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Sunday 28 January 2018

Purposeful Unique Products in TOKUYA Malaysia

Come this Chinese New Year, the best time at the beginning of every year is to spring clean the whole home! Spring cleaning is more fun when you get to shop shop shop for new stuffs to furnish the home with!

At TOKUYA in Malaysia, their newly opened outlet at Arcoris Mont' Kiara carries a concept of "Purposeful Unique".

Incase you were wondering, "Purposeful" is referring to their placement of their products to inspire people to make bold decisions and "Unique" is in the way no one can replicate how the brand lifts the spirits of people and brings people on a unique journey through modern & traditional Japanese via its product varieties.

It's concept is also similar to Japan 100-Yen stores!

The lowest priced products starts from rm5.80, rm6.80, rm7.80, RM8.80 and some premium items like lunch box sets etc ranges from rm50 to rm100+

There's a wide range with a mix of modern to traditional products from Japan.

I really love how some of the products are beautifully decorated and placed as if it was just meant to be.

These are my RM100 loot!
Chisel set rm6.80, Sealer rm7.50, Safety latch rm7.50, Veg holder for slicing rm5.80, Bag clips rm5.80, Cabinet lock rm5.80 & rm6.80, Bottle cover rm6.80, Rolling pin rm6.80, Laundry net bag rm6.80, Plate rack organiser rm5.80, Socks (for my husband) rm7.50.

Bumped into my fellow blogger friends Pivoine Peony @ MsShamWorldwide and Kathy Wui @ MouseMommyTreats while shopping!

Getting there is a lil tricky for me, because Waze kept taking me to a construction site in between Plaza Mont Kiara and Arcoris!! I ended up heading into Plaza Mont Kiara and the guards said I had to walk over to the building with black windows (across the construction site). So I drove over instead to the tall black window building.

Arcoris is a new building by the way with a mix of SOHO, residential, commercial and office as well.

You can Waze over at : https://waze.to/lr/hw28610kqe

After passing Plaza Mont Kiara, keep left and immediately after the construction site, turn left into Arcoris/Hyatt Hotel Lobby & Parking

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  1. i love cute stuff.. btw ill be here soon wif my BFF because she also like this cuteness things like this


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