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Wednesday 17 November 2021

Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap

If you are a very sensitive parent like me that only wants the best for your kids; You will surely only lookout for the best for your children. This is why I am also looking out for the best Anti-bacterial Hand Soap especially for my kids. It may seem a little absurd, but it isn't when you really value your child's hygiene and also keeping them clean from bacteria after being exposed outside.

So this article is going to feature my review using the Kirei Kirei No.1 brand in Japan, LION Japan, that is kid-safe and gentle on the skin with 100% plant cleansing ingredients that is safe for the whole family.

Kids need extra reminders to wash their hands and some of the highly promoted brands out there that can kill bacteria, all kinds of bacteria, the good and the bad bacteria included; Are pretty harmful on their skin because if it's too much chemical it is going to damage our skin and dry it up! I definitely won't allow that to happen to children's hand. That's why I sought for better brands out there with better formulation and ingredients that I can trust.

Hand wash with plentiful foam also makes handwashing easy and encourages my kids to wash their hands, especially my younger daughter who is only 2 years old. Kirei Kirei, means Clean Clean in Japanese actually makes hand washing fun and easy for my family.

Some foaming hand wash dries out our skin easily and then your skin will start to crack but thankfully after using this brand for almost a year, I am glad to say that my hands are still in great condition! Kirei Kirei foaming hand wash provides 99.9% anti-bacterial protection by using a unique anti-bacterial formulation that effectively remove germs, yet gentle on the skin. With its 100% plant cleansing ingredients, I know that it is gentle for my kids to use daily.

The creamy foam is really luxurious and I love this range as it has a moisturising peach scent to it. It is easy to pump out that my child can do it on their own. The foam also has a very fine texture that can remove dirt even without rubbing. because it is so fine, the foam doesn't slip off your hands even when it is facing down and is easy to rinse off.

Kirei Kirei also has 12x more volume when compared with ordinary liquid hand wash, making it easier to spread thoroughly all over the hands to the fingertips especially.

The best part about this is I can keep the bottle and get the refill pack and reuse the bottle. This helps reduce plastic too! So I'm definitely a happy user of Kirei Kirei Foaming Hand Wash as an anti-bacterial solution that is safe for the entire family when it comes to washing the hands. Don't forget to also use a good hand lotion or moisturizers after to further protect and moisten your hands to keep it baby smooth and gentle. 

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