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Saturday 3 February 2018

Smile with confidence this Chinese New Year with Dentensse!

Come Chinese New Year festive season, everyone rushes to buy new clothes, food, drinks, snacks and change new money for red packets. Even spring cleaning the house and washing the car. But don't forget to get your tooth a good scaling!

It's best to have this treatment once every half year to a year atleast! Tooth scaling & polishing actually clears up all those stubborn plaques at the edges of your tooth that gives you a yellowish tooth and sometimes bad breathe too!

If not taken care of properly, these can lead to trap bacteria and even cavities!! So today I sent my husband for his tooth scaling which he hasn't had time for it since 2015! Also I am in recovery of 6 ulcers in my mouth so I decided to skip it for now, boohoo....

We went to Klinik Pergigian Dentensse at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Apparently this clinic has been around for 10 yrs now! There's a multi-level parking lot behind this row of shoplots by the way. We parked near Pizza Hut and walked over instead hehe. Best to make an appointment before you come because the dentist is really good at what she does!

I get to watch first-hand the dentist scaling my husband's tooth!

Alot of people find the screeching sounds a little nerve-wrecking but it's not really scary though. Just don't think too much and it'll be over soon! I like to think of it as it's the sound of high pressure water squirted in between the tooth that's all.

I've experienced some shaky dentist hands and some making mistakes that end up leaving a cut in the skin somewhere inside. But Dr Ahbi was really professional and as I was video recording, taking photos and moving about. She was not distracted at all and her hands were so stable and gentle throughout the whole scaling & polishing process!

My husband commented after that he felt she really is good at what she does because in the past everytime after a tooth scaling is complete, his tooth were shaky and almost like loosen! But this time it was sturdy in its origin form and clean, most importantly!

Dr Ahbi is new here, she just took over this clinic and she has an experience of 8 years as a dentist (1 year in India). Was previously in Klang but it was too hectic there, too many clients and very little time she could spend with them like 10 to 20 minutes. She didn't like it, it wasn't satisfactory to her if it's a rush job! And I like that she's not pushing into getting you to buy something or add on some other services just for the sake of money. I would say overall she's a kind dentist with a heart for her clients and she does it out of her passion for dentistry!

You can make an appointment to get your tooth scaled or other services are available too. They also have X-ray, Surgery, Braces but these are done by other dentists and only by appointment.

So go get your tooth scaled and polished now before Chinese New Year so you can go house visiting and smile with confidence!

Upon leaving, Dr. Ahbi even gave samples of toothpaste for my husband because he has no cavities but he has weak gums that bleeds easily. And she even explained and gave tips to him how to brush his teeth properly!

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Visit Klinik Pergigian Dentensse today!


  1. So many freebies and get to have a clean white teeth after visit! I need to book a appt now with them =)


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