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Saturday 17 February 2018

CARRIE JUNIOR "Sukan Ria" Collection

Today's advanced technology is where the majority of society (including kids) have their own smartphone or tablet to keep them entertained all day. However, it is an unhealthy trend especially in kids because it limits their abilities and skillsets that is crucial as they are growing up! I have met many kids whom are affected by these gadgets, some even having to wear spectacles at kindergarten age!

I never introduced any gadget to my kids, except the Television. However, they have lots of toys to play with together and toys provide a great opportunity to learn in all development areas.

My kids always look forward to bath time! If they can bath together they will be the happiest (more work for mummy)!

Thanks to CARRIE JUNIOR "Sukan Ria" collection, it encourages an active lifestyle and creative imagination in a child. These "Sukan Ria" collection consists of 6 cute toy figurine's and each 1 is hidden in their "secret chambers" randomly.

It is available in all of their 700ml pack variants of CARRIE JUNIOR Baby Bath, CARRIE JUNIOR Baby Shampoo, CARRIE JUNIOR Hair & Body Wash and CARRIE JUNIOR Kids Shampoo!

The 6 CARRIE JUNIOR "Sukan Ria" toy figurine collection :
1. CARRIE JUNIOR the Elephant that loves football.
2. SPEEDY TOMMY the fastest tortoise running the tracks.
3. TUFFY TEDDY the toughest bear.
4. DRIBBLY MINKY the skillful raccoon in hockey.
5. SMASHY MACKY the agile monkey that returns every shot.
6. SPORTS TROPHY for the winner!

So time to get off those gadgets and time to have some REAL FUN MOMENTS with your child! Don't delay until they've all grown up and it's too late! (Unless you have another baby again, lolx)

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