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Thursday 24 January 2019

How To Get Rid of Dust-Mites or Allergens?!

If you are a concern parent like me, am very sure this will probably relate to you on many levels! Especially if you have kids or even currently expecting, it's always good to live in a healthy and safe environment that isn't polluted, but this dream is kinda far-stretched right? Well, let me share my story with you and how I came about to putting my experience down in words so that it may help all of you out there in this area.

Scales/Flaky skin will come out giving people the impression it's like dandruff. But Psoriasis or like some Eczema or Dry skin conditions, it can happen anywhere on the human body. But the body will just continue to shed all these excess scales/skin. Even normal skin will shed dead skin cells everyday.
My husband has psoriasis as most may already know. It is a skin dermatitis condition that some say it's hereditary and usually it's triggered by something in life and you won't know until it happens to you. And over the many years that we have been finding the cause then the cure for this, doctors says that there's no cure etc.

However, along the way it is common even without a skin condition, every human being will shed some dead skin cells on our bed overnight and also some may even shed it off most commonly known as dandruff. Even kids have dead skin cells but not as much as an adult has.

So that's where the culprit it! We naturally produce food overnight on our comfortable beds which makes comfortable homes with lots of food ready for dust-mites to move in and breed hence leading to all sorts of ailments such as allergies, flu, cough, itch and all sorts of ailments that every individual may react differently towards - including Asthma!

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I realized ever since I moved in, I sometimes have flu when I wake up in the morning or itchy throat. I thought it was the weather at first because it's usually colder at night and in the dawn. Then after my kids came along, they experienced the same condition and my husband was relatively better though because he don't sleep on the same bed as us, the kids practically occupied the whole bed dominating it. Then I realize it must not be the weather nor hormones. Most likely it's the room.

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So I tried to monitor and noticed that my room gets hots when it's hot outside and it gets cold and damp when it's rainy outside. So my room is like the weather, hot and humid all year long! Which is bad!

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I thought that repainting my room may eventually solve this weather issue in my own room but I decided to also invest in a vacuum cleaner that can also vacuum my bed. However, no matter how high speed power the vacuum may perform at whichever price range a vacuum is invested in, it is most likely the same.

Do you know that there's a Life Cycle that goes on right in your home between you and the dust-mites?
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Because I just realized after several visits from another party coming over to treat and clean my mattress; The sales person highlighted that all vacuums, the air must flow through the filter. The filter they frequently use is the normal filter so that air can go through; Which means, eventually when you vacuum your bed, the air that goes through the back of the vacuum actually releases small dust particles that goes back out again into the air. And think about it, you use the vacuum to vacuum the floors and everywhere else and then you use it on your bed. Even though the brush head may be changed or washed before using on the bed, it's the same as if you're wearing shoes on the bed, just wearing new shoes or washing them before putting it on your bed right.

Therefore, I decided to Google up about dust-mites and how to effectively get rid of them without having to spend a fortune or risk the guarantee that it can solve this issue.

That's where I found this doctor-inspired technology that can help to resolve this issue once and for all! A really neat device that helps to remove bacteria, dust-mites and harmful particles (PM2.5). This technology founded by a Korean doctor Dr. Sungjin Lee and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan since 2005 has been around for more than 12 years and it actually has been in Malaysia for 2 years already.

Raycop focuses on treating and cleaning mattresses, sofa, fabrics where dust-mites love to eat, sleep and shit there and also eventually these dust-mites will decompose right there in our bed which causes ALLERGY to us humans! No wonder so many allergy issues nowadays. Little bit little bit sensitive etc, all because of these little pest living underneath our sheets!

Back in the days there was lesser of this issue, also because back then the bed was must lighter to carry out of the house to be beaten/dusted and sun-dried. But nowadays, it is a super rare sight! Maybe it's better if you were to look at the video yourself to see why this dust-mite vacuum works efficiently through its RayClean Technology :

Firstly, it kills 99.9% of bacteria in 2 seconds :

With the UV light, it effectively sterilize and it doesn't just kill 99.9% bacteria or dust-mites; It actually removes bad odours from the mattresses or pillows! Especially if you have a "busuk/stinky" pillow around then you totally need this for sure! I was amazed at first usage, the musty scent on my mattresses and pillows, smells clean and somewhat new, it's like it just came back from the hot sun outside. I also like that it has 2 sensors behind the machine that only turns the UV light function on when it is in close contact with the fabric surface.

Secondly, the Vibration with Suction effectively eliminates 3 times more allergen than any other technology available out that that claims to kill or vacuum clean bacteria.

This vibration actually mimics the beating motion on your mattress. You know how back in the good ol' days our grandparents would beat our mattresses with a stick or something just to beat those nasties or dusts out from the mattress at the garden.

Thirdly, the Double Filtration Purification process is enhanced with the HEPA filter that is proven to trap 99.9% of dust-mite, dirt, pollen and bacteria; Even pet danders that settles on any fabric surfaces like your bed or sofa.

What's so special about HEPA filter is that, majority of the vacuum cleaners out there may not have this HEPA filter fitted into their vacuum because it can block the air flow, however, with this HEPA level 13 hypoallergenic filter in place in the Raycop machine, it keeps the whole family safer because it prevents us from inhaling secondary air pollution as we treat and clean our fabric surfaces at home. And when you feel like the suction is weak means it's time to clean the HEPA filter.

The air still flows with the RayClean Technology, but with this HEPA filter at the back of the dust-mite vacuum, it helps to trap the particles without releasing them back into the air unlike majority of the other regular vacuums does. And did you know that these particles are the most common irritants for family members susceptible to allergies or asthma?!

Just watch how easy it is handling the Raycop dust-mite vacuum even for a pregnant mom like me with a 3rd child on the way and 2 toddler boys running around the house; I would say this dust-mite vacuum definitely came on time! And for what it's valued at, it's worth it!

Since using it, my kids and I don't experience and sniffles in the morning anymore whether rain or shine. Even when it rains at night, we don't get runny nose in the morning anymore! Apart from consuming immune boosters or supplements or vitamins, we still have to look after of our surroundings and our environment in our home.

Just look at all that powdery dirt on the washable filter! It's a combination of dead mites, bacteria, pollen, hair, dead skin cells/flakes of human skin, mite feces, PM2.5 and probably even mold!

You and I are well aware the air pollution out there is beyond your imagination, so it's good to invest in a handy device like this that will keep your family healthier and happier together while at the comfort of your own home!

My son cuddling his pillow, thankfully he don't own any "bantal busuk/smelly pillow". But this pillow just went under the UV lights of Raycop "RayClean Technology" in treating and cleaning thoroughly!

If you want to know what's the duration like of the replacement parts, you can find out more here.

For more additional info :
Raycop Malaysia
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Where to get Raycop machine?
Shop online or get it at ESH & selected authorized resellers.

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