A cup of this really packs a punch full of flavours of the Lemongrass and Black tea!

This February, you love birds out there will be in for a special treat as this unique Rose tea with Butterfly Blue Pea with surely touch the hearts of your loved ones for sure! It's taste is really flowery and aromatic, has that sweet and sour tinge of flavour that displays an exotic and mesmerizing colour to suit the season.

It has my favourite too! The Tea Egg! It's hard not to miss this because it's my childhood favourite! 
It's also a great place for desserts that you will surely fall in love over and over again!

The environment inside the restaurant is really cosy and homey. Makes you feel like you're back in your hometown enjoying a cup of tea with your family and friends and just enjoying each another's company.

Even my baby approves of this place! The tea is soothing and smooth, not too overwhelming yet not too diluted. You taste the true tea flavours in every meals and beverages without feeling like it's abit too much or too little. The way the teas have been blended into the dishes and beverages here, is truly a work of art that is worth experiencing for yourself!

Me at Week 13 (2nd Trimester)

For more info you can visit :
Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

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